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While we’re still enjoying the last hot days of summer, Autumn is slowly knocking on our doors. September is the first Autumn guest, and brings along, now already traditional, campaign – Organic September, courtesy of Soil Association.

Organic September

Organic September is just a reminder of how to try, to our best abilities, to live, as much as possible, in harmony with nature. How we go about our daily lives. And yes – small changes can really make a big difference – when it comes to food, clothes, transportation, and – beauty, of course. Soil Association listed a few of the small changes you can make to organic your September and incorporate all this throughout the year:

    • Switch to organic milk Organic milk is naturally different – no system of farming has milk with higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids or higher standards of animal welfare.
    • Eat less, but better, organic meat Organic animals enjoy the very highest welfare standards of any farmed animals. They are fed a GM free diet and graze on organic pasture where pesticides are severely restricted.
    • Switch to organic beauty There are currently no legal standards for organic beauty so some products may be labelled ‘organic’ even if it doesn’t always stand true. Look for the Soil Association symbol to make sure that what you put on your body is as important as what goes in it.
    • Sign up for an organic veg box Organic farms support 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms, so you’re not just treating yourself to the best of British produce, you’re also helping to protect bees, birds and butterflies.
    • Brew an organic tea or coffee Organic tea and coffee is grown without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers. This not only reduces the farmers’ exposure, it also means healthier soils and more habitats for birds and wildlife.


Organic Coffee

Swanson coffee  |  Audubon coffee  |  Biona coffee  |  Barley Cup coffee  |  Mount Hagen coffee  |  Breakfast Blend coffee  |  Clipper coffee  |  Orzo coffee  |  Whole Earth coffee  |  Marley coffee  |  Cafe Altura coffee  |  Madre Labs coffee

If possible, buy from your local organic farmer – whether it’s meet, milk, vegetables, fruit. Not only you get healthy food, you also support the farmers to continue practicing organic farming.

If you can, grown your own organic garden – every little thing helps. Gardening truly is great for the soul – tending to your veggies, seeing them grow and finally, having your own healthy veggies on your table – what’s not to like. Also, you cut the impact on the environment, since these veggies don’t have to travel long roads to get to your table.

Take your time to enjoy in food. With our fast and stressful lives, we tend to forget about the art of eating. Be mindful about the food. When possible, take your time to prepare your own meal from organic ingredients. Eat smaller quantities more often through the day, but place the value on quality of the food.

                Balance, moderation, mindfulness.

When it comes to meat, this can be a heated issue. I, myself, am not a vegetarian. I’ve heard many arguments for vegetarianism, and was one for a short period of time way before it became trendy; I tried it and saw it’s really not healthy. Sure, some may truly live what they preach, but at the same time, I firmly believe it has more to do with a trend. As a human being, I am an omnivore (and so is my cat, who, aside from meat, likes to eat grass and certain veggies… and fruits, hehe). There’s too many arguments against vegetarianism for humans from the health point of view. Balance, moderation and mindfulness is what I believe is the key to life, including what and how we eat.

But there’s no doubt I am a fierce and passionate proponent of a humane treatment of animals. The problem with today’s way of life is that we want everything, right away, as much as possible and for as little money as possible, and that includes our food as well. Thus – food industry. And this is where the biggest problem lies – it became an industry. When there’s no moderation, balance and mindfulness when it comes to food, the industry will answer with our demands – it will produce, quickly, vast amounts of food, with no regards to the environment, animal welfare nor our health – the only things that matter are fast profit on the industry’s side and full refrigerators of cheap food on our side. Whether we like to admit it or not – we work in horrible synergy with food industry. We vote with our money. We can’t demand from food industry to change, or vanish all together, if we, ourselves, are not willing to make the change. My issue with vegetarians is their, most often times, dishonest, imbalanced blackmail (which, in most cases, results, as it is always the case with blackmail, especially emotional one, in people either ignoring them all together or worse – deliberately doing the opposite of what vegetarians forcefully blackmail us with) , lacking arguments and ignoring facts, when they would have made bigger strides had they focused on tangible issues rooted in reality, such as above mentioned treatment of animals in food industry as opposed to people not eating meat altogether.

In nature, there are the laws or nature, and they are not always cute and nice. A lion won’t become vegetarian, but he also won’t breed 100 zebras in a small space, transport them on the other side of Africa and massacre them in the most terrible way possible before eating them. This is what I’m trying to say.

On a lighter note – just as everything else, tea and coffee industry is also big. Coffee industry can also be unkind to the environment and people working in this industry. Luckily today, you can get organic coffee, which is mindful to the environment, people working in this industry, as well as your health.

Organic Tea

Swanson Turmeric tea  |  Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder  |  Swanson white tea  |  Just a Leaft green tea  |  Dr Stuart’s valerian tea  |  Teapigs chamomile tea  |  Higher Living fruit tea  |  Heath & Heather chamomile tea  |  The Tao of Tea matcha green tea  |  Port Trading rooibos tea  |  Clipper detox tea  |  Tazo black tea  |  Alvita milk thistle tea  |  St Dalfour earl gray tea  |  Clipper raspberry leaf tea

Same with tea. You can also make your own tea by, instead of going to fitness, go take a walk to the nearest meadow or forest, and pick herbs, dry them and make your own herbal infusions. If you’re new to making your own herbal infusions, I can recommend two books from a renowned herbalist Tiffany PsichopaidasThe Art of Herbalism and The Craft of Herbalism.

And last but not least – how to organic your September – switching to green beauty. My blog is dedicated to green beauty – from one of a kind, detailed green beauty directory (stores and brands directory), to detailed information on good and toxic ingredients, as well as highly informative and very popular articles from the Intro Guide – switching to green beauty has never been easier:

Nature of Europe Intro Guide
– all the reasons why you should use green beauty products
how to go about greening up your beauty routine once you’ve decided to make that switch
– what is the difference between natural, organic, eco etc when it comes to beauty products
– knowing about organic certificates, so you can make an easier decision when buying green beauty products
– which toxic ingredients should you avoid in your beauty products
– short descriptions of various cosmetic ingredients, so it’s easier for you to decide which products would suit your skin

* * *

This Organic September will be busy on Nature of Europe! I have a lot in store for you; there’s especially this one article on a subject that’s been coming up in your emails a lot, and has been in my plans to write about it for a long time now – so what better time to expound on it then during Organic September, right?

Tell me about your journey to live a more organic life! What are you doing, not just during Organic September, to make your life more organic? Which issues are closest to your heart? Where do you see most problems with switching to organic life-style? Let me know in the comments bellow, I’m curious to hear!

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