Jan 122015
Interview with Tiffany M. Psichopaidas, Author of The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism

Nearly a year ago Tiffany and I connected first on Twitter, and what followed was a steady correspondence about all things aromatherapy, herbalism and just chats about every day stuff. We talked a lot about her books, The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism, which, at that time, were the first editions, and I reviewed The Art of Herbalism, an excellent guide on medicinal herbs, formulas and procedures. I also received The Craft of Herbalism, but waited with a review until expanded edition was published as during summer, Tiffany was busy writing expanded editions of both The Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism; for the later I wrote a review a while ago. Readers of Nature […]

Dec 162014
The Craft of Herbalism AND The Art of Herbalism Giveaway

We’ve had an amazing Holiday Giveaways 2014 run, with giving away prices worth over €170, and this giveaway is the last installment of this series. Today, we’re giving away TWO books: The Craft of Herbalism AND The Art of Herbalism! We reviewed The Art of  Herbalism a while ago (and we also had a giveaway back then as well) as well as The Craft of Herbalism; both books are a must for any aspiring herbalist, anyone, who wishes to learn about herbs and how to create your own herbal medicine and natural beauty products. One thing should be emphasized: as previously mentioned, we had The Art of Herbalism giveaway a while ago, and since recently Tiffany M. Psichopaidas released expanded […]

Nov 182014
Holiday Giveaways 2014

‘Tis the season for giveaways! We’ve come together with some of our friends in a green beauty business, who are sponsoring Holiday Giveaways 2014 series you will find bellow. The giveaways are worth over €170! Click on the links/photos for the details about each giveaway. Some giveaways are not yet live, so make sure you check back often. Surely you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to win these green goodies! ♦ Avalon Organics Ylang Ylang Shampoo & Conditioner Giveaway live on 18.11.2014 (Sponsored by Big Green Smile) ♦ The Art of Herbalism & The Craft of Herbalism Giveaway live on 16.12.2014 (Sponsored by Tiffany M. Psichopaidas) ♦ Living Nature Foundation & Lip Balm Giveaway live on 27.11.2014 (Sponsored by […]

Jun 112014
The Art of Herbalism Book Giveaway

Have you read our The Art of Herbalism review? Would you like to receive The Art of Herbalism for free? If so, we have a giveaway for you!   Here’s what you need to do to enter our giveaway contest: – follow the author of The Art of Herbalism Tiffany M. Psichopaidas on her Twitter – like her Facebook page – follow Nature of Europe on Twitter – RT the book giveaway on Twitter – and leave a comment about it on our site; if you tell us why you’d like to win The Art of Herbalism – even better   Here are a few rules: – the giveaway contest starts on 11.6.2014 and ends on 18.6.2014 – we will […]

Jun 042014
Book Review: The Art of Herbalism

“Simplers” is what people were called long before they began to be referred to as “Herbalists”. A Simpler tended to be an intuitive person who had developed a trusting relationship with Nature to provide all that they needed to live a self-sufficient life. ~ The Art of Herbalism When you journey from synthetic cosmetic products into the wonderful world of products made from natural ingredients, you may say you’ve developed (another) trusting relationship with Nature. Natural ingredients, found in natural organic cosmetic products offer a variety of skin treatments. The same can be said for herbs used as natural remedies for other health concerns: sore muscles, respiratory problems, menstrual problems, fever, sleep problems, nausea, coughing, anxiety and many more. Tiffany […]

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