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The Craft of  Herbalism and The Art of Herbalism Giveaway We’ve had an amazing Holiday Giveaways 2014 run, with giving away prices worth over €170, and this giveaway is the last installment of this series. Today, we’re giving away TWO books: The Craft of Herbalism AND The Art of Herbalism! We reviewed The Art of  Herbalism a while ago (and we also had a giveaway back then as well) as well as The Craft of Herbalism; both books are a must for any aspiring herbalist, anyone, who wishes to learn about herbs and how to create your own herbal medicine and natural beauty products.

One thing should be emphasized: as previously mentioned, we had The Art of Herbalism giveaway a while ago, and since recently Tiffany M. Psichopaidas released expanded editions of both The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism, she gave new editions of both books to our first winner of The Art of Herbalism giveaway. To those, who’ve had the privilege of getting to know the ever lovely Tiffany, this gesture of hers should come as no surprise.

These two books, The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism will come handy to anyone, who wishes to start a New Year more in tune with Mother Nature. So why not participate in this amazing giveaway?

The entry for the giveaway starts on 16.12.2014 and will close on 23.12.2014. There are no geographical restrictions: the giveaway is open world wide! The winner will be randomly picked and announced in this post. If the winner does not come forward until 26.12.2014, we will randomly select another winner.

Here’s what you have to do if you wish to win these two amazing books, The Craft of Herbalism AND The Art of Herbalism (the conditions are not either/or):

– like Tiffany M. Psichopaidas Facebook page
– follow Tiffany M. Psichopaidas on Twitter
– like Nature of Europe on Facebook and share this post
– follow Nature of Europe on Twitter and RT this status (again, make sure you share this status, as opposed to copying it or any other variant)
– leave a comment bellow, so we have your number for the purpose of drawing a winner. Make sure you include in your comment the links to where you liked both Facebook pages, followed both Twitter accounts and RT the status. Also, let us know in your comment if you’ve had any experience with making your own herbal medicine and/or beauty products and why you’d like to win The Craft of Herbalism and The Art of Herbalism.

Due to spam, the comments are moderated; we ask for your patience for your comments to be posted.

Please note: if you liked Nature of Europe’s Facebook page and followed Nature of Europe on Twitter for previous giveaways, but no longer liked our Facebook page and no longer followed us on Twitter after the giveaways were closed, you’re not eligible to participate in this giveaway. Same goes for Tiffany M. Psichopaidas Facebook page and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering, entrants of this giveaway on Nature of Europe agree to a complete release of Facebook.

We wish all the participants good luck! We’re excited that one lucky winner will have a chance to dive into vast knowledge of herbalism in the up coming New Year!  ♥


The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism Winner

And we have a winner! Congratulations, Tea, you’ve won the Amazon Best Sellers: The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism! Now you can dive in the vast knowledge that Tiffany M. Psichopaidas gathered in her amazing books and start making your own beauty products as well as herbal medicine. Contact us at with your address, so you can receive these two great books!

We thank all the participants of this giveaway, and we’re especially grateful to lovely Tiffany M. Psichopaidas for sponsoring this giveaway!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ♥

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  6 Responses to “The Craft of Herbalism AND The Art of Herbalism Giveaway”

Comments (6)
  1. Liked both Facebook pages as Tea Šainović and shared the post (
    Following on Twitter and RT the status as @TeaSainovic

    I haven’t had any experiences with making my own herbal medicine but I have made some beauty products like body and face peelings and masks and I’m really interested in this topic. :)

    • Thanks, Tea, for your entry. If you already have experience making your own beauty products and wish to learn more, then yes, these books will come handy, as they are full of recipes. Good luck to you! :)

  2. Thanks, lovely chance! :)
    all done.
    fb: cogito ergosum
    twitter. @isacogitoergo
    I’d like to try these products!
    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

    • Thanks, Isa, for your entry. I’ve already told you in previous giveaway entry that we do not contact winner over email, but within the post. If someone is really interested in the price we’re giving away, they will make sure to follow up when the giveaway is over; we do not chase winners all over the internet. Also, you didn’t say whether or not you’ve already had experience with making your own cosmetics, or why you’d like to win this giveaway. You said you’d like to try these products; which products? We’re not giving away any products to be tried. It seems you’ve entered the giveaway for the sake of winning something, anything, as opposed to actually reading and actively participating.

  3. Liked on FB as Sushma Pillai
    Following and RT on twitter as @sushart4
    I have been using ayurvedic products for years on my face and hair, they have given best results unlike products loaded with chemicals.I would like to learn more about them through these books.

    • Thank you, Sushma, for visiting Nature of Europe and participating in this giveaway. I agree, beauty products, loaded with chemicals, do not compare, in any shape or form, with natural. And if you’re able to make beauty products yourself, even better, so these books are excellent for those, aspiring to create their own beauty products as well as herbal medicine. Good luck! :)

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