Feb 182015
Green People Age Defy+ Tinted SPF 15 Moisturiser (DD Cream) Review

With BB (beauty/blemish balm) creams and CC (color correction) creams, now we’ve arrived to – DD (daily defense) creams. BB cream rage started in Asia (Japan and South Korea), and quickly swamped Western beauty industry. CC creams quickly followed and now we’re talking about – DD cream. Just as in other aspects in our lives, we want something that will work, and that will work fast. A moisturiser, which has an SPF, is anti-aging, is also a primer, coverages imperfections, but does not look like foundation… too much. And the color of it has to be perfect for our skin tone, too. Well now. Wasn’t that called a tinted moisturiser once upon a time? On the average a ritual of […]

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