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It’s been a while since I posted my current makeup routine, hasn’t it? It was all the way back in December 2019. Things have been much different back then. Normal. And while there’s still nearly a month left of Summer, the change of seasons is already in the air. This Summer hasn’t been really hot, but nonetheless, it was and still is time for Summer makeup – not just the Summer colors – bright and perky, but textures and formulations as well. Formulations have been mainly the dry ones, powdery ones. Makeup look – minimal and light.

The links for these products are listed at the end of this post.

My Makeup Routine #6

My Makeup Routine: Foundation

My Makeup Routine #6

During Summer, are usually and mostly opt for an even more minimal and light look and the formulation of foundations are mostly on the dry side: either a loose mineral powder or a compact powder. My go-to loose mineral powder has been for long time now the Inika Loose Mineral Foundation (full review here) – while a full coverage is easily achieved with this excellent mineral foundation, during the hot Summer, I usually apply only a thin layer of this foundation – one swipe. This Summer I’ve added a dry compact powder from Benecos (full review here); the coverage is quite strong and buildable. While Inika Loose Mineral Foundation and Benecos Compact Powder offer quite a strong coverage, when going for an even quicker and more minimal makeup look, I opt for either RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder (full review here) or Ere Perez Transluscent Corn Perfecting Powder.

My Makeup Routine: Eye Makeup

My Makeup Routine #6

My eye makeup has also been pretty minimal, with an emphasis on one or maybe, at most, two colors, usually one that’s golden and bright: either the golden one from the Ere Perez Eyeshadow Palette in Beautiful (full review here) or the lightest two colors from the Emani Eyeshadow Trio in Feeling Blessed. When I decide to wear a mascara, I opt for Emani Mascara, as it provides a natural look (if you’re looking for a mascara, which will give you long and thick lashes, this one is not that). The Benecos Highlighters in Golddust and Shooting Star (full review here) also come handy as a bright and shimmery eyeshadows.

My Makeup Routine: Blush & Highlighter

My Makeup Routine #6

Usually and especially with a very minimal look, I opt for the RMS Beauty Blush in Lip2Cheek in Smile from Signature Set – Mod Collection (full review here) and RMS Beauty Highligter in Living Luminizer. When I use either of the dry formulation foundations, I opt for Benecos Blush in Rose Please (full review here) and Benecos Highlighters in Golddust and Shooting Star (full review here). I’ve been also testing the Hurraw! Gold Aura Balm, which was launched not too long ago; given it’s not a dry formulation, I’ll be incorporating it more when Autumn arrives. Blushes and highlighters – all applied with a very light hand – just barely there. The Dr. Hauschka Light Reflecting Concealer is also a product I use with a bare-faced makeup look or a typical minimal Summer look.

My Makeup Routine: Lipsticks

My Makeup Routine #6

The lipsticks I’ve been using this Summer have been mostly a diluted with lipbalms bright and perky ones: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile from Signature Set – Mod Collection (full review here) in and Ere Perez in Surprise (full review here).

My Makeup Routine: Almost Barefaced

My Makeup Routine #6

For a even more minimal makeup look, I use just a tad bit of Lavera 2-1 Compact Foundation (full review here), a quick dab of RMS Beauty Blush in Smile and Living Luminizer and along the way apply RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa and then dab a bit of the same color as I used for blush on my lips. From time to time, I use a fast and light motion of applying either the Benecos Translucent Powder (full review here), or RMS Beauty Tinted “Un” Powder (full review here) or Ere Perez Transluscent Corn Perfecting Powder.


In short, here is how my makeup routine looks like:

All my current routines are now more very light cream based, with mostly Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Creme (full review here) being the primer and hydrator. The makeup products are dry formulation based, foundation minimal and light. The colors are gold, silver and bright pink.

For some of the products I’ve already posted a full review and some will be reviewed soon, so make sure you check back.

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How have you been adapting your makeup routine to the Summer season? Which color combinations have you been feeling lately? Let me know!

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– Benecos
– Dr Hauschka

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