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Hello greenies! Oh boy, it’s been a while since I posted the discounts post, hasn’t it? Quite honestly, it feels like yesterday, since the time is flying by so fast. I guess it was a mixture of super hot Summer weather and the fact I fall down every now and again; just when I think things might have started looking on a bright side, I get sucked back in. But I take all this as it comes, as a natural and needed process, always with hope and faith. It’s a process and it takes time; if you go to fast and jump over the things without dealing with them, you will have, eventually, to go back and deal with them. But all in all, things are moving forward, the light is brighter every day, even if dim on some days.

Those bloggers, who blog with our hearts and want to provide you, our dear readers, the best content we can – those are the bloggers who feel the most pressure when we may not deliver as frequently as we might have in the past – but we are only human, and our blogs, regardless how much they mean to us, can sometime take a backseat to everything that’s happening in our lives.

And there are some, who, at the moment might be even leading bloggers in the green blogging community, who, naturally, do not feel any pressure. These are the bloggers, who, without much if any effort, churn out reviews after a week of getting the products, who post mindless daily (AM, PM and anything in between) routines – readers and potential customers are truly taken for a ride with them. And then there are those who, without any shame, steal your content – the whole darn post on Instagram, for example (obviously, finding bloggers who copied my blog design, the way I approach my reviews, the whole intro guide, store directories, photo designs… may even now look like small thieves)! I am watching this unfold in disbelief! And the brands, whose products I’ve reviewed, are mindlessly liking and commenting on these stolen Instagram posts, whereas – imagine this! – did not even pay attention to my – original – post. I mean what is going on here?! A post on Instagram regarding this travesty is in order, indeed!

Thank you for all the emails you’ve been sending me – I had found myself in an overwhelmed situation with all the emails, planned posts and everything else that goes behind the scenes – but nevertheless – as always – I am grateful for all the notes I receive from you, my lovely readers. It stings the most I am unable to sit down and write a few of the emails to very special people, but I know I will…

One of the emails I’ve received lately was from Anna who’s asking me which brand I’d recommend for mature skin – I don’t think I could point out just one brand, as many brands have products as well as lines suitable for mature skin. As it’s always the case with your emails – they serve as an inspiration for my posts as well, so maybe I’ll just post an article regarding the products for mature skin?

Not to go too far ahead with what I have in store for you in the upcoming weeks, but just a quick note – there will be reviews of toners, BB cream, cleanser, a cute palette…

So yeah, that’s a rant for today. And bellow, you can find a selection of this week’s discounts and many free gifts with purchase; the Summer sales are in full swing, so in case you need something, check the discounts bellow and save a few bucks – why not, right?


Weekly Discounts and FREE Organic Beauty Gifts #84



Love Lula has:

Love Lula Summer Sale








– 10% off when you spend £50 (code: SAVEME10). Valid till 1.8.2017
– 15% off when you spend £80 (code: SAVEME10). Valid till 1.8.2017
FREE Joik silky lip balm when you spend £20 on Joik (code: LIPBALM)
FREE Antipodes light day cream when you buy any 2 Antipodes products (code: REJOICE)
FREE Seascape Island Apothecary oil duo when you spend £30 on Seascape (code: SEASCAPE)
FREE Madara mask and night cream when you spend £30 on Madara (code: MADARA)
FREE Bellapierre lipstick when you spend £30 on Bellapierre (code: ENVY)
FREE Laidbare for richer or for porer mask when you spend £25 on Laidbare (code: LAIDBARE). Read my review of the mask here.
FREE Trilogy Facial Exfoliant when you buy 2 Trilogy products (code: TRILOGY)
FREE Gielly Green Travel Size Shampoo when you spend £35 on Gielly Green (code: GIELLY)
FREE Inika Kabuki Brush when you spend £30 on Inika (code: INIKA)
FREE Balm Balm mint lip balm when you spend £20 on Balm Balm (code: TEATREE)
– newly added Selection Boxes to pick your favorite Beauty Box
– 20% off on Seascape Island Apothecary
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Content Beauty has:

– great savings in their sale section
FREE Content Summer Collection worth £110 when you spend £150
free gifts with purchase:

Content Beauty Summer Collection













FREE Evolue Cleanser and Makeup Remover when you spend £45 on Evolue
FREE Dafna cleansing kit when you spend £100 on Dafna
FREE Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish when you spend £60 on Intelligent Nutrients
FREE Alima Pure Starter Set (lip tint and eye pencil) when you spend £50 on Alima Pure
FREE Therapi Orange Blossom Toner when you buy 2 Therapi products
FREE Trilogy cleanser when you buy any 2 Trilogy products
FREE Hiram Green Arbole Arbole 10ml Atomiser (worth £34) with every 50ml Hiram Green Perfume
FREE Nourish London Argan and Kale Hand Cream 50ml (£12.50) when you spend £35 on Nourish.

* * *

iHerb has:

– 5% off your order (code: LBK652)
– 10% off on Andalou Naturals
Sierra Bees tinted lip balms pack of 4 for 3€ (read my review)
– more discounts in the daily and weekly specials section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

– up to 60% off in their Summer Sale
FREE Balance Me handcream when you spend £25 on Balance Me
FREE Jurlique serum when you buy 2 Jurlique products
FREE REN Renewal Mask when you spend £40 on REN
FREE Green & Spring Shower and Bath Foam when you spend £35 on Green & Spring

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– 20% off on Scotch Naturals
– 40% off on Burt’s Bees
– 40 % on AnneMarie Borlind

* * *

Green People has:

Green People 20th anniversary collection









20th anniversary collection
– discounts in their special offers section

* * *


Onlynaturals has:

– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase

* * *


Pharmaca has:

15% off your purchase (code: PHARM15)
free gifts with purchase

* * *

The Detox Market has:

FREE Tammy Fender Awakening Eye Gel when you spend $160 on Tammy Fender (code: TAMMY)
FREE CV Skinlabs Body Lotion + Relief Spray when you spend $60 on your order (code: CVSKIN)
FREE Province Apothecary Cleanser when you spend $40 on Province Apothecary (code: PROVINCE)

* * *


Happy Weekend!


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