Aug 292019

Following the previous month’s one could be a tough act to follow, but Love Lula Beauty Box remains one of those Beauty Boxes that, aside from being a pleasant surprise (even when peaking around before receiving mine) every month, remains on the top of its game. The August one’s contents are slowly moving along the Autumn, which is knocking on our doors, with a rich facial cream, hydrating eye cream, a hand cream, and for a pop of insanely pigmented color – a lip gloss. There’s also a sample of a body wash. So this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box has 4 full sized products and one sample sachet, with a total worth of £61,00. So, what’s in this month’s Love […]

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2019
Jul 302019

I’ve taken a few weeks off and now I’m back with my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box. July is not the only very hot thing happening – July edition of Love Lula Beauty Box is as well! Love Lula has been, especially and also, pushing the envelope with their Beauty Box, offering it to the subscribers for basically barely worth mentioning cost, in itself, but especially in relation to the actual value of the products featured in the Beauty Box. But with their July Beauty Box – I call it the insane edition – they really went beyond. When I opened this month’s Beauty Box, I was greeted with products worth of £101! o_O Keep in mind – […]

Love Lula Beauty Box July 2019
Jun 272019

Today we’re having the biggest heat wave of the year so far, and in between spraying myself all over with a fridge-cooled rose hydrolate, I’ll present my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, which is perfectly themed for the hot Summer weather. June Beauty Box contains a mixture of hair care, makeup and skin care products, with 3 full sized ones, one travel sized one and one sample. The total value of the Beauty Box is £48; the actual cost for a monthly Beauty Box when you subscribe? Barely worth mentioning, though you will find all the needed info at the end of this month’s first impressions of all the goodies from June’s Beauty Box. So, what’s […]

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2019
May 302019

Have you, too been pondering about maybe getting a boat? If you ask me, rain has worn out its welcome by now, and should really make way for some sunshine. Speaking of sunshine, Love Lula Beauty Box, whether I decide to sneak around to get a peak of what’s in the current Beauty Box before it arrives or not, always cheers up, even on grey days, wouldn’t you agree? This month’s Beauty Box contains another great selection of green beauty goodies with 4 full sized products and one sample sachet, nicely rounded body care and skin care products of a £67.  The actual cost for a monthly Beauty Box when you subscribe is barely worth mentioning, though you will find […]

Love Lula Beauty Box May 2019
Apr 242019

April, with its “can’t make up my mind whether to act like warm June or chilly like November” is slowly coming to an end, but before April waves goodbye, my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box are in order. Love Lula has, again, crammed up the goodies up to the brim, with 3 full sized products, one travel sized one and a few samples: a mixture of body and face care products. As per usual, I’ve had a mini tantrum, seeing Love Lula has launched their new Spring collection of Glossworks nail polishes and dropped one in their non-international Beauty Box; the international Beauty Box received, instead, an eye cream. The total value of this Beauty Box is […]

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Love Lula Beauty Box April 2019