Jan 202015
Jojoba Oil

We’re expanding our ingredients glossary by dedicating a whole post to ingredients; both good and toxic. You’ve been sending us emails, asking us about certain ingredients, their properties, for which skin type would certain ingredients be suitable, which products contain certain ingredients etc.Β  So, today, we’re kicking off this series with one of the most popular, used and versatile cosmetic ingredients – Jojoba Oil.   What is Jojoba Oil? Jojoba oil/liquid wax is extracted from the seeds of a Simmondsia chinensis shrub. Jojoba tree is native to Southern USA California, Arizona) and Mexico. Jojoba is not really an oil, but a mixture of liquid wax esters. Unlike most other vegetable oils, Jojoba Oil does not contain triglycerides, which makes Jojoba […]

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