Aug 062019

Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25 is a safe, non-nano, anti-aging sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum sun protection and supports skin’s moisture balance. Before I embark on my review of Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25, allow me a bit of a pondering: why would anyone still use conventional products, when… How lucky are we, who use natural organic beauty products? We get a high quality products (regardless of the price) consisting of natural ingredients, which not only do not harm us, or provide only immediate appearance that they do something visible – they are actually skin-beneficial in the long run. We can now choose a natural foundation, which is actually a high quality cream/serum, containing natural ingredients, but […]

Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25 Review
May 282019

L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum, containing prickly pear seed oil, delivers soft skin, while Gentle Exfoliator, with fine dates fruit powder gently exfoliates, resulting in smooth skin.  I was first introduced to this French brand L’Odaïtès via receiving their exfoliator in my Love Lula Beauty Box, and I’ve been using it for quite some time now, making it a welcomed addition between my chemical exfoliators and a bit harsher, for the lack of a better word, mainly sugar-based exfoliators. The oil-based serum, with precious pricky pear seed oil, works nicely as a night treatment, but mostly, I’ve been using it as an added mixture to liquid foundations ans BB creams. L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum comes in a 15ml bottle with a […]

L'Odaïtès Replenishing Serum and Gentle Exfoliator Review
May 212019

Bloomtown Soothing and Clearing Mask and Tinted Lip Balm are very affordable, yet highly effective hand-made skincare products. The clearing mask and the soothing mask work hand in hand for a pampering session, sprinkled on top with delicious scents.  Bloomtown, a UK green beauty brand, is proving effective, deliciously smelling, hand-crafted and all natural green beauty products at a very affordable price point can be made. When Love Lula launched Bloomtown, I, more or less, immediately grabbed a few of their goodies, while quite a few being left on my wishlist; going through the ingredient lists and seeing a very low cost, upon using several of the Bloomtown products, the only cheap aspect of them is – indeed – the […]

Bloomtown Soothing and Clearing Mask and Lip Balm Review
Aug 102017

Madara Balancing Toner for combination skin helps skin absorb moisture more efficiently, whereas Madara Clarifying Toner, especially with the help of salicylic acid, purifies the skin.   Toners – is there ever enough of them? For this round, I decided to review two of the Madara facial toners, targeting oily and combination skin – the balancing toner and clarifying toner – which, aside from the, in my opinion, too high of an alcohol content, make for the toners working hand in hand for combination and oily skin, when you’re looking for toners to minimize the acne and blackheads, minimizing the pores and controlling the shine. Madara Clarifying Toner contains , first and foremost, the ingredient much welcomed by oily skin […]

Madara Balancing and Clarifying Facial Toners Review
May 292017

With 23 different scents and flavors, everyone can find their favorite Hurraw! Lip Balm to nourish the lips with all natural ingredients.   Lip balms – is there ever enough of them? Lip balms are one of those beauty products I can’t do without, and with natural beauty industry offering a myriad of natural lip balms and the joy that comes from testing as many as possible, there are also some which find their way to me again and again, periodically or sporadically. I can’t quite tell you when was the first time I tried the popular Hurraw! Lip Balms – though I do know it’s been many years ago. And while hopping from new and never tried before lip […]

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Hurraw! Lip Balm Review