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For a while now, I’ve been contemplating about creating a new series of posts, where I could gather all the thoughts, rants, ponderings, as well as touch upon the various news from green beauty world, wishlists. Given how long it’s been since I’ve posted readers questions and given how many you’ve sent my way, I thought I’d include those as well. Just a general idea of where I’m planning on going with this new series, which will be posted once a month, at the end of the month, to compile what’s been happening during the month.

Dreaming of Sunshine

What I’ve been up to?

  • May is the hardest month for me; it has been for the past 3 years. Every now and again it seems my mind has accepted the fate, the situation, but my heart hasn’t; I don’t think my heart ever will. But then there are moments, when I catch myself, my mind, running away from acceptance. Denial? Not sure. As my heart wants to immerse into memories, the vision, my mind quickly pulls the curtains, so I don’t see it, as it would be too painful. And because of that, I sometimes feel like the clearer visions are slipping away. The voice is still clear, though. That gentle, carrying, kind voice, and that cute giggle. And her eyes. Warm and kind, and above all – loving. Sometimes, it hurts like hell, other times it just – hurts. I, equally, carry the pain and the love with me, at all times, and they are – equal: the realization, the acceptance that the pain you feel when someone passes away is equal to the love you felt for them. And what a blessing this is! I’ve been blessed, beyond comprehension, with two such souls in my life; the abundance of love not many are blessed and graced with, so this pain is something I gladly accept. Not many are blessed with this. Some, due to not loving themselves and therefore not knowing how, not being able to love anyone else, will never experience, eventually, such pain. And subsequently, do not understand those, who do, and some even make fun of us or even don’t believe us. What a sad. meaningless existence. When all is said and done, what matters is what’s in your heart, and what matters is that God knows your heart. I wouldn’t be here (anymore) had it not been for God’s love, grace and mercy; the grief might have swallowed me whole. To be so blessed, what a humbling life! I am grateful and thankful, every moment of my life. I miss her, every moment of my life. But! – By the grace of God, go I!
  • It seems we’ve been tricked: Winter was mild, then, as Spring started approaching, it was warm and sunny. What happened, dude?! The weather’s been pissy (‘scuse ma French), all grey, cold and rainy. I’ve been standing in front of my closets, wondering whether I should switch the Winter clothes for the Summer ones, and one look outside – nah, I’ll keep my coats here for the time being. What do you know! Just as I’m writing my “may I speak to the manager” lines, it started raining, again! I know it’s rather unproductive to be whining about the weather, but…
  • The rain and cold don’t stop me (heh, nothing does!) from exploring, hours on end, my beloved forest, even though I know every cm of it (and there’s 10s and 10s of km of it!), but here’s the thing, dear rain: I like to sit under the trees, writing, reading as well. So…
  • I am blessed.

Bible verse of the month

  • “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4).

Musical inspiration of the month

  • Sarah McLachlan – In the arms of an angel

This month on the blog

This month on the blog

  • Review: Bloomtown Soothing Mask and Clearing Mask and Tinted Lip Balm. The only cheap thing about these goodies is their price; going against the grain in the green beauty world, Bloomtown delivers quality products at very low prices. The soothing mask is delicious; it smells incredibly nice, and delivers nourishment, hydration to the skin. The clearing mask works on clogged pores and detoxifies the skin. The berry scented lip balm gives subtle color to the lips. Great products and I can’t wait to try more from this brand.
  • Review: Ere Perez Mascara & Eye Pencils. The mascara separates the lashes and gives them a nice color and a volume, but does not lengthen nor gives that oomph! finish look. The eye pencils are soft and works as a creamy eye shadow. The colors are beautiful and easily mixable as well, and won’t give you that cheap look (read: wearing tons of eye shadows)
  • Review: L’Odaïtès Replenishing Serum and Gentle Exfoliator. Had their exfoliator for quite some time now; the exfoliators are gentle, there’s not much tugging and pulling needed. The serum is, even if containing prickly pear seed oil, a bit too expensive. I’ve been using it as a night treatment, but mostly, to mix it with liquid foundations and BB creams, as, despite being oily, it spreads nicely on the skin and with appropriate amount of it, does not take too long to absorb.
  • My first impressions on the Love Lula Beauty Box for May 2019: 4 full sized products, 2 for face care and 2 for body care. I’ve had the Madara Re-Gene mask on my wish list for a while now, so I’m glad it was included in this month’s Beauty Box. Also, the pretty Joik pastel lip balm also gets a thumb up from me. There’s also a Seascape Island Apothecary hand lotion, and since there’s 300ml of it, it will be used as a body lotion as well; it’s light enough and absorbs fast enough to be used whenever a warmer weather decides to grace us. Also, in this month’s Beauty Box, there’s Ayumi body scrub; affordable, gentle as far as exfoliants go, but contains too many foaming agents for my taste.

