Aug 012020

Random Thoughts #10

What I’ve been up to?

  •  In a way, on the surface, it may seem alright, like nothing had changed. But there’s this nagging part, and when grabbing a mask when going to the store and seeing other people wearing masks… that things are different, that something had changed. Luckily, at least to a certain degree, we live a pretty normal life here and there’s no lockdown, no movement restriction, but still.
  • It’s not just this virus, but certain things that started happening along with it… I’m in this “situation” that somehow just isn’t getting better, and it effects every aspect of my life, and I am, most of the time, unsure how to approach it, deal with it. With so many things happening at the same time, I’ve been unable to do all the things that need to be done, and that feeling, of being behind on the schedule, doesn’t help either. I don’t think the situation we’re in globally has made certain people more patient – sometimes, it’s hard to explain to them – yes, I see you, I hear you, but you’re not the only one and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  • I’m having a hard time comprehending many things this year. Including how much of this year has already passed.
  • How blessed I am by God for being able to go to my country house any time I want, wander around the deep forest…
  • In the past, I couldn’t imagine living in some place like NYC – visit, yes, but living? But now, when I think of the people living in places like NYC, during this pandemic and lockdowns and what not…
  • Hope and faith. And love. Staying faithful and hopeful is what helps. Reading God’s word, immersing myself into God’s word… It will be alright, things will get better, I will do what needs to be done  – with God’s help.

Bible verse of the month

  • “But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.” Psalm 39:7

Musical inspiration of the month

This month on the blog

Madara Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF30 Review


What I’ve been testing lately

Random Thoughts #10

  • Natura Siberica hair care products – shampoos and conditioners. Some natural shampoos and conditioners are priced unreasonably high – and especially for the products, which are used as often and as much as hair shampoos and conditioners are, this can present quite a huge expense. I’ve received many questions about affordable hair care products, some precisely about Natura Siberica hair care products and since I’ve received a few Natura Siberica products in my Love Lula Beauty Boxes, I embarked on a mission to try as many of the Natura Siberica hair care products as possible: a generous amount for affordable prices, all of them smelling lovely (even if the source of the scent is not natural). There’s a lot of variants and scents to choose from – I’ve tested most of them and will share my detailed review on these goodies soon. And, since Love Lula has many more shampoos and conditioners available, I’ll gather a few more hair care products from various other brands and present my testing soon.

My wishlist

My Wishlist

Rant of the Month

  • The crazy and the scary narc witches are not letting up their thievery. After reading my tip of the month (you can use a lipstick as a blush), one promptly stole it. The other one could not control herself and had to steal my discounts post – she’s now offering that, too, you see. Aside from featuring links to the same book store I have, same affiliate links of the same stores as I do placed at the same spot, you name it. Seeing their early “reviews”, it’s obvious neither had any meaningful much less long term experience and knowledge about green beauty products (though, they must lie about it in order to appear credible); their writing in general is also of such a low quality, you wonder what type of people would actually work with them. If you take, for example, the formation of their posts, it’s a copy of mine, especially Love Lula Beauty Box posts. They stole the whole formation of my posts, including and down to ending the posts (and Instagram posts) with “let me know!”. We’re talking about two narc broads, stealing in a broad daylight, because they think by appearing and proclaiming themselves oh so kind and emphatic to other green beauty bloggers (yep, they go around, crying, with no tears, to other green beauty bloggers what a victim they are – it doesn’t get more narcissistic than this). Those who believe them (flying monkeys) are not a victim – you need to have something in you, something narcissistic to begin with, to believe a narcissist over the one a narcissist is lying about.
  • A Dunning-Kruger effect, aside from the lack of empathy (due to lacking the very human essence – soul) is one of the prime traits of narcissists. Example: a narc, who has stolen the work of others and sells it as her own, for which she gets paid and gets other opportunities, will start to believe she is actually competent, thus: enter starting her own Youtube channel. Low ability people do not posses the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence. It makes you wonder, though, about the actual competence of the people who work with her, right?
  • Last Autumn, I was exchanging emails with bloggers (not from the green beauty), who had their work stolen from as well. Several quite big bloggers, who had their work stolen and we talked about law suits – more and more bloggers will start suing not only companies, but also other bloggers, who steal – and I say it’s about darn time! I have saved all the pertinent info – visible with a naked eye to anyone – all the stolen stuff these two narc broads have stolen from me. Once the ball starts rolling with the law suits and once these thieves will be hit monetary (and we’re not talking 100€ here and there!), made to apologize as publicly as they’ve stolen publicly… The brands, stores etc will have to explain themselves and their business ethics working with these thieving bloggers. As well as thieves’ workplaces – some even teach, if you can imagine this! But yeah, things are about to start changing, this no-consequences land these thieves have been living in is about to be invaded.
  • I’ve already done this several times – when I get approached by green beauty business/brands whether I’d want to work with them and I tell them in no uncertain terms that I do not work with businesses who work with bloggers, who steal from other and pretend to be something they are not – if you, as a green beauty business owner do no see this (or see but have no issue with it) then… This needs to start happening out in the open as well – exposing the brands who work with these lying, pretentious thieves.
  • Again, the opposite of a narcissist is not an empath, but a normal, emotionally, psychologically stable person with a soul. Just normal, not an empath. Being a normal being, emotionally stable, means empathy is a part of you already. So why do narcs go, all of the sudden, around, proclaiming themselves to be empaths? Because they are trying to out-race any suspicion you might have about them. Because they are trying to portray themselves the exact opposite of who they are and what they do. Because they will hit you and then cry they are the ones being hit. So much info about narcs is becoming available, that narcs have no option no but to proclaim themselves the exact opposite by way of pulling wool, again, over people’s eyes.
  • You can clearly see the above case happening in a certain political spheres right now. You have sociopath narcissists promoting a fellow sociopath narcissist as an empath – and they place a great emphasis on him being an empath.
  • Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths – the liars – they all cry without tears or have to really work themselves up to muster a tear. Again, what comes naturally to a normal person, is anything but to satan’s minions. So don’t be surprised when satan’s minions cry in order for you to see it and for them to proclaim they are sensitive, gentle, carrying. Just another lie.

Tip of the month

  • Finding a price of a bronzer too steep? Don’t want to spend money on a bronzer, rationing you won’t use much of it anyway, but still want to look bronzed up? Use an eyeshadow of any brown earth color. If you wish for a more sparkling bronzer, either use a sparkling brown eyeshadow or mix a gold eyeshadow with a brown one. Just remember – have a very light hand using bronzer and a very patient hand in order to blend the bronzer thoroughly. On a flip side – you can use a bronzer as an eyeshadow.

Readers Qustions

  • I’ve gotten a few emails asking me whether I use red lipsticks and which I’d recommend – a guide to red lipsticks, in short. In fact, I’ve been planning on doing exactly that – collect some of the red lipsticks available on Love Lula and create a guide – preferably around Christmas time this year.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world

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