May 052017

Hello greenies! Meh, what rainy and cloudy these past days have been. I’d like some Sun, even though I know that the soil was in a dire need of water. With that day fast approaching, I am feeling the burden of reality more and more and it shows, even more, on my health. I’m trying as much as I can to somehow get myself together, and there are moments, when I feel things might have started looking brighter, only for one memory to throw me back where I had started. On some level, I always knew this is gonna be a long hard road, but sometimes it seems I had no idea how how hard.

Strange things are happening in green beauty blogging community. I am still amazed at the ability to speed test and review (use quotation marks anywhere you want) products, as well as businesses being impressed by this; not to mention being impressed with (all the bought) social media numbers, heh. At the same time, I am also very impressed with the “new” approach, all of then sudden, of previous speed-testers, now claiming how much time they take to thoroughly test the products. I guess it takes a few weeks to feel the chakra vibrations, or something, coming out of a cleanser before they can give a proper (read: raving) review. Do you feel as lost as I do in all of this?

I guess, for some, it must be hard, watching all those beauty guru videos, where they (quickly) test 145th highlighter (I mean, if the marketing trend says you have to walk around all shinny like a disco ball and look like you forgot to wipe your nose) in one week, at one point in time, you’re gonna have to start conditioning your readers how there’s this negative scare within the green beauty community regarding – wait for it – ingredients, who just might be – toxic, and how you shouldn’t really feel bad if you, say, slap a formaldehyde-containing nail polish on your nails. YOLO and stuff like that, you know? Oh, it’s all about positivity and not scaring people off. I thought it was about giving experience and knowledge to our readers. I’m not really sure how to convey that certain ingredients are actually detrimental to one’s health aside from – saying so.

Strange things, I tell ya.

You know what? I can see, especially more expensive natural beauty brands, starting to sponsor these big Youtube beauty gurus one of these days. Can you imagine, some artificial looking beauty guru, who just raved about, say, Elf brand, slathering a €300 natural cream on one’s hand, saying: oh, come through, this feels so soft?

And the green beauty bloggers, who do not have 4 million bought subscribers, will fall to the side.

Strange things.

Anyway, that’s that for this week’s rant. Bellow, as you’re used to, you’ll find a collection of this week’s discounts and free gifts with purchase – just in case you need a new green beauty product. Love Lula has a FREE Try Me Box (just got one with my order myself) – thought you might wanna know.


Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #77


Love Lula has:


FREE Love Lula Try Me Box









FREE Try Me Box when you spend £50 (code: TRYME)
FREE John Masters Organics Good to go set when you spend £25 on John Masters Organics (code: GOOD)
FREE JOIK Bath Truffle when you spend £10 on Joik (code: JOIK)
FREE Pure & Light Organic Essential Face Cream when you spend £40 or more on Pure & Light (code: PURE)
FREE Kure Bazaar nail file with any Kure Bazaar nail polish (code: FILE)
– big discounts in their sale section

* * *

Content Beauty has:

– great savings in their sale section
free gifts with purchase:










FREE Alima Pure Starter Set (lip tint and eye pencil) when you spend £50 on Alima Pure
FREE Therapi Orange Blossom Toner when you buy 2 Therapi products
FREE Trilogy cleanser when you buy any 2 Trilogy products
FREE Skin and Tonic Coco Mask 50g (£22) when you spend £50+ on Skin & Tonic
FREE Hiram Green Arbole Arbole 10ml Atomiser (worth £34) with every 50ml Hiram Green Perfume
FREE Nourish London Argan and Kale Hand Cream 50ml (£12.50) when you spend £35 on Nourish.

* * *

iHerb has:

iHerb 10% off on bath products





– 5% off your order (code: LBK652)
– 10% off on bath products
– 20% off on EO
– 56% off on Sierra Bees Tinted Lip Balms (read my review)
– more discounts in the daily and weekly specials section

* * *


FeelUnique has:

FREE Caudalie Weekend Set when you spend £35 on Caudalie
FREE Inika Blush when you spend £35 on Inika
FREE Green & Spring Shower and Bath Foam when you spend £35 on Green & Spring
FREE Elemental Herbology Hand and Body Cream (worth £28) when you buy 2 Elemental Herbology products
FREE Melvita Nectar de Roses Fresh Micellar Water when you spend £25 on Melvita
FREE A’Kin Eye Cream when you spend £30 on A’Kin

* * *

Natuurlijke Cosmetica Winkel has:

– 20% off on Scotch Naturals
– 40% off on Burt’s Bees
– 40 % on AnneMarie Borlind

* * *

Green People has:

Green People 20th anniversary collection










20th anniversary collection
– discounts in their special offers section

* * *


Onlynaturals has:

– big discounts in their sale section
FREE gifts with purchase

* * *


Pharmaca has:

– 15% off your purchase (code: PHARM15). Valid till 5.5.2017
free gifts with purchase
– 30% off on Weleda
– 25% off on Dr Hauschka
– 20% off on Zuzu Luxe

* * *

The Detox Market has:

FREE Tammy Fender Awakening Eye Gel when you spend $160 on Tammy Fender (code: TAMMY)
FREE CV Skinlabs Body Lotion + Relief Spray when you spend $60 on your order (code: CVSKIN)
FREE Province Apothecary Cleanser when you spend $40 on Province Apothecary (code: PROVINCE)
FREE Lina Hanson Travel Size Global Face Serum with any $65 purchase (code: LINA)

* * *


Happy Weekend!


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