Nov 012019

Random Thoughts #4

What I’ve been up to?

  • Enjoying the beautiful, sunny and very warm October – I can’t recall the last time October has been so beautiful, so enchanting! Being in short sleeves and walking barefoot on grass, in October? Yeah.
  • So there have been many many walks in my beloved forest – the colors so beautiful, it made my heart sing and my soul clap.
  • With the leaves falling off, I’ve had quite a lot of work around my country house, including cutting of the bushes, and there’s a lot more left – I am sure this rainy and gloomy weather will pass, eventually, so I can get back to work. There’s something so peaceful and tranquil working on your own property, taking care of it, working in nature… There’s a major project on my to-do list scheduled for next year; it’s been there, on my to-do list for years now, might very well have been my whole life, but things had happened, heart was broken (and still is, but with God’s mercy, I am licking my wounds), life put on hold, but I’ve been preparing, planning, and God willing, next Spring, the wheels will start rolling on this grand plan on mine. God willing!
  • While I try to live in the moment, well, one day at the time, especially when it comes to the matters of heart and soul and their nurturing, I do like to plan ahead, and my planner is full till the end of year. Sometimes, it feels a bit overwhelming, but I do leave enough room for changes.
  • With days getting shorter, I’m finding myself in bed sooner than usually. Yeah, the days are packed, and by the time it’s 9:30, 10 PM at the latest, I am sound asleep till morning. As it’s been so warm so far, I was sleeping with the window open, and the freshness of Autumn, especially towards the mornings, was enjoyable – all to the point when I woke up, rested and refreshed. A day cannot end properly, nor a day can start properly without reading Bible. And in between – prayers.

Bible verse of the month

  • “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Musical inspiration of the month

This month on the blog

Random Thoughts #4

  • My Morning Skincare Routine. A bit more creamy and richer textures, a bit of a layering here and there – one lighter and one creamier product – along with uplifting and refreshing hydrolates – as always – this is how I’ve been gradually switching my morning skincare routines accordingly to colder mornings.
  • My Evening Skincare Routine. My skin has been craving more creamy, oily and balmy textures.
  • My Makeup Routine. I’ve been using several different textures of makeup, specifically foundations, switching between creamy, water-based and finally – a BB cream foundation. The colors have been (and will have continue) rotating around earth brown and berry ones
  • RMS Beauty Signature Set – Mod Collection Review. Like its twin RMS Beauty Signature Set – Pop Collection, a collection of best selling RMS Beauty pots, with each of the pans containing high quality, luxurious, multi-tasking and versatile colors – all of this with a minimal amount of all natural ingredients
  • Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum Review. One of the best not only face serums, but green beauty products I’ve ever tried.
  • Love Lula Beauty Box October 2019. Oily and thick creamy textures are a theme of this month’s Love Lula Beauty box, containing a face oil, a face mask, a thick eye cream and a refreshing body lotion, along with a sample of a face serum.
  • Weekly Discounts and FREE Organic Beauty Gifts: a mega post on tons of free gifts and big Autumn sales from around the green beauty world.

What I’ve been testing lately

Random Thoughts #4

  • Esse Light Body Moisturiser. This is, and there’s no other way to put it, a luxurious product – both in texture and price. The texture is that of a light and fast absorbing body lotion, and even with a tiny bit of an oily residue upon application, it sinks into the skin, leaving it so very soft, smooth and even visibly nourished. I’ve been enjoying this luxurious treatment during hot Summer days in the morning. The scent, quite a signature Esse one, is sweet and almost salivating-worthy. Delicious! The price? Yeah, that one is spicy.
  • Alteya Organics Rose Otto Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve put this pair on my wishlist immediately upon launching on Love Lula. I’ve tried so many products from Alteya Organics now and have enjoyed them so much, especially the products which contain my favorite ingredient – Rosa Damascena Oil – and Alteya Organics truly formulate their products with a high quality Rose Oil. Both the shampoo and conditioner have the signature Alteya Organics rose scent – just beautiful and so after my heart. The texture of both the shampoo and even more so the conditioner are almost like a cream, and while a nourishing treat for the hair, neither the shampoo nor the conditioner may be suitable for thin hair, at least not for regular use, as both the products may be a bit too heavy. That doesn’t mean an occasional treatment should not be had, especially during the colder, windier and harsher days with the upcoming Winter. Having said that, I’ve been enjoying both the shampoo and the conditioner, and will post a full review soon.

My wishlist

Random Thoughts #4

  • RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Cream Foundation. It was just a matter of time before RMS Beauty launched their own cream foundations under the Un Cover Up umbrella, which already features a concealer and loose mineral powder foundation – and I like both of them. I am very curious about this foundation; the problem I am already facing is the usual one when it comes to foundations – which color to pick? Given this foundation is anything but affordable, I truly hope that RMS Beauty will offer samples.
  • RMS Beauty Hidden Desire Palette. RMS Beauty has been launching many new products lately; I’ve already gotten the beautiful RMS Beauty Sensual Skin Trio (more on it soon!) and I am really and already smitten by this one.
  • Madara Makeup. Yes, Madara, a brand whose many products I own and enjoy, has finally launched a makeup line and there are quite a few products which have caught my eye, namely Vinyl Hood Lipgloss and Magnetic Nude Lipgloss, Eye & Cheek Multi Shadow in Seduction, and of course their Skin Equal Foundation – just that with this foundation, I am even more lost as to which color I should pick, as I am lost somewhere between three shades. To name just a few on my wishlist… Sigh, I’ll just see myself out now.

