Sep 212015

Natural beauty: inside out. While Nature of Europe is a niche green blog, dedicated to natural and organic beauty, it is well known that taking care of yourself only on the outside is not sustainable long term, so in light of Organic September, I’ll touch a bit on the importance of supplements and where to buy them.     The importance of eating in moderation and with balance as well as eating healthy food should become our second nature. Supporting local organic farmers and eating seasonal food, is one of the main sources of eating healthy and taking care of the environment at the same time by buying the products, which do not require long transportation routes and various pesticides […]

Organic September: Curated Health Stores Guide
Sep 142015

Hello greenies! I know it’s not Friday yet, but it’s the start of Organic Beauty Week, so I cooked up some exclusive discounts for you! Oh, and there’s a free lip balm with purchase as well! Make sure you check back this week, as there will be more discounts and free organic beauty gifts!     * * * Therapi Honey Skincare has an exclusive 20% off for all the readers of Nature of Europe. Use code: goorganic. The discount is valid during Organic Beauty Week.   * * *   Akamuti has an exclusive discount of 15% off for the readers of Nature of Europe PLUS a FREE Organic Honey & Chamomile Lip Balm, (which happens to be one of […]

Organic Beauty Week Edition: Exclusive Discounts
Sep 012015

While we’re still enjoying the last hot days of summer, Autumn is slowly knocking on our doors. September is the first Autumn guest, and brings along, now already traditional, campaign – Organic September, courtesy of Soil Association. Organic September is just a reminder of how to try, to our best abilities, to live, as much as possible, in harmony with nature. How we go about our daily lives. And yes – small changes can really make a big difference – when it comes to food, clothes, transportation, and – beauty, of course. Soil Association listed a few of the small changes you can make to organic your September and incorporate all this throughout the year: Switch to organic milk Organic […]

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Organic September: Good Things Happen When You Go Organic