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Autumn went by too fast, so I’m sharing my (early) Winter green beauty makeup routine. The colors have changed a bit – a bit more berry colors, and so did the foundation: while I still use a lighter, water-based one, I compliment it with either mixing a richer cream or a tiny drop of carrier oil. With an even colder days, I will switch to using (mostly) oil based BB creams and foundations; I’ll do an update on my makeup routine soon.

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

Regardless of the season, misting my face with a rose hydrolate (Alteya Rose Hydrolate is an excellent choice) is the first step, sometimes followed by Andalou Naturals Rose Toner (full review here). After the mist is absorbed, I proceed with a richer cream, such as Madara Fine Line Minimising Cream; additionally, I apply a tiny drop of Oils of Heaven Hemp Oil on parts of the skin, which need an extra nourishment and hydration. Before applying a foundation, it’s necessary for the priming products to soak into the skin completely, so that a foundation does not get dragged around and so that it blends seemingly. Alternatively, the colder it gets, I prefer to actually mix a drop of Hemp oil with foundation: on the back on my hand I mix Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation (full review here) and Hemp oil with Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush.

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

The Ere Perez water based foundation is very light, great for evening out the skin tone, yet still letting the skin be seen; just a natural looking finish. While mixing this foundation with a carrier oil gives that healthy looking dewy finish, it may be a bit too shiny under the eyes, so I apply a very minimal amount of  Ere Perez Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder; first by using the powder puff to gently dab a bit of translucent powder under the eyes and on the eyelids and then the Real Techniques Mini Multitask Brush to swipe away the excess of powder.

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

While I use eye shadows mostly during warmer days, for colder, I like a more creamy, oily eye shadows – or in this case, creamy eye liners from Ere Perez (currently with a 20% off discount!). I’ve got two – one in color Gold and one in color Copper. These eyeliners are creamy, but not very oily (thus a great choice for those, who have oily eyelids) and by smearing them, you get a more matte effect. If I use more pinkish blush and lipstick, I use the Ere Perez Copper Eyeliner, and when I use berry color on my cheeks and lips, I use the Ere Perez Gold Eyeliner. I do this to avoid the matchy-matchy effect and to avoid the all too dark or all too light color combination. These eyeliners are applied very quickly; for a more richer look, just leave the eyeliner as applied, for a more subtle and matte look, I smudge them using my fingers.

Recently, I’ve been using the Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara; before applying it, I use Ere Perez Spectacular Eyelash Curler. The mascara easily applies, rarely smudges, but does not have that oomph! factor, as it mainly just colors the eyelashes, but does so in a very natural, separating the lashes, way. I’ll review this mascara soon!

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

Depending on the color I used on my eyes, I pick the colors for cheeks. With a darker, copper look on my eyes, I pick the Alverde cream blush in light gentle pretty pink or RMS Beauty Lip2cheek in Demure from RMS Beauty Signature Set – Pop Collection (full review here); I apply it with my fingers first and then blends it with Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush. I add a tiny bit of  Inika Cream Illuminisor (full review here) over the blush and a bit on my cheek bones – just so it gives that natural looking illuminated look. If I use the Ere Perez Gold Eyeliner, which really opens up the eyes, I pick a bit darker hues for my cheeks: I use Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot in Holy (full review here). It’s a classical bordo-ish color; a mixture of darkish mauve, with a violet where blue’s % is higher than that of red. As it is very rich and pigmented, I first warm it between my fingers and then gently apply it on my cheeks and blend it with Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush. With a bit darker blush, I counter the look with much lighter and brighter RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer from RMS Beauty Signature Set – Pop Collection and blend it out with Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush.

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

With berry hues on my cheeks, I pick the beautiful, soft and creamy Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick in High Tea: slightly peachy, slightly smoky classical nude pink (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or Ere Perez Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot in Harmony (full review here). I have three lipstick beauties from Ere Perez and will review them all soon. With brighter, more pinkish colors on my cheeks, I pick a bit darker colors for my lips: either the before mentioned Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot in Holy or Alverde Tinted Lip Balm in Raspberry; sometimes I mix the two.

At the end, I spray Alverde Rose Water, as it nicely sets the foundation and blush.

My Winter Green Beauty Makeup Routine

The amount of all these makeup products is minimal – just to even out the skin tone, give a bit color on my cheeks and lips – as natural finished look as possible. Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry or just feel like wearing an even more minimal look, I only apply foundation, tiny amount of blush but a bit more lipstick, mainly the Ere Perez Carrot Pot in Holy. At any rate, a makeup routine takes me 5 to 10 minutes and with such high quality products, the finished look is natural, fresh and proper.

With colder and harsher weather, I will switch to more oil-based and richer foundations and BB creams; I’ll do an update on my makeup routine soon. I’ll also post full reviews of many of the products mentioned in this post as well!

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How does your Winter makeup routine look like? Which colors you most often wear during Winter? Do you pick richer textures? Let me know, I’d like to hear it!

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– Ere Perez
– Oils of Heaven 

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