Readers Questions

  • Now that’s a strange question, I thought. And over time, I received a few more on this subject: what’s my favorite alcohol beverage. None. I do not drink alcohol at all. I find every alcohol drink smelling and tasting terrible, and the damage alcohol does is incredible. No one is my family drinks alcohol, but I’ve seen too many people having alcohol problems, some even dying from it before the age of 40. I find it quite pathetic, how people, who cannot deal with themselves, their problems, hug a bottle, escaping and creating even more problems and damage – to themselves and people around them. And seeing those, especially women, who think no one notices they are drinking and becoming more and more visible drunks is especially unbecoming. The next question I’ve received, especially when I was talking about hemp oil and the many skin-beneficial properties it has, was what I think about marijuana. The same as I do about alcohol – in fact, my stance on any drugs is the same – a hard and firm no from me. I’ve never even tried pot (or any other drug) and I never will. Again, seeing way too many people in my life, being high nearly all the time, looking like zombies, out in space, not present, and their constant need to score more pot… All of the people I know who have used/use pot have pretty much the same things in common: weak character, weak sense of identity, low self-esteem, little to now control of themselves and their lives, the need to escape – mostly from themselves, constant feelings of anxiety, quite neurotic, lazy, full of excuses, some even bipolar and /or borderline… just an all around mess. Yet, they are the first to wax grandiosely, how in control they are, how pot is a cure for everything (and here I am making a distinction with hemp oil), how they are not addicted, how they are something special. Just pathetic, but too high and too weak to be honest with themselves. Luckily, I have a choice to avoid such people. Now, I, on the other hand, might fight you for chocolate and I never turn down a good latte – several times a day.
  • The next question has been popping up regularly over the years: what do I think of beauty awards. No much, to be honest. For many reasons. Over the years, I’ve seen various beauty awards and people who are judge beauty products for these awards. There are some, particularly a few bloggers, who have a proven track record. The issue is that there are – and lately this has been a trend – too many bloggers, who obviously do no know what they are talking about, but either have followers on social media (some even bought followers and likes) or praise every single product – mostly products they’ve been gifted or paid to review. So, such beauty awards are looking for bloggers, who will praise the brands the people behind beauty awards work with and are paid for. Second, now we have bloggers, who are judges on this beauty awards panels, who have recently jumped on a green beauty wagon, who clearly severely lack the experience and knowledge about green beauty products, and must resort to stealing basically everything from other bloggers (reviews, verbiage, expressions, post formation, informative articles – you name it, they’ve stolen it all). For example, when you have a blogger, whose first post on her blog was an article on toxic ingredients, which she nearly word for word stole from me (makes you wonder – has she ever wondered whether what she was copying from me is actually true?), it’s clear this person has no knowledge nor experience of her own, much less morality or integrity – is such a person appropriate choice to be a judge on a beauty awards panel? When you see these judges, who must test many products for these beauty awards, in order to give an adequate review on these products, also posting, day in and day out many different other products they claim are also testing and reviewing (because – they are unable to say no to any free product) – just what exactly does a green beauty consumer get from these judges? And lastly, all of this speaks volumes about the people behind these beauty awards who pick such bloggers to be the judges on these panels: equally, like the bloggers, they are clueless, but they do know how to sell themselves to the brands they work with. And yes, one could even argue a point about the brands who participate in this charade, but then we come back full circle – it’s all about green – the money.

Tip of the month

  • Another tip of the month regarding hair conditioner: it can be used as a shaving cream as well. In fact, a hair conditioner is what I use as a shaving cream: it softens the hair and makes for a smooth canvas in order for a razor to glide smoothly and with minimal damage to the skin.

Rant of the month

  • Aside from above mentioned rant on beauty awards… again, and continually so – getting emails from brands, how they want to work with me, have their products reviewed by me etc. only to not reply back once they see I don’t work for free, or as they (still, in 2019) call it – exposure. I know, I know, you’re used to some bloggers grabbing every single thing for free, heck – even a sample size for free, so you think everyone is the same. Maybe a short course on business etiquette wouldn’t hurt: if you contact someone, wanting to promote your business, do not expect to be promoted for free – after all, you’re not selling your products for exposure but for money, right, so why would you expect others to promote your business, make you profit, while you don’t pay? And second, a business class etiquette for how to conduct yourself in business setting, such as email contact with potential promoters: if you send someone an email and they take the time to reply to you, at least have an ounce of decency to reply back! What I’ve been doing all these years when it comes to such brands is that whenever a reader asks me about such a brand, whether I’ve tried any of the brand’s products, I tell them I haven’t and I won’t and I explain why. The same when stores, selling beauty products (and I work with many stores), ask me about my opinion on a certain brand, I tell them that brand has no manners – they won’t even reply and expect everything for free, so no, I would not recommend you carry this brand in your store. As simple as that. Incredible, that in this day and age, such brands still think their reputation will no take a hit after such low business practices – the word travels fast over internet.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world


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