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Oils of Heaven Cacay oil is the new addition to the world of luxurious facial oils, loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E and anti-aging Vitamin A.















Every now and again a new, even luxurious facial oil graces the natural beauty market. In the past few years, we had immortale oil, followed by prickly pear seed oil.

Today, I’ll present you a new luxurious facial oil – Cacay oil.

The Cacay oil was introduced to European market by Oils of Heaven – a new brand under the Love Lula’s umbrella. I’ve received Oils of Heaven Cacay oil back in May; it took me a while to post this review due to personal reasons – but at the same time – this has given me enough time to thoroughly test the Cacay oil and actually monitor and see the actual results on my skin.

If my skin were able to talk, it would have said – and the results are splendid!

* * *

As this year has been incredibly difficult for me, with a lot of stress, exhaustion and little time to take care of myself, including beauty pampering, my skin had shown all the signs of my life’s burden: dull, dehydrated and in a dire need of a boost and some type of rejuvenation.

Masks and peelings were not as regular as they used to be; aside from toner and occasional moisturiser, my skin didn’t see much beauty pampering. But when I received Oils of Heaven’s Cacay oil, which contains a steep percentage of antioxidant Vitamin E and anti-aging Vitamin A, I thought I’d give it a try; after all, I’ve always been a great fan of facial oils.

My skin drank up the Cacay oil! At first, I used Oils of Heaven Cacay oil as a night treatment: after using a facial toner, I’d gently massage a drop or two of Cacay oil into my skin – and that’s all that’s needed – a drop or two, but I won’t hold it against you if you go a bit overboard with it, as your skin will really indulge in the Cacay oil as if it’s food.

* * *

oils-of-heaven-cacay-oil-reviewCacay oil is, while rich, especially in its compounds (Vitamin E and A, and Linoleic acid), a light and dry oil. Cacay oil has a quick absorption phase and does not leave a greasy feeling after applying it. That’s why, aside from my skin’s reaction, I started using it during the day as well – but less of an amount than during the night.

Already after a few days upon first applying it, I noticed a change on my skin – there was, actually, a bit of a glow peaking through, the skin felt soft to the touch. As it contains Linoleic acid, my skin felt less irritated as well, and believe me – such stress will bring out the irritation and sensitivity in your skin as well. After about a month, I noticed my skin started showing some healthy color again and even looked like it’s on its way to feel rejuvenated.

So, now it’s December, and, unfortunately, I’ve squeezed the last drops of Cacay oil – after nearly 7 months of using it daily! Yes, a little, a drop or two goes a long way, and I’ve used it on my face and neck, but I was not always modest with application – and a 30ml bottle still lasted for so long.

While the stress and an all around difficult situation are still part of my life, and it shows, on my skin as well – the Cacay oil greatly stopped and reduced the effects on my skin that such life’s tragedies bring out. It may seem I’ve taken the quickest route to adhere to some type of skin regiment by only using a toner and Cacay oil – and it’s true. However, with a facial oil so kind to one’s skin – it’s all that was needed. I have to mention this as well – Cacay oil is excellent for the delicate skin under the eyes; a tiny tiny drop before applying make up makes a difference.

So having said all that – I’d absolutely recommend this luxurious facial oil – to anyone, actually, regardless of your skin type. If you have dull, tired, dehydrated skin, in a desperate need to soften, hydrate and rejuvenate it – Oils of Heaven Cacay oil is my recommendation to you. I’ve tried many facial oils (and when I say many, I mean many!)  but this oil, after using ot for the past 7 months – is something else. And given its high percentage of antioxidant Vitamin E, Cacay oil is a stable oil, which won’t go rancid soon.

Would I buy it again? Would I now?! Cacay oil will have a permanent place on my cosmetic shelf!

* * *

The price of Oils from Heaven Cacay oil is £39 (around €45) for 30ml – very reasonable and it will last you a long time. Or you can get a travel size (15ml) for only £19,50; I’d guess this bottle would last you around 3-4 months.

However, if you feel like testing it first, you can try out these cuties ( a set of 5 mini oils, including Cacay oil) for only £12,50.

So, tell me – have you heard about this new oil? Have you had a chance to try Cacay oil for yourself? Let me know how you liked it!

For more information on Oils of Heaven, please visit their dedicated brand page.

