Apr 052019
Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #130

Hello greenies! We’re firmly in Spring, but with April, here come the rain showers! It’s been a bit chilly and rainy these past few days, but the beautiful bright green colors of Nature waking up and blooming trees overpower cloudy canvas. With working around my country house and in the garden, it doesn’t feel so chilly anymore – that’s what an honest day of work will do, hehe. Seeing my fruit trees blooming, the beautiful meadow flowers and the birdies and mice and deer being all silly in the forest – how can one not feel blessed? Seems like my rant, about the shameless thieves, a couple of weeks ago, created quite an inspiration with you sharing with me your […]

Mar 222019
Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #129

Hello greenies! Spring is now officially here, even though she’s been peaking in for a while now; this past Winter has been mild, quite warm and quite sunny, so I took as much time as possible to sneak away, get lost in the most beautiful forest I’ve known since I was a few months old. I’ve been enjoying working around my country house and just seeing the work done and the beautiful nature waking up, flowers popping up, trees blooming… So, yeah, one of the reasons I haven’t posted the discounts posts in quite some time was me enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and being slammed with many of the projects I am working on. But that is not the […]

Nov 232018
Green Friday 2018

Hello greenies! The green edition of Black Friday is here – Green Friday! The number of great and amazing deals is mind boggling! There are discounts of up to 40%, ca you believe it?! Just a quick rundown: Jolie has 40% off on Madara + 20% off on Whamisa, RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Alima Pure and more! The Detox Marker has a discount of $80. Alyaka has a discount of 25%. Most of the stores – and there’s a ton of them in this huge collection and selection – has 20% off. Plus, there are free gifts, a green beauty bag… so so much! Now, here’s the thing. Yes, Black Friday sales are huge – the biggest of the year, […]

Nov 232018
Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Yesterday, I posted a huge Love Lula Holiday Gift Guide. Today, it’s time for anotherΒ one: an annual, fifth in a row, Green Beauty Holiday Gift Guide. Anyone will find something for themselves – I created categories based on price points: green beauty gifts under 10, green beauty gifts under 20, green beauty gifts under 50, luxurious green beauty gifts, green beauty gift sets under 50 and luxurious gift sets. A great selection and collection of skin care, makeup… Make sure you stay tuned for another mega post later today – another annual one: Green Friday Discounts post, where you’ll be able to combine the discounts with all these green beauty gifts, which are waiting for you bellow!       […]

Nov 092018
Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #128

Hello greenies! It’s been a while since I posted the discounts post. I’ve had so many projects I was working on, and not enough time to get some rest, to which my body reacted accordingly – with a cold and back pain. As I am still recuperating from the stress and trauma, I should have known better as to not push myself as hard as I did. As I was wandering around the forest, my step was not as perky and light, but I still managed to nurture my soul with the beautiful Autumnal colors. I’m really glad it’s weekend and look forward to doing some work around my country house. I know it’s quite early, but there’s already a […]

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