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Hello greenies! It’s Friday and it’s sunny – but man, where has the week gone? This week has been hectic as heck, hehe. Barely had the time to be still for a moment. Given it’s been raining for so long, I dropped everything and ran to the forest during the week, but that means I have to cram in everything else on days which follow. But I’m not making any apologies when it comes to dropping everything and stealing a few hours for myself, and I need to keep doing more of this. I had a nearly finished review of a BB cream waiting to be posted, but nearly finished has never been good enough for me, so the review will have to wait a bit longer.

This week, I received an encouraging news – my blog has been chosen as one of the top 100 organic beauty blogs in the world – what a pleasant surprise this is! For my work to be recognized for what I aim it to be – offering a high quality content, based on many years of acquired knowledge and experience in the field of organic beauty – and doing all of this with integrity, creativity and originality. Even if the numbers, on the surface, do not attest to this, I know the position of my blog where it counts the most. Quality and integrity withstand the test of time, no doubt.

On a slightly different note – some businesses are still fishing in muddy waters when it comes to proposing collaborations. In year 2017, we, the bloggers, still get proposals, whose currency is – exposure. We get contacted as experts in our fields, and our expertise is suppose to be paid in – exposure. Because with this currency I can surely pay, say the servers and what not. When I get such proposals, I am never quite certain whether such businesses actually have such a low value of themselves or us, the bloggers. If you think someone is a valuable and competent expert, then you should pay accordingly. But if you think you can get away as some type of fraudster, who is looking for quality service and not pay for it – then look elsewhere. You think you’re doing the bloggers a favor, by offering us exposure for our hard work and knowledge? No; you found us, didn’t you – so we already have exposure, and I am certain whatever you’re doing, you’re not doing it for free, so where does the audacity, to expect us to work for free, come from? The problem? I am certain some bloggers will jump on it, thus lowering the value of other bloggers.

So, what’s in store for this week’s edition of deals in green beauty? A truck-load of discounts and free gifts, of course. Just a word of advice – do not buy something because of a discount – get it if you ran out of this product or if you’ve had this product on your wish list for a while, but reckoned it’s too expensive.

There’s a FREE September Love Lula Beauty Box (read my first impressions of the box); and I have to say, Love Lula’s free gifts are in a category of their own. Many stores offer, say, a few samples for large purchases, whereas Love Lula gives substantial free gifts with much lower purchases. Just had to point this out. Check all the deals below!


Weekly Discounts and FREE Organic Beauty Gifts #91



Love Lula has:

FREE Love Lula September Beauty Box











– Newly launched own nail polish brand Glossworks
– 20% off on Okko (no code). Valid till 30.9.2017
– 25% off on Sukin (code: SUKIN). Valid till 30.9.2017
– 25% off on Elli (no code). Valid till 30.9.2017
– 40% off on Petits Rituels (no code). Valid till 30.9.2017
50% off on FOM London (no code). Valid till 30.9.2017
FREE September Beauty Box (worth over £45) when you spend £60 (read my first impressions of Love Lula September Beauty Box)
FREE Glossworks BB Base Coat AND Quickly Dry Top Coat (worth £24) when you buy 2 Glossworks products (code: GLOSS)
FREE PHB Ethical Beauty Cleanser when you spend £30 on PHB Ethical Beauty (code: CLEANSER)
FREE Inika Mineral Bronzer when you spend £35 on Inika (code: BRONZER)
FREE Joik silky lip balm when you spend £20 on Joik (code: LIPBALM)
FREE Seascape Island Apothecary oil duo when you spend £30 on Seascape (code: SEASCAPE)
FREE Bellapierre lipstick when you spend £30 on Bellapierre (code: ENVY)
FREE Gielly Green Travel Size Shampoo when you spend £35 on Gielly Green (code: GIELLY)
– Love Lula July Beauty Box (worth £60) for only £19,95 (read my mini review of the July Beauty Box) and Love Lula June Beauty Box (worth £43) for £19,95
– newly added Selection Boxes to pick your favorite Beauty Box
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Alyaka has:

– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Content Beauty has:

– 10% off when you buy 2 or more products from the BFFS Collection (code: NATURALBFFS)
– great savings in their sale section
free gifts with purchase:

FREE Kypris Serum Samples











FREE Kypris Trio Serum Deluxe Sample when you spend 100 on Kypris Beauty Elixirs
FREE Tincture All Purpose when you buy 2 Tincture products
FREE Acure organics Hair and Skin Duo when you spend £30 on Acure Organics
FREE Evolue Cleanser and Makeup Remover when you spend £45 on Evolue
FREE Dafna cleansing kit when you spend £100 on Dafna
FREE Alima Pure Starter Set (lip tint and eye pencil) when you spend £50 on Alima Pure
FREE Therapi Orange Blossom Toner when you buy 2 Therapi products
FREE Trilogy cleanser when you buy any 2 Trilogy products
FREE Hiram Green Arbole Arbole 10ml Atomiser (worth £34) with every 50ml Hiram Green Perfume
FREE Nourish London Argan and Kale Hand Cream 50ml (£12.50) when you spend £35 on Nourish.

* * *

iHerb has:






– 5% off your order (code: LBK652)
15% off on selected brands of the week
– 10% off on Andalou Naturals
– 15% off on herbal teas
Sierra Bees Organic Lip Balms Variety Pack (8 lip balms) for €1,71
Sierra Bees Creme Brulee 8 pack for €2,14
Sierra Bees tinted lip balms pack of 4 for 2.95€ (read my review)
– more discounts in the daily and weekly specials section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

– 15% off on makeup (code: SAVEFACE). Valid till 30.9.2017
– up to 60% off in their Summer Sale

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– 20% off on Scotch Naturals
– 40% off on Burt’s Bees
– 40 % on AnneMarie Borlind

* * *

Green People has:

Green People 20th anniversary collection









20th anniversary collection
FREE gifts with purchase
– discounts in their special offers section

* * *


Onlynaturals has:

– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase

* * *


Integrity Botanicals has:

FREE Hynt Beauty Travel Sized Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder when you spend $60 or more on Hynt Beauty (code: LUMIERE)
FREE Rahua Travel Sized Salt Spray when you buy Rahua Finishing Treatment (code: SALTSPRAY)
FREE Babo Botanicals Lip Treatment when you buy 2 Babo Botanicals products (code: SPFLIP)
– discounts in their sale section

* * *

Pharmaca has:

20% off your order (code: BIGSAVINGS). Valid till 30.9.2017
– 25% off Dr Haushcka
– 25% off Alba Botanica
– 20% off Acure Organics
– 20% off Aura Cacia
– 20% off Trilogy
– 20% off MyChelle
– 20% off on W3LL PEOPLE
– 20% off on MyChelle facial line
free gifts with purchase

* * *

The Detox Market has:

FREE W3ELL PEOPLE Bio Booster Serum (worth $28,99) when you spend $45 on W3LL PEOPLE (code: BIOBOOSTER)
FREE Tammy Fender Travel Sized Antioxidant Creme (worth $45) with any $150 purchase (code: TAMMYCREME)
FREE Ursa Major Mini Kit when you spend $50 (code: URSAMAJOR)

* in order for discount codes being properly applied, you have to click the offered links

* * *


Happy Weekend!


This post contains affiliate links. For more info, read our disclaimer.
In order for the discount codes to work, you have to click the provided links. Some terms apply for certain discounts.

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