Jun 222017

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara offers a natural look with one layer, while a more pronounced look with a volume and length with more than one layer.   One of the most requested-for-review brands and products – Pacifica mascara – had a plan to write this review quite some time ago so here it is now. Natural mascaras tend to lag behind the performance of the conventional ones, even though finding a good or even a great natural mascara is not so hard nowadays anymore. However, one thing has to be pointed out – when a mascara is waterproof, the ingredients, which make the mascara waterproof, are more or less not as natural. I’ve been using the Pacifica Aquarian […]

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara Review



Natural perfumes, candles, body butter and soap, blended in Pacifica’s signature style. Location: USA Products range: Face care (BB cream, day&night cream, face wash, cleansing wipes), body care (body scrub, body butter, body wash), make up (mascara, eye shadow, lip tint, gel eyeliner, lip butter, lip gloss), perfume (spray perfumes, solid perfumes, roll-on perfumes). ♦ Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara Review Where to buy: Big Green Smile  UK  {Shipping: Europe} Ethical Superstore  UK  {Shipping: UK} FeelUnique  UK  {Shipping: International} Love Lula  UK  {Shipping: Free International} Lucy Rose  UK  {Shipping: International} Natural Collection  UK  {Shipping: UK} Nature’s Health Box  UK  {Shipping: International} Pharmacy at Hand  UK  {Shipping: International} Planet Organic  UK  {Shipping: International} Ayurveda 101  Germany  {Shipping: EU} Ecco Verde  […]

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