Oct 072014
Mel Millis Phytonutri Rebalance Daily Travel Trio Review

After gushing over Mel Millis Phytonutri Rose & Pomegranate Rebalancing Body Oil, today I’ll do some more gushing. This time, over Mel Millis cleansing oil, mist tonic and rebalancing face oil. Just as with body oils, Mel Millis offers three lines of face products: Rebalancing (Daily Cleansing Oil, Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic, Rose & Pomegranate Rebalancing Face Oil), Revitalise (Daily Cleansing Oil, Geranium Hydrolate Mist Tonic, Frankincense &Camelia Revitalising Face Oil), and Re-Energise line (Daily Cleansing Oil, Neroli Hydrolate Mist Tonic, Neroli & Baobab Re-Energising Face Oil). All these products also come as handy travel trios; I’ve chosen the Rebalance Daily Travel Trio.   Mel Millis Rebalance Daily Travel Trio consists of a Daily Cleansing Oil, Rose Hydrolate Mist Tonic […]

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