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What is Rose Hip Seed Oil?

Rosa Canina Fruit Rose Hip Seed Oil (Rosa Canina) is extracted and pressed from the seeds of a rose bush. Rosa Canina is found in Europe, northwest Africa and west Asia.
Also used in skin care are two other Rose Hip Seed Oils extracted from Rosa Moschata and Rosa Rubiginosa.

Rose Hip Seed Oil has a red-ish/orang-y/amber appearance and is very light in its consistency, along with having a distinctive rose hip scent. It is important that Rose Hip Seed Oil is cold pressed. If you come across Rose Hip Seed Oil, which has a clear appearance, it means it’s been refined: oil from the seeds was extracted using hexane, a carcinogen. Refined rose hip oil, aside from having then carcinogen properties if hexane was used in the process, now doesn’t have all the skin-beneficial properties anymore, as they were destroyed during high heat.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

1. A’Kin Pure Radiance Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 2. Balm Balm 100% Organic Rosehip Oil 3. Life Flo Health Pure Rosehip Seed Oil 4. Now Foods Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 5. Russell Organics Rosehip Seed Oil 6. Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 7. Aura Cacia Rosehip Oil 8. Sukin Rosehip Oil 9. The Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil 10. Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 11. Melvita Rosehip Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is easily absorbed into skin and does not leave a greasy feeling. Rose Hip Seed Oil is a great moisturizer.

Rosa Canina Also known as “oil of youth”, Rose Hip Seed Oil has a myriad of skin-beneficial properties. Rose Hip Seed Oil contains high level of essential fatty acids, such as omega-6 (linoleic) and omega-3 (linolenic). The fatty acids are properties, which regenerate the skin and can help in healing scars, burns and it can help preventing or minimizing stretch marks.

Along with being high in Vitamin F (essential fatty acids), Rose Hip Seed Oil also contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A regenerates skin cells, it promotes elastin and collagen, thus providing the skin with elasticity and youthfulness.
Rose Hip Seed Oil also contains Vitamin C, a great agent against anti-aging as well as for skin’s healing.

Why use Rose Hip Seed Oil?

High levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins, Rose Hip Seed Oil rejuvenates and regenerates the skin. Rose Hip Seed Oil increases the levels of elastin and collagen, thus providing the skin with elasticity, firmness and smoothness. Rose Hip Seed Oil is a great anti-aging oil.

It can be used for facial skin care or as a massage body oil, alone or with other carrier oils and/or essential oils and butters.

Uses of Rose Hip Seed Oil:

  • as facial moisturiser
  • body and massage oil
  • hair treatment
  • under eye treatment; for dark circles
  • as a cleansing oil, used alone or mixed with other carrier oils and essential oils

Rose Hip Seed Oil in Beauty Products

1. Aubrey Organics Revitalizing Therapy Serum 2. Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil 3. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant and Ultra Hydrating Face Cream 4. A’Kin Rosehip & Shea Intensive Moisture Antioxidant Creme 5. Suki  Nourishing Facial Oil 6. The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Firming Serum 7. Nourish Protect Hydrating Moisturizer 8. Living Nature Radiance Night Oil 9. Aubrey Organics Revitalizing Therapy Toner 10. Ila Beyond Organic Body Oil for Vital Energy 11. Trilogy Nutrient Plus Firming Serum 12. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo 13. Madara Superseed Age Recovery Organic Facial Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is recommended for:

  • undernourished skin
  • dehydrated skin
  • mature skin
  • for skin losing elasticity and firmness
  • scar healing and reducing the discoloration of scars
  • burns healing
  • sun-damaged skin
  • delicate skin around eyes
  • against fine lines and wrinkles
  • dermatitis.

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Photo credits:
– Rosa Canina (Wikipedia via Roberta F.)
– Rosa Canina Fruit (Wikipedia via Denes Emoke)

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