What I’ve been testing lately

Ive been testing lately

  • Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Creme. Dreamy texture indeed! My skin is really enjoying this cream; I use it, mostly, alone as a night cream, as it makes my face so hydrated and nourished, but above all, I use it as a liquid foundation/BB cream primer, as it makes the makeup just glide on and stay on the whole day. That natural, healthy but subtle glow it gives my skin in just one of the many added bonuses of this cream.
  • Jane Scrivner Intense De-Stress Face Masque. Smooth thick cream-like mask, I’ve been using it for a few months now, approximately twice a week, sometimes in evening and sometimes in the morning: in the evening, for nourishment, in the morning for relaxed and even looking skin. The kaolin makes the texture of this mask a bit heavy, so it’s important to wash it off under ten minutes and not apply a very thick layer, otherwise, as did I, you might experience a clogged pore here and there.
  • Madara Deep Moisture Fluid. Been testing this one since I got it in my March Love Lula Beauty Box. Refreshing, cooling. Works nicely over a face serum for a night treatment. As a primer, so far, it seems it works better if I use more liquid foundation, which I am not a fan off, but a few tries I’ve given this gel as a primer under the mineral foundation, it gave good results. More testing to be done for a full review, as always.
  • Dr Hauschka Illuminating Fluid. Quite thick texture, best if applied with fingers in tapping motion, and over a liquid foundation or BB cream. Also works nicely when going for a very natural look, with a minimal product on face: a serum, a bit of an face oil, a bit of a cream blush and this Illuminating Fluid.

My wishlist

My Wishlist

  • RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder. Oh, I am tempted, especially after having a lil’ chat with this cutie. I am eyeing the Grande Dame, of course. Creamy highlighters feel a bit heavy during hot Summer days, and I prefer to layer products from the same category texture-wise: powder brush/highlighter over mineral powder foundation, for example. The price of this Luminizing Powder falls somewhere in between for me, but the one I am side-eyeing as far as the high price goes is the brush. Undecided on the brush, obviously.
  • Alteya Organics Facial Cleanser & Wash. Can’t get enough of Alteya Organics. Just as I got their Gentle Cleanser, they launched these cleansers! Here’s what I’m thinking: if it’s a wash, then there has to be a foaming agent. It’s not listed on their ingredients list, only Coconut oil, which may be an euphemism for a Coconut Oil derived foaming agent. Need to do more investigating. I am certain, though, that it smells nice.
  • Madara Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream. Can’t get enough of Madara goodies, it seems. Even though I mostly use mineral foundation during Summer, and even though I’ve had this CC Cream on my wishlist since last year, I still haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll snatch one before (if ever, sheesh!) the Summer starts. For a bit of a color, to even out the skin tone, something that does not, in any shape or form, look cakey, and maybe even feels light on the skin, along with having an SPF15, which would work nicely with my Madara Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF30 (review soon to follow)? Yep. I just hope the light/beige will be light enough for me.
  • Nature’s Kitchen Vitaminc C Gel Serum. Just recently launched on Love Lula. Quite a few good ingredients, the gel texture would probably work as a primer for mineral makeup and for layering with a face oil for a night treatment. But there’s one ingredient which neither I nor my skin can stand: honeysuckle extract. I am curious about their Butter Clay Melting Milk Balm as well.
  • Dr Hauschka Compact Powder. A good medium coverage compact powder is what I’d like to have in my cosmetic bag for the Summer. Even though this one contains talc, my biggest issue has been going back and forth over the colors Macadamia and Chestnut. I really don’t wanna miss the correct color (again), and end up with both, though, more often than not, I manage to mix the color that’s too light with the color that’s too dark. Hmmm…

