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The weather is still beautiful – sunny and hot, and accordingly, my morning skincare routine is minimal and based on as much hydration as possible, mostly in a form of water-based serums. And liters of hydrolates, of course.

My Morning Skincare Routine #2

My Morning Skincare Routine: Cleansing

My Morning Skincare Routine #2

With very hot weather, even if my evening skincare routine consists of few and light, but above all, moisturizing products, my skin feels the need for a gentle cleanser in the morning. Too much cleansing can cause an oily skin to produce more oil by drying it up, but not cleansing in the morning during hot weather can cause breakouts – a bit of a conundrum, wouldn’t you agree? So, a gentle and light cleanser, preferably non-oily and even more so – formulated with a very mild foaming agent is thus a must. For a while now I’ve been using the  Alteya Organics Gentle Cleanser, until I received an even gentler cleanser in my July Love Lula Beauty Box – the Katheleen Natural Cleansing Lotion. This cleansing lotion is contains a mild foaming agent, making it a gentle cleansing, along with being hydrating. As it’s been the case with a few other product lately, I’m finding myself going quickly through this cleanser, even if a little goes a long way, as my skin really enjoys this cleansing lotion.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Masking

On the days I feel like going with a quick masking treatment, I pick Madara Regene Volume Rebuilding Lifting Mask – for that quick pick me up, plumper appearance.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Toning

Either way, masking or not, after cleansing I proceed with a generous amount of a hydrolate. Currently, I’ve been using the uplifting and refreshing Alteya Organics Melissa Water, as it helps balance and control oily skin during the day.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Moisturizing 

My Morning Skincare Routine #2

For the past two months, my skin has been yearning for light, hydrating water-based serums. After receiving a travel sized Fom London Anti-Pollution Hydra Plump Serum in my June Love Lula Beauty Box, and going through that bottle in a “blink with an eye and you’ll miss it” time, I had to immediately order the full size of this water-based serum. A bigger bottle didn’t make much difference, as my skin has been slurping on it on a daily basis: a light, very runny and quickly absorbing serum, just perfect for this hot Summer weather (the only issue I have with this serum is phenoxyethanol, as it causes a bit of a redness). It makes for a great base/primer to be followed by other products. Or used on its own.

Another product from a “wait, is this bottle leaking” category is another excellent water-based serum, which I’ve had on my wishlist from the moment it’s launched (but had many other products that needed to be used up first) is Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum (got it in my March Love Lula Beauty Box)After a good month of use, my skin has already slurped about half of the bottle already (though I incorporate it in my evening skincare routine as well). Hydrating and light, and a bit less watery/runny than the Fom London one, I sometimes opt for the Ere Perez Serum, sometimes I use it only under my eyes, but either way, my skin is drinking it up.

Occasionally, I use  Madara Deep Moisture Fluid on top of either serums or just under the eyes; it’s a light and refreshing gel.

My Morning Skincare Routine: Priming and SPF

My Morning Skincare Routine #2

In line with using as little products as possible, the Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25 plays a role as a primer and SPF protection (along with being a moisturizer as well); a sheer tinted sunscreen, which feels velvety and gives a beautiful dewy look, and makes for a perfect primer for the loose mineral foundation to follow, as well as for a no makeup look. You can read my full review here.

If I opt for no makeup, I then, again, generously spray some hydrolate all over my face, as a setting spray, to melt together the few products I’ve used; if I opt for a very minimal makeup… well, my makeup routine to follow soon.

My Morning Skincare Routine In Short:

  • Cleansing: Katheleen Natural Cleansing Lotion
  • Masking: Madara Regene Volume Building Lifting Mask
  • Toning: Alteya Organics Melissa Water
  • Moisturizing: Fom London Anti-Pollution Hydra Plump Serum; Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum; Madara Deep Moisture Fluid
  • Priming and SPF: Alteya Organics Rose Otto Face Sunscreen SPF25

My Morning Skincare Routine #2

I try to use as little products on my face in the morning as possible; what they all have in common is they are light, gentle and very hydrating.

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For some of the products I’ve already posted a full review and some will be reviewed soon, so make sure you check back.

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How does your morning skincare routine look like this month? Let me know!

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