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Here you will find a directory of stores selling natural organic cosmetics, listed based on their country. For easier navigation, you can first choose between Europe, USA and Canada and Rest of the World categories, which are then fractioned into separate countries. Make sure you check the stores not only from your country, but others as well, as most of them deliver world wide (and some even for free!). For an even more convenient search, we’ve put all the stores, which ship internationally, into a separate, international shipping category. For each store listed, you will find information regarding which natural organic cosmetic brands they sell and delivery information (which countries they ship to).
We also have listed the stores which sell aromatherapy products the stores which sell aromatherapy products (carrier oils/vegetable oils, essential oils, hydrolates, body butters, etc,…).

The Stores Directory/List is always expanding, with new stores added.

If you own a store selling natural organic cosmetics, and wish to have yours listed in our biggest and most unique green beauty business directory, please contact us.


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