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A long over due and many times requested – my natural makeup routine – the Summer edition. I’ll do my best to turn this into a regular series, as well as with my skincare routine; however, it will be limited to monthly editions, as opposed to daily and mindless and useless, if you don’t mind me saying that, morning and evening routines.

During the hot Summer days, especially with heatwaves, I preferΒ  – and crave – simple and light beauty routines – whether skincare or makeup. My makeup routine is quite minimal and natural looking as it is; the first thing that changes with my Summer makeup routine is foundation – from liquid foundation and BB creams to loose mineral foundation, or no foundation at all: just a dab of concealer and some translucent powder. I’ll get into more details about my Summer makeup routine below.

My Summer Green Beauty Makeup Routine

The rose hydrolate is a must all year around, morning and evening and in between. First, I spray a generous amount of (just taken out of a fridge) Alteya rose hydrolate (full review here) and wait for the skin to drink it up (I do use other hydrolates as well as toners; Andalou Naturals Rose Toner being one of my favorites). Then I follow with a light moisturizer or – preferably, a light non-oil based serum; this Summer, I’ve been using Madara Cellular Repair Serum: it’s a light, quickly absorbable serum, which works perfectly as a primer, while also keeping the skin hydrated. From time to time, I also use a light eye cream as well, especially for the reason that loose mineral powder tend to get my skin under the eyes dry after a while. The eye creams I’ve been using this Summer is Madara Anti-Fatique Eye Rescue Cream and Madara Eye Contour Cream (full review here); though the yes contour cream is richer and less light. Both the Madara serum and eye cream will get a full review soon.

After the serum and eye cream are absorbed, I follow with concealing any redness or other imperfections. For concealing, I use two approaches. I use a dab of RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer (full review here) on parts of the skin, which need some concealing, as well as around the nose; given the RMS Beauty Concealer is creamy, I use it only when it’s not incredibly hot. When it is, I use a lighter shade of the actual loose mineral powder, applied with an eye kabuki, on the parts which need extra attention, including using a lighter shade of the loose mineral powder under the eyes.

I then follow, using a large kabuki brush, with a loose mineral powder application. This Summer, I’ve been using an excellent Inika Loose Mineral Foundation: it’s non-drying, with a natural finish look, strong and easily buildable coverage. Its staying power is also remarkable, even on the hottest and sweaty days. You can read my full review of Inika Loose Mineral Foundation here.

My Summer Green Beauty Makeup Routine

After mineral loose foundation, I sometimes apply eye shadow. As I’ve been going for that fresh and bright look this Summer (think gold & bright pink or peachy pink), I apply PHB Ethical Beauty eye shadow (read my first impressions of this eye shadow here) in a bright and shinny gold color – either all over the lid, or just in the corner of the eyes. I then follow with Inika Gold Oyster eye shadow duo: I either blend out the lighter one and use the darker one as an eyeliner (as close to eyelashes as possible), then blend out all of them again, or just use the darker one as an eyeliner (full review of the Inika Eyeshadow Duo here). From time to time, I also apply one coat of Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara (full review here), which, despite being waterproof, sometimes feels too heavy in hot weather.

With loose mineral powder, I prefer using mineral or pressed blushes, though I’ve been using the Inika Cream Illuminisor (full review here) as blush and highlighter all-in-one to apply it on the apples of my cheeks as well as on the cheek bone; it gives a subtle yet sophisticated dewy look with a pretty natural pink blushing finish. Alternatively or combined with Inika highlighter, I use Alverde cream blush in a pretty pink.

My Summer Green Beauty Makeup Routine

The final touch for my Summer makeup routine – lipstick. Not too long ago, Ere Perez has launched their olive oil lipsticks, and as much as I don’t want to hoard tons of lipsticks, their colors had me a bit, quite a lot, mesmerized, and I gave in and got three (I’m trying my best to contain myself from getting a few other colors as well; though it’s hard given the beautiful colors and great formulation); one of the colors I got is for all seasons, while the other two – I immediately saw them as the perfect Summer shades – pink, lively, happy: the Ere Perez in Picnic – a gentle, yet bright peachy color and the Ere Perez in Surprise – bright pink with a violet undertones, perfect for a minimal Summer look, with a bright white dress and a popping bright lipstick at the center of attention. But since I still prefer a bit more subtle look, and given these lipsticks are very pigmented and rich in color, I use a lipbalm under the lipstick. I’ll review these Ere Perez lipstick beauties soon, so make sure you check back!

My Summer Green Beauty Makeup Routine

As for the quicker Summer makeup routine, when I’m feeling even less products on my skin as above, I use only a few makeup products. A tad, a dab here and there of RMS Beauty Concealer, followed by Ere Perez Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder (review soon!), which I apply with the Real Techniques Mini Multitask Brush, followed by a dab of Inika highlighter and Ere Perez lipstick – either Surprise or Picnic – depending on the mood.

Of course, needless to say, having eye brows nicely put together, is a must. That goes without a saying, does it?

So my Summer makeup routine is all about being light and bright: only a few products in order to achieve a natural bright Summer look; color combination is about bright gold and bright pink – peachy or richer bright pink – this color combination makes for a light and contrasted look with light Summer clothing, especially white colored clothing.

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How does your Summer makeup routine look like? Which colors you most often wear during Summer? Any special makeup products? Let me know, I’d like to hear it!

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