Sep 012017

Hello greenies! As I walked through the forest this week, I’ve noticed the leaves are changing colors already… The mornings are getting a chilly. Summer is biding us adieu, isn’t it? Even though the heat was, at times, unbearable, it still went by so fast.

I’ve been reading some articles on the onslaught of fake influencers (geez, don’t you just roll your eyes at this word; I know I do) and how brands are non the wiser – a brand sees big numbers of “followers” and thinks how they’ll cheaply get a word out about their products – you know, because there are so many followers this “influencer” has. I’d think that by now, any respectable business would be hip to the profiles which are fake – say, you decide to jump on the green beauty wagon, have no idea about the green beauty products, but wish to be a snob (how green of ya!) and get as many super expensive products for free as possible. Well, Twitter stepped in a long time ago and cleansed the fake followers, and you only have, say, 70 followers on Twitter. What do you do? Gain, say, 4000 followers on Instagram in one day. Bought and paid for, of course. The expensive brands see this, want to be with the big crowd and start sending you their products, other brands follow, of course. To make the matter worse, these brands then offer veteran green beauty bloggers a discount for the promotion of their products – almost insulting, isn’t it? So, yeah, anyways, these brands have no clue they are sending free products and paying for posts on Instagram to someone, whose followers are fake – and it’s all so easy to check nowadays. Ok, some fake influencers are a bit more subtle – the paid followers are added daily in smaller quantities.

Where does that leave honest bloggers? Well, algorithms promote only those, who have many fake followers and fake likes and comments – all bought and paid for. And even those profiles, which literally steal photos and whole texts get 1000s of followers – on the account of someone else’s work, and, again, the brands are clueless – for example – the very brand whose products I’ve reviewed, did not even like my post, but did so on a profile who stole my exact photo and text. This tells you just how genuine this green beauty community has become.

And yes, these fake influencers do thoroughly read the veteran blogs, and not only copy what we write (read: share our years, even decades long experiences and knowledge), but also try to paint us as the jealous types because – wait for it – they get all the attention. It’s not about being jealous when your photos, your text, your experience, ideas, creativity is stolen. It’s not about jealous when someone promotes, say, Ordinary brand along with some expensive green beauty brand via fake bought numbers, and claims how successful they are as opposed to the real bloggers. When green beauty brands work with such “bloggers” what does that say about them?

It gets even more rotten – some of these super successful bloggers don’t even own a domain for their blogs, yet, the businesses, in year 2017 nonetheless, obviously don’t mind this either.

So, yeah, this week, I’ve posted a somewhat Mini Body Care Review of the products from various Love Lula Boxes. And speaking of Love Lula Beauty Boxes – the August one is yours for FREE with purchase. And since there’s a Labor Day weekend in USA – I’ve got quite a few great deals from the other side of the pond waiting for you – and all these stores ship worldwide.

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #87


Love Lula has:

FREE Love Lula Beauty Box








– Newly launched own nail polish brand Glossworks
Love Lula July Beauty Box (worth £60) for only £19,95 (read my mini review of the July Beauty Box) and Love Lula June Beauty Box (worth £43) for £19,95
FREE August Beauty Box (worth £55) when you spend £60 on your order (code: FREEBOX); read my mini review of the August Beauty Box
FREE Trilogy pure plant body oil when you buy 2 Trilogy products (code: BODYOIL)
FREE Inika Mineral Bronzer when you spend £35 on Inika (code: BRONZER)
FREE Joik silky lip balm when you spend £20 on Joik (code: LIPBALM)
FREE Seascape Island Apothecary oil duo when you spend £30 on Seascape (code: SEASCAPE)
FREE Bellapierre lipstick when you spend £30 on Bellapierre (code: ENVY)
FREE Gielly Green Travel Size Shampoo when you spend £35 on Gielly Green (code: GIELLY)
FREE Balm Balm mint lip balm when you spend £20 on Balm Balm (code: TEATREE)
– newly added Selection Boxes to pick your favorite Beauty Box
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Alyaka has:

Alyaka Sale












Vapour Organic Beauty Lip Gloss 25/17Absolution booster serum 55/39RMS Beauty lip shine 27/19   |  Kahina Giving Beauty fez body serum 98/69  |  RMS Beauty Swift eye shadow 22/15 |  RMS Beauty Swift eye shadow 22/15 |  RMS Beauty Swift eye shadow 22/15Oskia nutri active day cream 77/54Odacite hydration serums 84/59 |  *€

– 15% off your order (code: SUMMER15)
– 20% off when you spend 250 (code: SUMMER20)
– 25% off when you spend 400 (code: SUMMER25)
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Content Beauty has:

– 10% off when you buy 2 or more products from the BFFS Collection (code: NATURALBFFS)
– great savings in their sale section
free gifts with purchase:

Content Beauty FREE Gifts













FREE Vapour Organic Beauty Highlighter when you spend 50 on Vapour Organic Beauty
FREE Evolue Cleanser and Makeup Remover when you spend £45 on Evolue
FREE Dafna cleansing kit when you spend £100 on Dafna
FREE Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish when you spend £60 on Intelligent Nutrients
FREE Alima Pure Starter Set (lip tint and eye pencil) when you spend £50 on Alima Pure
FREE Therapi Orange Blossom Toner when you buy 2 Therapi products
FREE Trilogy cleanser when you buy any 2 Trilogy products
FREE Hiram Green Arbole Arbole 10ml Atomiser (worth £34) with every 50ml Hiram Green Perfume
FREE Nourish London Argan and Kale Hand Cream 50ml (£12.50) when you spend £35 on Nourish.

* * *

iHerb has:

Sierra Bees Lip Balms
















– 5% off your order (code: LBK652)
15% off Acure Organics
– 15% off EO
Sierra Bees Organic Lip Balms Variety Pack (8 lip balms) for €1,71
Sierra Bees Creme Brulee 8 pack for €2,14
Sierra Bees tinted lip balms pack of 4 for 2.95€ (read my review)
– more discounts in the daily and weekly specials section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

– up to 60% off in their Summer Sale
FREE John Masters Organics Hair Spray when you spend £60 on John Masters Organics
FREE Onira Organics The Oil (worth £42) when you spend £100 on Onira Organics
FREE Balance Me handcream when you spend £25 on Balance Me

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– 20% off on Scotch Naturals
– 40% off on Burt’s Bees
– 40 % on AnneMarie Borlind

* * *

Green People has:

Green People 20th anniversary collection









20th anniversary collection
– discounts in their special offers section

* * *


Onlynaturals has:

– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase

* * *


Pharmaca has:

25% off your order (code: LABORDAY). Valid till 4.9.2017
– 25% off Dr Haushcka
– 25% off Alba Botanica
– 20% off Acure Organics
– 20% off Aura Cacia
– 20% off Trilogy
– 20% off MyChelle
– 20% off on W3LL PEOPLE
– 20% off on MyChelle facial line
free gifts with purchase

* * *

The Detox Market has:

The Detox Market labor Day Sale













– 20- 30% off in their Labor Day sale
– 10% off when you spend $150 (code: TREAT150)
– 15% off when you spend $200 + FREE Kahina Fez Hand and Body Body Balm (code: TREAT200)
– 15% off when you spend $300 + FREE Kahina Fez Hand and Body Body Balm + Argan Oil (code: TREAT300)
* in order for discount codes being properly applied, you have to click the offered links

* * *


Happy Weekend!


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In order for the discount codes to work, you have to click the provided links. Some terms apply for certain discounts.



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