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Orange What is Orange Essential Oil?

Orange Essential Oil is cold-press extracted from the peel of an orange fruit Citrus sinensis, a native plant of China. It also grows in warm Mediterranean climates, such as France, Italy, Spain, California, Florida and Brazil.

Orange Essential Oil is of a thin, almost watery consistency, has yellow and orange color, and a bit of a greenish one as well. The scent is that of a citrus, fruity, sweet, uplifting and fresh. Its shelf life is approximately 6 months.

Compounds in Orange Essential Oil are Alpha Pinene, Citronellal, Geranial, Sabinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool and Neral. The main compound is a terpene called Limonene (around 90%).  Limonene gives the orange fruit its recognizable orange citrus scent. Limonene can be a mild skin irritant. Orange Essential Oil can have a phototoxic effect.

Orange Essential Oil

Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Oil  //  Nature’s Answer Orange Oil  // Now Solutions Orange Oil  // Nature’s Alchemy Orange Oil

Two most widely Orange Essential Oils are Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Bitter Orange Essential Oil. Essential oil produced from blooming flowers of an orange tree is Neroli Essential Oil.

Why use Orange Essential Oil?

Orange Essential Oil is quite an inexpensive and widely use oil in culinary (baking, chocolate, confectionery, beverages, desserts), cleaning products as well as in numerous cosmetic products. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin and potent anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.  Widely used in aromatherapy for its calming and warm effects. It helps with fighting cold and it stimulates he lymphatic system. Due to its high content of Limonene, it’s widely used in household cleaning products as a safe and natural alternative to toxic cleaners. It is also very effective as a natural insect repellent.

Orange Oil in Beauty Products

1. Acure firming serum 2. Green People hydrating mist 3. La Mav foaming cleanser 4. L’uvalla orange toner 5. MyChelle serum 6. AnneMarie Borling facial energizer 7. Akamuti orange cleansing cream 8. Hurraw! lip balm 9. Savannah lip balm 10. EOS orange lip balm 11. Mill Creak lip balm 12. EcoLips lip balm 13. Antipodes facial exfoliator 14. Therapi orange toner 15. Out of Africa lip balm 16. Ladybug Jane lip balm 17. Antipodes kiwi seed eye cream 18. Hugo Naturals lip balm 19. Akamuti orange facial scrub 20. Badger Balm seabuckthorn face oil 21. Therapi orange cleanser 22. Pai Skincare toner 23. Therapi orange moisturizer 24. Avalon Organics Vitamin C moisturizer

Orange Essential Oil stimulates circulation and supports production of collagen. It rejuvenates the skin and cleans the skin of toxins. It is also used with other citrus essential oils in exfoliators and cleansers due to its natural exfoliating properties.

Orange Essential Oil can be mixed with carrier oils, butters and other essential oils such as : Cinnamon, Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood.

Orange Oil in Beauty Products

1. Andalou Naturals shampoo 2. Aura Cacia massage body cream 3. Dr Bronner’s body lotion 4. Lavera body lotion 5. Antipodes hand cream 6. Aura Cacia body oil 7. Lavera hand cream 8. Dr Bronner’s body balm 9. Rossi hand&body lotion 10. Figs&Rouge hand cream 11. Aura Cacia body polish 12. Dr Mercola body butter 13. Botanicals body balm 14. John Masters Organics body milk 15. Badger Balm body oil 16. John Masters Organics hair styling gel 17. Lavera shampoo 18. Mel Millis body oil 19. Skin Blossom body lotion 20. Willow body oil 21. Lavera body oil 22. Aura Cacia  body mist 23. Andalou Naturals conditioner

Uses of Orange Essential Oil:

  • soaps, body washes
  • shampoos, conditioners
  • exfoliators, cleansers
  • toners
  • facial fluids and creams
  • body lotions and body massage oils (especially anti-cellulite ones), body scrubs
  • deodorants and perfume
  • household cleansers
  • insect repellents

Orange Oil in Beauty Products

1. Acorelle parfum 2. Lavera deodorant 3. Pacifica body wash 4. John Masters Organics exfoliating body bar 5. A’Kin body wash 6. Pacifica roll-on parfum 7. Jason toothpaste 8. Skin Blossom body wash 9. John Masters Organics body wash 10. Russell Organics body wash 11. John Masters Organics body scrub 12. Nature’s Gate deodorant 13. Pacifica solid perfume 14. Pacifica soap bar

Orange Essential Oil is recommended for:

  • dull skin
  • mature skin and anti-wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • congested skin
  • abrasions, fungal infections, wound disinfection, preventing tetanus infection
  • as insect repellent
  • household cleaning

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Do you use Orange Essential Oil? Which are you favorite beauty products containing Orange Essential Oil?

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