* * *

Oils of Heaven Cacay oil has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula’s own brand Oils of Heaven for the purpose of an honest review.  Special thanks to Stephan for professional, yet lovely and friendly communication.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

The post contains affiliate links.

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And since it’s a Holiday season, and I haven’t been around much this year, and since Oils of Heaven Cacay oil is so great – I thought – the least I can do for my lovely readers is to have a giveaway and give two readers a chance to win 15ml bottle of this amazing facial oil. At first, I thought about gifting one reader with a full sized Cacay oil, but then I thought I’d rather spread the Holiday joy to two lucky winners, each receiving a 15ml Cacay oil.

As always, special thanks go to our friends at Love Lula for their generosity!

The entry for this giveaway starts on 14.12.2016 and ends on 20.12.2016. There are no geographical restrictions: the giveaway is open internationally! The winner will be randomly picked and announced in this post. If the winner does not come forward until 21.12.2016, we will randomly select another winner. If you wish to participate in Love Lula’s Holiday Giveaway, you have to do so by following the instructions:

– follow Love Lula on Twitter
– follow Love Lula on Instagram
– follow Nature of Europe on Twitter
– follow Nature of Europe on Instagram
– RT this tweet on Twitter
– repost this post on Instagram
– leave a comment: have you heard about Cacay oil yet and why would you like to win it.

By participating in this giveaway you confirm to have read the Giveaway Guideline and Rules and you agree to the terms of this giveaway.

Good luck everyone!

* * *

And we have two lucky winners!









Congratulations, Tea and Theresa! I hope you enjoy this amazing Cacay oil. Ladies, please send your info to so you can receive these goodies :)

Special thanks, again, to Love Lula and I wish you Merry Christmas and much love to you all!

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  12 Responses to “Oils of Heaven Cacay Oil Review + Giveaway”

Comments (12)
  1. Honestly, no, I never tried the Cacai oil before, but I always love testing new natural cosmetics in particular in winter when my skin needs more attention.
    Welcome back honey and thank you for this another big opportunity.

    Fb: tiana basil
    Twitter: @TizianaB23
    Ig :

    • I just enjoy introducing new brands and products to you guys :)
      The Cacay oil is great for any skin type, and yes, during winter, our skin does need special attention and pampering. Good luck! :)

  2. I truly have never tried this brand and I have never heard about Cacay oil but I am always very curious to know new natural products certified.
    I’d like to win because for me it is always a pleasure to learn about new brands designed for facial skin and body.
    twitter: @DusterRose
    Instangram: @rosedustet

    • It’s a relatively new brand, and I’m glad I could introduce it; I am certain even more great products will come from the Oils of Heaven brand.
      Good luck :)
      PS: Read the giveaway guide re: comments being published.

  3. Hi there! Haven’t tried this brand of oil but I am a big oil fan thanks to this blog! My skin gets better every day (if I stick to my routine)
    I may try the little mini set you mentioned, sounds lovely!

    Theresa xxx

    • Hi darling! :)
      Oh, I’m glad I converted to you to the awesome world of facial oils – once you start using them, and see the results on your skin, you just never go back. I agree – sticking to the routine plays a major part, but we all know with hectic lives how difficult this can be. Yes, the mini set is super cute, super affordable and will give you a chance to test many of the Oils of Heaven oils :)
      Btw, I am currently testing the Moringa oil – different from Cacay oil, but also soooo nice to my skin :)
      Good luck! :)

    • Congrats, Theresa! You’ve won the Oils of Heaven Cacay oil! Let me know how you like it – I’m eager to hear! <3

  4. Hi! :) I have heard about Cacay oil but I have never tried it and I’d love to because I’m a big fan of facial oils, especially at this time of year when my skin is very dehydrated.
    I’m very happy to see you back!

    FB: Tea Bandić
    TW: @TeaSainovic
    IG: @tea1983

  5. I haven’t tried the Ooh! Oils of Heaven Cacay Oil yet, but after receiving a bottle of their Argan Oil in my first LoveLula beauty box last month, I would love to try more of their products. The Argan Oil has done wonders for my skin this winter!

    Laura x

    • Hi Laura!
      Oh yes, Argan oil is an amazing skin oil – for face and body – and is especially great during harsher weather. Love Lula’s Beauty box is awesome, isn’t it :)
      Good luck! :)

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