Dec 202019

Random Thoughts #5


What I’ve been up to?

  • Boy, have these past weeks been hectic; I’ve tried and managed to check all the “to do” plans for the first half of this month, all the work related tasks, preparation for the Holidays, so I can now finally just kick back and take a much needed break. Baking, listening to classical music, reading, paining, writing, long walks in my beloved forest.
  • It is a magical time of the year. And joyful. Hopeful. And it’s a time when I miss her even more. The memories of us baking together. As much as it is painful, I, as always, every moment of my life, know God will fill me with joy, comfort and peace.
  • As every year around this time, I bid my readers adieu till January, when I’ll return with more posts. But for now, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May you be blessed, warm and may you be filled with hope and love.

Bible verse of the month

  • “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Musical inspiration of the month

This month on the blog

This Month On The Blog

  • My Makeup Routine. It’s getting colder and colder and my skin’s been yearning for oilier, heavier textures. As I layer quite a few richer textures before applying a foundation, I’ve been opting for a foundation that’s also thicker in texture but also offers more coverage with a minimal amount of a product used. The colors are a mixture of berry and golden ones.
  • Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Body Oil Review. Esse Light Body Moisturiser and Body Oil, with their unique textures, are decadent and luxurious treats for the ultimate nourishing body care.
  • Love Lula Beauty Box December 2019. The theme is Wintery in its rich nourishing goodies, along with newly launched incredibly smelling perfume oil: there’s a rich deep cleansing balm, rich body butter, chocolate face mask, and a perfume oil of an incredible scent.
  • Best of Green Beauty 2019. I’ve reviewed 30 products (not counting my first impressions from my Love Lula Beauty Boxes) this year. There have been quite a lot of posts of my routines (morning, evening and makeup), the discounts posts, guides… In short, I’ve posted 59 posts this year, making 2019 a very productive year. See which products made my list.

What I’ve been testing lately


  • Kathleen Natural Cleansing Lotion. I’ve been testing this excellent cleanser for a while now and it has been featured in my many morning and evening routines: a gentle on the skin, yet strong when it comes to an actual act of cleansing. Makes the skin so clean and so soft, with no tight feeling. Non-irritating, to the point I gave it a try as an eye makeup remover, which works perfectly as. I’ve been running really low on my first bottle, so when I got a chance to get another one from Love Lula, I jumped on it – I don’t like to hoard products and most of the times, I prefer to try another product from of the same category – but I just had to get another one. I will post a full review of this great cleanser soon, most probably in January.
  • Dr Hauschka Favorites Gift Set. I adore such small travel/gift sets with many various smaller products inside. They serve several purposes: they are great travel companions, they are great to carry around in your purse (especially tiny hand creams; I wish more brands had offered such small tubes of hand creams), they are great as testers to try the products, adequately, before buying a full size and they are great if full sized products are too expensive and you want to use several of them, but you can’t afford full sized ones all at ones. Just an all around positive aspects. This Dr Hauschka Favorites Set contains 5 mini products: Cleansing Cream (10ml), Quince Day Cream (5ml), Facial Toner (10ml), Hydrating Hand Cream (10ml) and a Lip Balm (4,9g). Unfortunately, as of right now (as with many gift sets) this one is sold out, so I linked the full sized products for you to check out.

My wishlist

My Wishlist

  • Oils of Heaven Raspberry Oil. The Raspberry oil has been one of my favorite oils for about 13 or so years, not only because (similarly to Hemp oil) is great for a reactive skin that’s easily irritated and inflamed, but also because I like the gentle scent of it. Love Lula (Oils of Heaven is their own house brand) has just launched it, so I need to try it; I’ve been a fan of their oils since they started their brand; I especially adore their mini bottles.
  • Inika Living Color Eyeshadow Quad in Blossom. I am debating whether I should or not, because I am pretty covered with beautiful eye shadows, but the colors in this palette are so beautiful and so… currently unavailable. Sigh.

Readers Questions

  • You keep sending me your questions – thank you! There’s a lot of them, and I do what I can. For today, I’ll only answer a few, regarding my makeup routine: how long does it take for me to apply my makeup and which part of the makeup process takes the most of my time. 10 minutes is how much time I spend applying my makeup, and that includes a makeup routine where I apply foundation, eye shadow and mascara – all minimal, of course. When I opt for a quick makeup routine, without mascara, eye shadow and sometimes even without foundation (just either a concealer, or a foundation here and there), then it takes me 3 minutes. The most time I spend on my eyebrows – they make or break the final and overall look, so I do give the most attention to my eyebrows; sometimes, I get great results quickly, and sometimes, there are just days when it seems the eyebrows have a mid of their own – either they look completely unrelated or like twins instead of cousins.

Tip of the month

  • Sometimes, it just so happens that there’s still a bit of a face oil or face cream left, and you know you won’t be able to finish it before it’s “use before” date; maybe you’ve purchased another face oil or cream and the older ones are just sitting on your cosmetic shelf. But you don’t want to throw it out. I’d suggest you use the face oil as a cuticle oil or a hair oil or body oil. Similar, I suggest using a face cream as a body lotion or a foot cream. I would, in most cases, advise against using body products as on your skin; some body care products have a higher concentration of essential oils in them, making them inaapopriate to be used on a face and some body care products may have too high of a concentration of various butters, including, but not only, coconut oil/butter, which can be comedogenic.

Rant of the month

  • It doesn’t matter how much work you put into your article, how much knowledge there is, how much you like a product – if you don’t have the appropriate number of followers on Instagram, then some brands won’t deem it worthy of liking your article, much less comment; it’s very telling just what kind of brands these are and sometimes I regret liking their products, testing them and putting so much work into, what essentially is, a promotion of their products. If another account steals your work and has many (bought) followers, these same brands will fawn over “their” posts, which are, essentially, your stolen posts. How twisted is this? And yes, these same brands will like and comment, even share, posts from those, who have many followers.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world

→  Love Lula has:

– FREE October Beauty Box (worth £59) when you spend £50 (code: OCTBOX). Read my first impressions.
– newly launched Esse Probiotic Skincare Hyaluronic Serum
– newly launched limited edition Inika makeup and makeup gift sets 
– newly launched RMS Beauty Hiden Desire Palette and RMS Beauty Foundation
– newly launched Madara Makeup
– more free gifts with purchase
– Christmas gift sets

→  Alyaka has:

– 20% off when you spend £450 (code: 20OFF450)
– Christmas Shop now open
– Advent Calendar – limited and exclusive – only €145 (worth over €300!)
– big discounts in their sale section

→  Content Beauty has:

20% off on Gift Sets and Stocking Fillers when you spend £50
– Christmas Shop now open
–  free gifts with purchase
– great savings in their sale section

→  Pharmaca has:

– 20% off your order (code: WELLNESS20)

→  Onlynaturals has:

– 10% off your order (code: XMAS)
– big discounts in their SALE section
– FREE gifts with purchase

→  FeelUnique has:

–  Christmas Shop now open
– up to 30% off on Gift Sets
– FeelUnique 12 Day Beauty Advent Calendar (worth £120!) for only £45 £31,50
– Clean Beauty Box for only €46,80 €27,30 (worth €124,92)
– up to 60% off in their Outlet section
– FREE gifts with purchase

→  The Detox Market has:
Detox Market Best Of Green beauty

– Best of Green Beauty Beauty Box (worth $249!) for $159

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