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Random Thoughts #8


What I’ve been up to?

  • This year really didn’t start off right. Maybe, January, but then with February, it all became a blur, and a strange one at that. There’s something really strange going on, and my body is having an equally strange reaction to it with my muscles being too tense and even painful. Magnesium is what helps and luckily I have the Kiki Health Magnesium Oil, which I’ve been using the whole month and promptly ordered another bottle. But it’s not just the tension and all of that, I just haven’t been feeling well and myself these past two months; the energy and the whole situation in this world must have certain effect. It seems like I just can’t collect myself into one whole working mass… or something like that. And all the many plans and goals I’ve set to be achieved by now, have been postponed, prolonged, and what not. Including the many things I’ve had in plans for my blog – I just can’t seem to get around it.
  • The virus, then there was an earthquake, then snow and this cold weather. I just can’t follow, I just can’t comprehend what is going on, what’s happening. Strange. Everything feels and seems so strange – the whole world around me, it feels strange. I’ve never experienced this type of strangeness, this type of a strange feeling as I’ve been since this virus situation had happened.
  • I don’t know what’s real and what’s not, I don’t know what to believe and what not. Not many things make much, if any, sense. I just know we’re all following, something, or someone.
  • There are many things which will be put in a different perspective in the near future. This globalism – it’s not really working, is it? We’re suppose to be such a rich society, this planet Earth, every country, even if all completely in debt (to whom, does anyone ever wonder, and where does that “it” get all this money), while working more than ever, paying more taxes than ever, and yet – there’s no money and there’s no basic and most needed necessities, anywhere in Europe, such as masks. And we depend on a country which exported the virus as well – a communist country, which is now selling us limited amounts of medical materials and even that – faulty. I’ve always had a strong aversion to China (and name the scary narcissists thieves as such for a reason) and what it stands for; their cruelty to animals is incomprehensible to (normal) human beings. How could anyone believe or trust anything that comes from China is beyond me.
  • Everything is based on an illusion. Let me re-phrase this: this world is based on an illusion. We’re going after what does not matter, and do not have what matters the most.
  • Plastic. Can anyone imagine being without plastic in such moments as these? Self-righteous ones, preaching against plastic straws, while living in mega cities (while waiting for a plane, a truck to deliver the latest uber-expensive face serum to their door – make that 20 serums a month!) and producing 20 sponsored twits per hour about that new face serum, so they can get what they can never get enough – money – while wearing a “Feel the Bern” badge?
  • We’ve put aside, just for a little bit (though some autistic child could not deal with lack of attention, thus needed to proclaim having the virus, too), that global warming (I have my heat on, as I type this) thing, haven’t we? And we’re now all in a panic mode where the next toilet paper roll will come from right? Yeah, we’re gonna cut some more trees, and use some more electricity and water, and gas so that the truck will deliver it to the nearest store for you. It’s easy to type away about the global warming, somewhere in the middle of New York City or Sweden, when there’s no shortage of toilet paper, no need for plastic gloves and a highly contagious virus marching the streets, right? Eco warriors, eh?
  • While there are many completely natural things that can and do boost our immune system, the hard core medicine, fighting such things as this virus will have to come from a lab.
  • Borders and boundaries exist due to narcissists who think they can cross any border and any boundary; and what type of people scold you and threaten you with all sorts of “anti-this” and “anti-that” if and when you want to exercise your human right, your God-given right to defend your border, your boundary, is also clear. While the police, doctors, nurses etc are risking their all and giving it all for us, the European borders are suppose to be opened for non-Europeans and all their diseases? The European economy is and will suffer, and yet we’re suppose to feed non-Europeans who forcefully cross our borders and have no respect for anything or anyone European? I don’t know what will be born out of this crisis, but I do know one thing: if there’s no strong, independent Europe and her borders, protecting Europeans, then there’s no more Europe. Everything that’s anti-European, is being exposed now.
  • I feel gratitude to everyone working tirelessly for us – doctors, nurses, truck drivers, those working in stores, farmers producing food, those searching for a cure. Basically, no Instagram influencers, selling you the idea you need the latest purse and eye shadow palette. And none of those who have PhD in sociology, political science, etc.
  • I feel for elderly, especially the golden generation (85+), who are alone, in their apartments, in homes; some, who do not understand what is going on and why they’re not allowed to have any physical contact… May God comfort them!
  • It’s not that I don’t know, that I’m not aware and thankful – every single moment – but I am so grateful for having my beloved country house and so much land out in the country, surrounded by forest! Just a thought of being stuck somewhere in a big city in an apartment building… makes my skin crawl!
  • There may have been some anxiety, stress and fear over this virus, but as always, I turn to God. I do miss going to church, but there’s no shortage of prayer and connection to God in my life.

Bible verse of the month

  • “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.” Isaiah 41:10

Musical inspiration of the month

This month on the blog

Random Thoughts #8

  • Love Lula Beauty Box March 2020: My First Impressions. 4 full sized products and one travel-sized one and I like pretty much all of them. The lovely smelling rose body oil is a special treat and the shampoo and conditioner bars intriguing, making me wanna try more such bars in the future.

What I’ve been testing lately

Random Thoughts #8

  • Alteya Organics Rose & Mullein Collection. As you know, I’m a big fan of Alteya Organics, starting with but far from limited to – their hydrolates. The Rose & Mullein collection looked good to me, so I slowly started adding new products from this collection, starting with Gentle Brightening Cleanser I’ve been using for quite some time now – either as a morning cleanser or for a double cleansing in the evening. Thin creamy cleaner, lovely scent. Then I got the Hydrating Flower Toner, which is like a thin watery milk toner – almost like a serum to be used before applying other face products. And then there’s the Iridescent Light Serum, another thin milky texture here, a bit sticky and great as a primer as well. Will post a full and detailed reviews of these Alteya organics goodies soon.

My wishlist

Random Thoughts #8

  • The newly launched Hurraw! Aura Balms look beautiful and delicious. I am a bit taken aback with the cost, but I do wish to try a few of these beauties, don’t you?

Readers Questions

  • Coffee or tea? Heh. Both, in fact. And there doesn’t have to be either/or. I drink at least 6 cups of tea every day, various teas (along with at least 1 liter of lemonade a day and that’s only during non-Summer days – in Summer, I drink even more + water). And coffee (cappuccino, latte) two times a day, sometimes 3 times. So yeah, I drink a lot. I, however, do not drink alcohol – at all.

Rant of the Month

  • I think there’s a few of rants at the beginning of the post…

Tip of the month

  • What to use if you currently don’t have a toner/hydrolate. Gotta admit, being without a hydrolate – that’s a tough one. I’d suggest: tea. Any herbal tea would do, but I’d suggest chamomile tea. Make it more concentrated than usually, put it in a fridge and then use it instead of a toner/hydrolate.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world

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