Sep 272019

Random Thoughts #3

What I’ve been up to?

  • Despite a lot of happenings in August, there was no Random Thoughts – as fleeting as Summer is, I had to take advantage of its every moment, and prioritize.
  • There’s a time and place for everything, and every season has its charms – but it’s just something about Summer, sunshine, long days that makes me long for it every time I think of how quickly it will pass. Yes, Autumn (too) is beautiful, and chasing sunshine makes for a realization to not take anything for granted.
  • As I look around my vast land around my country house and see all the work that needs to be done in these cooler Autumn months – I can’t help but think how blessed I am.
  • I am scared and excited by all the grand plans I’ve made, all the grand projects awaiting. The method for a balanced approach is to take it one day at the time, one step at the time and soak in a moment of a great feeling every time something is accomplished. From time to time, it’s those pesky plans that take longer, which make us feel we haven’t accomplished enough.

Bible verse of the month

  • “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Musical inspiration of the month

This month on the blog

Random Thoughts #3

  • My Morning Skincare Routine. With the gradual change of the seasons, weather being a bit more chilly, I’ve been gradually switching my morning routine from a light, minimal Summer one to a more creamy Autumn one.
  • My Evening Skincare Routine. Same goes for products used in the evening – more creamy, richer in texture, with masking more often, but still enjoying light hydrating and water-based serums.
  • My Makeup Routine. The biggest change that happens when I switch from Summer makeup products to Autumn ones is foundation- from a loose mineral to a more creamy one, along with a bit of an added colors, mostly in a form of eye shadows.
  • FOM London Hydra Plump Serum Review. Ever since I got a travel sized serum, and subsequently ordering a full size, my skin has been drinking up this light, very hydrating water-based serum.
  • Love Lula Beauty Box September 2019. Autumnal contents of this month’s Beauty Box, containing luxurious, creamy and lovely scented shower gel/bubble bath, soft and hydrating body cream, season-appropriate oil face cleanser and mascara.

What I’ve been testing lately

Random Thoughts #3

  •  NATorigin Lengthening Mascara. It covers many demands for a light-wearing and feeling, very natural look for daytime. The mascara offers a bit of a color – it’s not a rich deep and glossy finish, but almost like an ashy black. There’s little volume and somewhat of a lengthening of the lashes. What it does really great is separating the lashes in a very natural way and it does not glue the lashes together, again, making for a very subtle and natural look.Will post a full review soon.
  • Nature’s Kitchen Rescue Cream (from my August Love Lula Beauty Box). A thick and rich cream, making it a great choice as an over-night neck mask. During Winter, I will use it as a night cream as well – just a thin layer, as it’s really rich.
  • Madara Eye Contour Cream. It’s gentle, hydrating and absorbs quickly – making it a great choice to apply under a liquid foundation or BB cream coming colder days

My wishlist

Random Thoughts #3

  • Esse Foundation. Of all the products I’ve tried from this brand, and with many on my wishlist, I’ve liked all of them. Immediately upon launching on Love Lula, I’ve put these foundations on my wishlist. The problem is I am unsure which color to pick, as I am going back and forth between at least three, if not four of them – and probably would have to mix together two – I’m just not sure which ones. And since the price is quite steep – actually, very steep, I really hope Esse would offer samples for their foundations. I’ve had quite a few situations, where I bought one color of foundation, only to need to buy another, and with a steep price of €62, finding myself with the wrong color would not be a happy occasion.
  • Zuii Organic Corrective Primer. I’ve had a pleasure to try quite a few of the products from this brand, liking them all and was really glad to see that Love Lula is now offering many of the great Zuii Organic products. And with a colder weather, I am looking to get a more creamy (as opposed to just water-based serums) primer under BB creams and creamy/liquid foundations.
  • Ere Perez Blue Cypress Face Nectar. I can’t seem to get enough of Ere Perez products. You’d think that a brand which concentrated on offering high quality makeup products would not be as successful with their face care products, but with Ere Perez proved this not to be the case. As I’ve been enjoying their high quality face care products (mainly their Booster Serum and All-Beauty Creme – reviews coming soon), it’s now obvious that Ere Perez has become one of my favorite brands – both in the makeup and face care department. And while this Face Nectar is a water-based product, I know I’d use it even during colder days.

Readers Questions

  • Over time, I’ve received questions on the subject how I usually spend my days, whether I am a morning person etc. I place an utmost importance on sleep – and a good night sleep at that, meaning I pretty much turn off by 10 – 10:30 PM at the latest. At least an hour, but usually more, before sleep, I wind down with a relaxing shower/bath, listening to classical music, reading (Bible reading is a must), prayer, some introspection writing. During Summer, when the day wakes up earlier, so do I – preferably somewhere from 5:30 – 6:30. If I take the time to wind down before sleep, I do so, too in the morning – to wind up, by taking it slow: latte, breakfast, going through my journal too see what’s on for the day, invigorating shower… Sure, there are days, when the sleep is hard to come by, and there are mornings which are more hectic, but I do make sure such occasions are far in between. However you have your biological clock set up, make sure it’s working for your benefit.
  • Another question, which has popped up over the years is whether I take naps. No, in general, I do not take naps. When I get up in the morning, that’s it for the day until sleep time. Naps, on one hand, make me feel foggy, and on the other hand, they throw off my rhythm and schedule. Are there days, afternoons, when tiredness sets in and some invisible force drags me to bed? Sure. But I avoid naps as much as possible. They just don’t work for me.

Tip of the month

  • If you can’t find the right smelling shampoo and/conditioner, I suggest getting an unscented ones and mixing it with a drop or two of essential oils of your scent-choice. Pour your normal amount of shampoo/conditioner into you hand and drop a few drops of your preferred essential oil; or you can mix in advance your favorite mixture of various essential oils. Tea tree is refreshing and great to fight oils scalp and dandruff. Lavender is calming, lemongrass is uplifting and has great cleansing properties, geranium has a pleasant flowery scent… The options and combinations are endless. The same goes for a shower gel – buy an unscented one and mix a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oils.

Rant of the month

  • Those emails, from green beauty businesses, praising my blog, its content, saying how they wish to work with me, and then starting with how they are a new, small business (as opposed to mine, which is a huge conglomerate) and… then it all boils down to – working for free, basically. I get it – some bloggers are so desperate and greedy for any free product or clout being associated with any brand/business, they accept any type of deals, thus lowering the standards for others and green beauty business in general, so it’s no wonder such brands expect everyone else to fall for this. And then there are those sterile “how many views/visitors” emails, not knowing just how cheap this makes them look, and – how stupid. Not knowing that bloggers are buying followers, likes and – views/clicks on their blogs as well. Just as there are bots (paid followers/views/likes) on social media, so are there bots, which drive the traffic on sites – from visitors to views numbers and clicks. Another part, which such brands expose themselves with is the fact that, as much as they’re selling themselves as ethical and moral, that, too is fake – and all they’re after is numbers in a form of $. I think I should start directing these businesses to fake bloggers, who have bought numbers and who steal content – what better way than for such fake businesses to lose money on fake bloggers. Over the years, I’ve seen many such businesses going either out of business of being on the brink of it – they were never in it for the right reasons, there was never any knowledge or experience of green beauty – just a desire to join in and make money.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world

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