Oct 272015
Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant Review

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Exfoliant is a gentle, yet surprisingly effective facial peeling, based on almonds and oats grains, and suitable for all skin types.   Β  For keeping my skin fresh and clear, exfoliating is one of the main beauty routines of mine. I’m sure you know my favorite exfoliant has been, for many years now, Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, so whenever a new exfoliant comes into my hands, you know it will have to perform and compete against Suki’s. So, being used to exfoliants, which are sugar-based and therefore a bit more raw, I was skeptical when I opened Laurel Whole Plant Organics Exfoliant. The first impression was – this looks like cake fill, hehe; the exfoliant […]

Sep 162015
Laurel Whole Plant Organics Detox Facial Mask Review

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Detox Facial Mask is a green clay dry facial mask, infused with 14 active ingredients, targeting oily and acne prone skin, as well as congested skin in need of detox. When it comes to facial masks, I can be quite picky, as there aren’t many facial masks, whether detoxifying or hydrating, that would suit my moody and sensitive skin. I’m often trying to balance just how long should I let the facial mask on in order for it to work and not over irritate my skin at the same time. I mostly prefer making my own facial masks. Specifically – green clay based facial masks. I mix green clay with various hydrolates, and, depending on my […]

Aug 262015
Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Elixir Review

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Elixir is a refreshing and balancing facial toner, consisting of 22 active ingredients in a form of hydrolates and extracts, working in harmony to soothe and hydrate oily and acne prone skin.   As you know, I can’t do without hydrolates and facial toners; and I use a lot of them. I use various hydrolates, alone or mixing them together, as well as toners: after using cleansers to remove the final traces of makeup, before applying facial creams and serums in the evening and before applying makeup. I also use them generously just for the sake of refreshing and hydrating the skin. I doubt anything in the beauty industry causes me giving a side-eye to […]

Jul 292015
Laurel Whole Plant Organics Balance Facial Serum Review

Laurel Whole Plant Organics Balance Facial Serum, targeting oily, combination and blemish prone skin, is a luxurious and potent blend of 26 active, purely natural and organic ingredients. A natural serum quite unlike anything your skin has ever been pampered with! Oh my gracious goodness! I could bathe my face in this serum!   I’ve tried many natural products from various brands over the years, and I’ve equally tried many natural facial oils and serums, but none come close to Laurel Whole Plant Organics Balance Facial Serum! With so many natural products on my wishlist, Laurel Whole Plant Organics products have been very high on my wish list for quite some time now, and you can imagine how delighted I […]

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