Readers Questions

  • It’s been ages since I’ve done the last installment of the “Readers questions”. I’ve been receiving so many, and I’ve tried my best to answer to them over e-emails, but to actually gather them in a new post made it look a bit daunting, given how many there are and how little time I’ve been having. But with this new series, I hope I’ll be able to monthly include some of your questions, especially since certain questions and certain issues come up often or overlap. However, as you may have known by now, I do not answer questions I deem personal.
  • A few questions were from the same category, asking me which is more important to me: makeup or hair; if I had only 10 minutes to get ready, which would I choose: hair or makeup. Hair is my answer. I am a strong proponent of being put together, at all times. What do I mean by that? Make sure your hair is washed, make absolutely sure you’re showered and smell nice (not overpowering! – that falls under yuck and cheap category immediately), brushed teeth I am not gonna even mention as that must and does go without saying, make sure your nails are proper – even if you don’t have the time to wear nail polish, make sure they are short and clean. A face has to be washed, and spraying a hydrolate and applying a good moisturiser does not take much time. No makeup is fine, but eyebrows have to be in order. Now, as far as hair goes. When your hair is washed and clean and you have a nice hair style, that makes for at least 70% of the look, in my opinion. So I always make sure that I have a my hair in order, as then everything else looks much better – as an added bonus, including makeup and clothes. Once the hair is done, you will notice you’ll go with even less of makeup products. Also, make sure you get your hair trimmed often (I trim my hair every month, not just the bangs) – split ends make your hair and the overlook look unkept and make your hair growth stall. I get it, sometimes, the time sneaks up on us, and we don’t have the time to wash and/or style the hair, and we quickly put hair in a bun or cover it with hats. I get it. But don’t let that become your habit. Be presentable, be classy, elegant and feminine.
  • Another one about hair – which I don’t mind, as having healthy and styled hair is very much important for me. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my hair: color, style, length etc. Here it is. My hair color is natural black and I’ve had nothing but black color ALL my life. I am a firm believer that God and Mother Nature gave me the best hair color to suit my face, eyes, to suit me, in fact, so I will never EVER go with any other hair color. If I am blessed by God to grow old, I will still rock my natural hair color – even if it’s from the bottle, I will, by golly, rock it! As far as hair cut/hair style goes. One thing is constant – bangs. Like those proper bangs (not just a few strands here and there), straight line. Think Betty Page, but just a bit lower. I alternate between a bob down to my neck and a bit longer, down to upper part of my back; basically, very long hair is not for me. Ponytails and and elegant donut bun are also one of the hair styles I wear.
  • And the third one about hair, lol. Quite a few have asked me what I think about this trend of coloring one’s hair in grey hair color or going grey and whether I’d ever. First of all, I would and I will never. LOL. Nope. Yes, old ladies (think 80 year old plus) look cute and adorable with grey hair – they look adorable either way. But for someone, to be 30, 35, 40 and to leave the grey hair just… going and to eventually become all grey? No. Just no. It’s not just that grey hair makes you look not just much older than you are on its own, nothing actually helps making you look more youthful and glowy. Not even makeup. In fact, having grey alone does not make you look old, but wearing makeup along with it makes for an unsightly look. Precisely how a 65 year old woman with heavy makeup looks. And we all know how that is, right? Funnily enough, I do like grey color when it comes to clothes and purses, just not all grey, of course. And lastly – trends are not for me. I have my own personal style, and do not care about trends or I avoid them.
  • Ever since I’ve mentioned a word “narcissist” the e-mails on this topic started pouring in. I understand. It’s a pandemic out there and we all have many stories to tell. On a good note, people are researching, learning, sharing their experiences, and these demons are getting exposed left and right, and people can now pick up on the clues, drawn from personal experience and learned knowledge from others. And these demons are scared. So scared, they will even proclaim themselves as being an empath. I hear you all who have written me about this and I will dedicate space in my Random Thoughts (and maybe have threads on Twitter) about the many aspects on how these soulless creatures operate. Just keep in mind: be grateful you’re not one of them, regardless of the damage they’ve done to you – you are not one of them. And it gets better. Believe me.
  • In my next installment of Random Thoughts, I’ll answer more of your questions regarding my personal style, clothing, a few green beauty questions, and who knows what else!

Tip of the month

  • There’s an unwritten rule (or is it written?) that you should throw away your mascara after being opened for 3 months. Well, I can’t quite say I’ve been following this rule, though, by no means, do I keep mascaras for way over that date. But, if in the meantime your mascara gets a bit dry and lacks that bloop! sound we all like when we first open a mascara, drop a drop of carrier oil into the mascara tube and mix the contents with the mascara wand. Warming the mascara as well will be even better. Which carrier oils you might ask? Olive oil and avocado oil are good choices.

Rant of the month

  • Bought likes. Saw him post on Instagram. About 35 likes. Two and a half hours later, about 1100 likes at the same time. The number of likes had stayed the same ever since. LOL. Going through his followers, nothing but paid bots and fake bought profiles. About 6000 of them. Stolen background pictures, stretched unproportionately with a stock photo of a product slapped on it. A review constitutes of copy-paste description of a product from a store. But the grifter is doin’ it big, since he has so many “followers”. This is how they do it, this is how they make it.
  • Oh, have you heard that Instagram might start hiding likes? How will grifters, con-artists, scammers, thieves sell themselves to businesses who are only interested in numbers? Next stop – stripping bought followers. Next step? Businesses suing these scammers.

A few good deals from around the green beauty world

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