May 212019
Bloomtown Soothing and Clearing Mask and Lip Balm Review

Bloomtown Soothing and Clearing Mask and Tinted Lip Balm are very affordable, yet highly effective hand-made skincare products. The clearing mask and the soothing mask work hand in hand for a pampering session, sprinkled on top with delicious scents.Β  Bloomtown, a UK green beauty brand, is proving effective, deliciously smelling, hand-crafted and all natural green beauty products at a very affordable price point can be made. When Love Lula launched Bloomtown, I, more or less, immediately grabbed a few of their goodies, while quite a few being left on my wishlist; going through the ingredient lists and seeing a very low cost, upon using several of the Bloomtown products, the only cheap aspect of them is – indeed – the […]

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