Oct 142015

Urtekram Rose Shampoo is a light, quite gentle and moisturizing shampoo, while the Urtekram Rose Conditioner provides softness to the hair.     I use quite a lot of shampoos and conditioners, and seeing this duo containing roses, I had to get this Urtekram Rose shampoo and conditioner. The packaging is quite simple for both the shampoo and conditioner – a plastic bottle. I was very curious about the scent; finding a natural shampoo, which has a true and, if possible, rather long lasting rose scent, can be quite difficult. The scent of Urtekram Rose Shampoo is pleasant and it does have a gentle scent of roses, but I do think, unfortunately that, while it does contain both the rosa […]

Urtekram Rose Shampoo and Conditioner Review



Urtekram: organic originals. Since 1972. Location: Denmark Products range: Face care (day cream, cleansing lotion, lip balm), body care (soap bar, liquid hand soap, cream hand&body wash, shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream, deodorant roll-on, deodorant spray, toothpaste), hair care (shampoo, conditioner), baby care (soap, body lotion, baby body oil, zinc cream, toothpaste). ♦ Urtekram Rose Shampoo and Conditioner Review Where to buy: Ethical Superstore  UK  {Shipping: UK} Natural Collection  UK  {Shipping: UK} Nature’s Health Box  UK  {Shipping: International} Ecco Verde  Austria  {Shipping: International} Billig Parfume  Denmark  {Shipping: Europe} Helsebixen  Denmark  {Shipping: Denmark} Helsehelse  Denmark  {Shipping: Denmark, Norway} Monde Bio  France  {Shipping: International} Big Green Smile  Germany  {Shipping: Germany} Big Green Smile  Netherlands  {Shipping: Netherlands, Belgium} Body Store  Sweden  {Shipping: Sweden}

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