Feb 262018

My Love Lula Beauty Box arrived a bit late this month, but nonetheless – it’s here and 3 out of 4 products in this month’s Beauty Box are quite awesome; 3 products are full-sized and a total worth of February’s Beauty Box is £65! Given how much I’ve been enjoying the Madara masks (review soon!), I’ve had their milk scrub on my wish list for quite some time now and – what do you know – it came as a surprise in my Love Lula Beauty Box (just kidding about the surprise part – I sneak around to see if the Love Lula Beauty Box is already out and what’s in it before I receive it, tee hee). Unfortunately, there’s […]

Love Lula Beauty Box February 2018
Feb 162018

Hello greenies! I’ve been battling a cold for the past two weeks, and just when I thought the thing might take a hike, it came back with a vengeance! I know I should have probably stayed in instead of hiking in the snow, but alas, I could not have stayed away given it was sunny and beautiful. Despite it all, I was quite a busy bee this week – in case you’ve missed, there’s a 2018 edition of Rose Oil available, I reviewed Alteya Organics rose water and lip balm, and there’s currently a giveaway going on – if you want to win La Mav concealer! Below are this week’s sales, discounts and free organic beauty gifts waiting for you! […]

Weekly Discounts and Free Organic Beauty Gifts #106
Feb 142018

  As you know, I’m a big fan of La Mav products – not too long ago, I reviewed their, what is, in my opinion, the best natural BB cream. A few days ago, I reviewed another great La Mav product, one of their Nectars. So Vivian from Boundless Organic and I decided to give 3 (yes, three!) of my readers a Valentine’s gift: a La Mav Concealer! You can choose from two colors of this La Mav Concealer: – La Mav Light Concealer – La Mav Medium Concealer * * * What you have to do in order to participate in this giveaway: – follow Boundless Organic on Instagram – follow Nature of Europe on Instragram – like  this […]

Valentine's Giveaway: La Mav Concealer
Feb 132018

Alteya Organics rose water and rose lip balm are a treat for anyone, who appreciates high quality rose products.   This review is a collection of my favorite and most used skincare products – hydrolates and lip balm – all based on and around my favorite cosmetic ingredient – rose oil. I’ve been using hydrolates for nearly 20 years – and my most used hydrolate has always been the rose hydrolate. I’ve been saying for ages now – you can never go wrong with a high quality hydrolate and it’s one of the best skincare products – for any and all skin types. Alteya Organics is a organic certified brand, offering a complete skincare collection, based on their high quality […]

Alteya Organics Rose Water Spray and Rose Lip Balm Review
Feb 122018

Roses. Love, beauty, happiness, romance, femininity, sensuality, poetry. Perfume.   The most famous of them all, rose is the queen of the flowers. And if rose is the queen among the flowers, then Rose oil is, without a doubt, the queen (king?) among essential oils and cosmetic ingredients in general. The cost of Rosa damascena essential oil corresponds with its royal place it has among cosmetic ingredients – being one of the most expensive ones there are. Readers of Nature of Europe might have noticed my professed love for Rose oil as a cosmetic ingredient. I purposely search for natural organic beauty products containing Rose oil – due to its excellent skin-beneficial properties as well as due to love of […]

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Rose Oil: The Beauty of Roses and Roses in Beauty 2018 Edition