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Hello greenies! Have you been spitting dust these past weeks? Phew, as much as I enjoy Summer, these past few weeks have been unbearable. 40 degrees! Lifting a finger seemed like a chore. Makeup and skincare reflected the weather – it was as light, hydrating and minimal as possible. Seeing women with a mask on their faces while there’s 40 degrees is rather…. kinda pathetic, wouldn’t you agree? Sure, you hear how it’s “only” makeup, but makeup is suppose to work for you, not against you. Right? Many things reflect the personality and given this insane craze of beauty “gurus” and their tons of makeup… Eck.

I don’t think I’m that off the bat if I ponder along the lines of green beauty community jumping on that bandwagon soon as well. I mean, we have “green” beauty bloggers, who, with only one face, mind you, manage to “thoroughly” test and review the whole collections (say, 5 products) from 10 different brands (super expensive ones, of course – it’s not about quality, it’s not about ingredients expertise, it’s not about adequately testing, it’s not about anything green, in fact) in a matter of 2 months. K-Beauty type (think – 15 products for one routine) daily and nightly routines, on and on and on… as long as it’s a photo of an obligatory marble and cactus (originality surely ain’t their strong suit), they get likes from 0,5% of their bought and paid followers. Green beauty brands nor those few genuine followers are non the wiser as to what is really happening.

The next step, as I can envision, is for these brands to start sending PR packages to Youtube beauty gurus, who promote the cheapest and most toxic brands out there to their followers, who have no clue about the ingredients and are only looking for a 5$ foundation. The fall and crash of the green beauty brands, who would attempt to reach millions (mostly, again, bought and paid for) followers of these beauty gurus would be that of many bruises – when you, first and foremost, abandon the knowledgeable and faithful green beauty bloggers for an attempt of an instant likes of the 5$ toxic foundation crowd and gurus who couldn’t understand an ingredient if it hit them upside the head, you, without a doubt, show you’re in it only for the money and could not care less about the other type of green, much like the so called green beauty bloggers, who have been hoarding expensive green beauty products in the past year or so and would like to sell themselves (pun on sell) as experts. Their posts, for example, on Instagram, sound scripted, lukewarm, with no expertise behind it – they are checking all the marketing points of sale and none of the genuine ones. They’ve studied the bloggers who came before them, and copied it all.

Meanwhile, the green beauty bloggers, who actually put their heart and soul into testing and reviewing products (not just products which cost 200€, as we know about the ingredients as well as know that a 20€ product can work, too – but for that, it takes years of being a green beauty consumer) are kinda… stepping aside… have you noticed this?

Anyway, I’ve prepared quite a few good deals for you this week. Love Lula has 2 great selection boxes heavily discounted, as well as their newly launched nail polish brand Glossworks – I can hardly wait to try these cuties – as you know, nail polish is my weak spot, and those gentle, nude and pink colors look so tempting. And then there’s a lot of free gifts with purchase to chose from below in case you’re planning on getting a few beauty products you’ve run out – just remember – you do not need everything in order to feel valuable – in order to feel better, go in nature and enjoy!

Weekly Discounts and FREE Organic Beauty Gifts #85


Love Lula has:

Love Lula Selection Boxes







Selection Box for Face (worth £70) for only £24,95
Selection Box for Hair and Body (worth £46) for only £17


Glosswork Nail Polish







– Newly launched own nail polish brand Glossworks
FREE Joik silky lip balm when you spend £20 on Joik (code: LIPBALM)
FREE Antipodes light day cream when you buy any 2 Antipodes products (code: REJOICE)
FREE Seascape Island Apothecary oil duo when you spend £30 on Seascape (code: SEASCAPE)
FREE Bellapierre lipstick when you spend £30 on Bellapierre (code: ENVY)
FREE Laidbare for richer or for porer mask when you spend £25 on Laidbare (code: LAIDBARE). Read my review of the mask here.
FREE Trilogy Facial Exfoliant when you buy 2 Trilogy products (code: TRILOGY)
FREE Gielly Green Travel Size Shampoo when you spend £35 on Gielly Green (code: GIELLY)
FREE Inika Kabuki Brush when you spend £30 on Inika (code: INIKA)
FREE Balm Balm mint lip balm when you spend £20 on Balm Balm (code: TEATREE)
– newly added Selection Boxes to pick your favorite Beauty Box
– 20% off on Seascape Island Apothecary
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Content Beauty has:

– 10% off when you buy 2 or more products from the BFFS Collection (code: NATURALBFFS)
– great savings in their sale section
free gifts with purchase:

Content Beauty FREE Gifts













FREE Vapour Organic Beauty Highlighter when you spend 50 on Vapour Organic Beauty
FREE Evolue Cleanser and Makeup Remover when you spend £45 on Evolue
FREE Dafna cleansing kit when you spend £100 on Dafna
FREE Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish when you spend £60 on Intelligent Nutrients
FREE Alima Pure Starter Set (lip tint and eye pencil) when you spend £50 on Alima Pure
FREE Therapi Orange Blossom Toner when you buy 2 Therapi products
FREE Trilogy cleanser when you buy any 2 Trilogy products
FREE Hiram Green Arbole Arbole 10ml Atomiser (worth £34) with every 50ml Hiram Green Perfume
FREE Nourish London Argan and Kale Hand Cream 50ml (£12.50) when you spend £35 on Nourish.

* * *

iHerb has:


iHerb Discount







– 5% off your order (code: LBK652)
– 15% off on Everyday Minerals
– 15% off on Serumdipity Facial Serums
Sierra Bees tinted lip balms pack of 4 for 3€ (read my review)
– more discounts in the daily and weekly specials section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

FeelUnique FREE Gifts










– £10 off when you spend £60 (code: TREATME). Valid on 11th and 12th of August 2017
– up to 60% off in their Summer Sale
FREE Lily Lolo Candy Floss Nail Polish when you buy 2 Lily Lolo products
FREE Aurelia Discovery Kit when you buy 2 Aurelia products
FREE Odylique silk touch cleanser when you you spend £25 on Odylique products
FREE Moa The Green Balm when you spend £25 on MOA The Green Balm
FREE Balance Me handcream when you spend £25 on Balance Me
FREE Jurlique serum when you buy 2 Jurlique products
FREE REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Balm when you spend £40 on REN
FREE Green & Spring Shower and Bath Foam when you spend £35 on Green & Spring

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– 20% off on Scotch Naturals
– 40% off on Burt’s Bees
– 40 % on AnneMarie Borlind

* * *

Green People has:

Green People 20th anniversary collection









20th anniversary collection
– discounts in their special offers section

* * *


Onlynaturals has:

– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase

* * *


Pharmaca has:

20% off your order (code: BIGSAVINGS!)
– 20% off on W3LL PEOPLE
– 20% off on MyChelle facial line
free gifts with purchase

* * *

The Detox Market has:

FREE Tammy Fender Awakening Eye Gel when you spend $160 on Tammy Fender (code: TAMMY)
FREE CV Skinlabs Body Lotion + Relief Spray when you spend $60 on your order (code: CVSKIN)
FREE Province Apothecary Cleanser when you spend $40 on Province Apothecary (code: PROVINCE)

* * *


Happy Weekend!


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