Apr 142017

Hello greenies! How have you been? Enjoying the Spring? Sometimes, we over-look the beauty surrounding us, as we’re racing from one point to another, from past to future. It can be hard being in the moment and just – being. It’s like we can’t seem to allow ourselves a moment to be with ourselves. I used to be pretty centered, taking the time for me, being present right here and right now. The past year… I’ve been all over the place and, what it feels like, nowhere at the same time – both when it comes to mind and body. The biggest problem was not even being in bed while being in bed and not sleeping when my body was screaming it terribly needs sleep and rest. Thoughts racing, hurt chocking…

Slowly, very slowly, my mind has been been having small moments, where I felt peace. Having faith this moment would, eventually, come – I just need to keep on going, keep on having hope and faith. And eventually, that feeling of having your heart, even if just for a moment and – finally came – being caressed by a feather of comfort. It’s actually been there all this time, I just didn’t allow myself to feel it.

There’s so much hurt and pain in this world. We all have our crosses to bear. But we also know there is a way – the way. We feel it in our hearts and souls – love, compassion, care, kindness – for others as well as ourselves. Blessed are those, who can find beauty all around us, and within ourselves. Hardened hearts have a difficulty smiling when they see little birdies standing, with their little shaking but curious legs, on a tree, for the first time. Those who’d rather step on a Spring flower as opposed to having their heart filled with its beauty or picking it up and giving it to someone they love (if they love at all) – those carry the heaviest cross of them all – themselves.

When you find yourself in the midst of a personal tragedy, you will also find two kinds of people: those with a heart and those without. Those without will step on your bleeding heart in order to fill their ego. Those who have a heart, will extent a helping hand with an honest look in their eyes – and these are the ones which God has sent to us to lessen our pain.

Seek all that is good, seek all that is kind. And goodness and kindness will, eventually, find you. The daily burdens are heavy, the pain is deep, sometimes, the night seems like it will never end. It will – as the light always finds its way.

Being in a constant hurry, it’s hard to stop for a moment and be grateful and thankful for all we have – and I am not even talking about material things – as we’re so preoccupied with what we don’t have (anymore/yet).

This will be my first Easter without her. In the past year, there have been so many occasions without her – so many seconds without her. I know it will hurt, but I am determined to open my heart, like a window in the early Summer morning, to the joy of Easter and everything is represents and everything it is. And I’m going to be even more thankful for having her in my life – before and now – just in a different kind of way.

Seek love and you will find love. It’s all around us, it’s within us.

To all my beautiful readers and friends – thank you for encouraging me to keep going with this lil’ blog of mine – I was lucky enough to have found some pretty remarkable and kind souls exactly because of this blog. And some of you have helped me in my darkest moments, with your immensely kind words, and for that – I am grateful.

I wish you all a Happy Easter and may you be blessed and joyful – with love – everything is possible!

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Happy Weekend!


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