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These past months have surely been strange; so many things that used to be a part of some continuous schedule have, by some weird reasons, fallen aside… including reporting on my current skincare routines. I thought it’s time to slowly get back on track with all the things which are, one way or the other, important to me.

My current morning skincare routine is somewhere in between seasons, with a Summer season becoming more and more overpowering: hydrolates are, of course, still present, the mask are quick pick me ups, serums are more on a creamy-side based, at least one face oil is a must, in this edition of my morning skincare routine it’s the lovely raspberry oil…

The links for all the products are the end of this post.

My Morning Skincare Routine #6

My Morning Skincare Routine: Cleansing

My Morning Skincare Routine #6

Alteya Organics Cleanser, a gentle cream cleanser, is my go-to cleanser in the morning, when I need a quick, gentle cleanser, as I didn’t layer too many products the previous night. After I received Nature’s Kitchen Berry Beautiful Skin Polish in one of my Love Lula Beauty Boxes, I’ve been using it as a quick morning cleanser which is also a gentle mechanical and chemical peel all in one. Alternatively, I’ve been using another goodie from Love Lula Beauty Box, and that is Ayumi Turmeric Face Scrub – gentle face peeling, great for being a part of a morning skincare routine, as it doesn’t leave any redness but prepares the skin for other products to be absorbed better.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Masking

My Morning Skincare Routine #6

There have been two face masks that I’ve been using most often in the morning – the Madara Re-Gene Lifting Mask and Kathleen Natural Bright Mask /from my January Love Lula Beauty Box) – even though it’s taken me quite a while to get fluent in the usage of this mask, as it dries and clumps up in the jar, making it nearly impossible to spread, so now I make sure I spray my face with a hydrolate before and while applying this mask. Will post a review of the two of the Kathleen Natural Masks I’ve been using soon.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Toning

Two of the Alteya Organics products have found themselves in this category for the current morning skincare routine: their recently launched Centifolia Rose Water and a very interesting formulation of a facial toner – the Hydrating Flower Toner, which acts almost as a very light and runny serum as well.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Moisturizing 

My Morning Skincare Routine #6

My current sources of nourishment and hydration are two creamy serums, two light fast absorbing creams and one carrier oil – mostly for mixing with a foundation. I am switching between Alteya Organics Iridescent Light Serum – a quickly absorbing serum over which a foundation just glides on. The other serum I’ve been using is the affordable Mossa Vlift Youth Power Booster, which is an even lighter serum, perfect as a primer and with a great skin-beneficial ingredients formulation. The two creams I’ve been using for a while now are the basically perfect primer in a form of Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Creme and the one I am running out of and will receive a full review soon – the matte, light and very hydrating Jane Scrivner OO Cream. On its own, a bit here or there or mixed with a foundation – the Oils of Heaven Raspberry Oil (got it in my February Love Lula Beauty Box) is an appropriate choice regardless. For my eye area, my go to cream is still the light Madara Deep Moisture Eye Contour Cream (full review here).

My Morning Skincare Routine In Short:

My Morning Skincare Routine #6

As always, keep in mind that I do not use all these products at once or every day – it’s about a various combinations of the products mentioned. Depending on my previous evening skincare routine, I adjust my morning skincare accordingly: when I use richer and oilier textures, along with masks, and layered, I opt for a lighter morning skincare routine.

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For some of the products I’ve already posted a full review and some will be reviewed soon, so make sure you check back.

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How does your morning skincare routine look like this month? Let me know!

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