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It’s getting colder and colder and my skin’s been yearning for oilier, heavier textures. As I layer quite a few richer textures before applying a foundation, I’ve been opting for a foundation that’s also thicker in texture but also offers more coverage with a minimal amount of a product used. The colors are a mixture of berry and golden ones. I do not use all the products mentioned in this post at once and, as always, I aim for as minimal natural look as possible.

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My Makeup Routine #5


My Makeup Routine: Foundation

My Makeup Routine #5

My current morning skincare routine is all about layering richer textures, starting with a serum, followed by a cream or a face oil, so in order to avoid overburdening my skin with a medium coverage foundation, I’ve been alternating between Inika BB Cream Foundation and Inika Liquid Foundation (a full review of both should be available next month), as they both offer a quite a strong coverage with a minimal amount of product used. The Ere Perez Moringa All Beauty Creme acts as an excellent primer, making a foundation glide on the skin perfectly. But I still mix a drop or two of some type of face oil (either Ere Perez Blue Cypress Nectar or Oils of Heaven Apricot Oil) with both Inika BB Cream Foundation and Inika Liquid Foundation, as both are thicker in texture and dry out pretty fast, so in order for the foundation to be spread easily, mixing them with oils is a must, of course, using the trusted Ere Perez Multipurpose Brush. Also, mixing the foundations with face oils, this natural dewy finish is achieved, which is another bonus. I also apply a tiny amount of Dr Hauschka Concealer both under my eyes and on the lids.

My Makeup Routine: Eye Makeup

My Makeup Routine #5

Now that it’s colder, I’ve gone back to using the beautiful Ere Perez Eye Jojoba Pencils (full review here). They are creamy and easily blendable. Sometimes I use them alone, and sometimes I pair them with another excellent Ere Perez product, the eyeshadow palette in Beautiful (full review here). I apply a golden eye shadow on my lids and use the golden eye pencil as an eyeliner. When I opt for a bit darker look, I pick a little bit of matte brown, followed by the copper one and then apply the copper eye pencil as an eyeliner. When I opt for a bit more dramatic look (though, my dramatic look is still minimal), I apply the lightest shade from the palette and pair it with Inika Liquid Eyeliner (from Love Lola Beauty Box) – a very thin line or just fill in the spaces between eye lashes. My mascara picks these past few weeks have been the NATOrigin Mascara (from Love Lula Beuaty Box) for when I wear lighter/golden eye makeup look and Emani Mascara (from Love Lula Beauty Box) when I opt for a bit darker eye shadows and eye pencil, and, of course, minimal and lighter amount of lipsticks, as the Emani Mascara offers very minimal effect on the eyelashes, at least if you apply only one layer – just a natural day makeup look.

My Makeup Routine: Blush & Highlighter

My Makeup Routine #5

For the highlighter, I’ve been alternating between RMS Beauty Living Luminizer from the RMS Beauty Signature Set – Mod Collection (full review here), alone or mixed with just a tidbit RMS Beauty Master Mixer. From time to time, I mix the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile with the Living Luminizer, and sometimes, I use it alone. As it’s festive time, and since I am using liquid and cream textures of foundation, I am using as a blush and highlighter the Inika Cream Illuminasor (full review here). The other two beautiful options I apply: the Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot in Holy – a cream blush and lipstick all in one (full review here) – and Dr Hauschka Fluid; just a tiny drop of it, I first warm it between my fingers and then apply it on the skin.

My Makeup Routine: Lipsticks

My Makeup Routine #5

If I go with a minimal eye makeup look, I go with a more color saturation on the lips, using RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile or Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot in Holy. I use both also when I wear a bit darker eye makeup look, but both in very small amount and “diluted” with lipbalms. For a minimal look on the lips, I opt for Joik Tinted Lip Balm (from Love Lula Beauty Box) and Madara Plum Plum Lipbalm (from Love Lula Beauty Box), which acts as a soft lipbalm and lip gloss in one.

My Makeup Routine: Almost Barefaced

My Makeup Routine #5

When I opt for my already minimal makeup to be even more – minimal, I use Ere Perez Blue Cypress Nectar, as absorbs quickly and creates, after spraying a hydrolate on top of it, this dewy almost glassy look, followed by Dr Hauschka Concealer, Then  I apply a tiny bit amount of Lavera 2 in 1 Foundation (full review here) under my eyes and on those spots that need a bit of a coverage, basically, using it as a concealer. I apply a tiny amount of a highligher and blush, and either or both Joik Tinted Lipbalm and Madara Plum Lipbalm. If I opt for a mascara, I pick the Ermani one. The application of almost barefaced makeup routine is 3 minutes, top.

In short, here is how my makeup routine looks like:

All my current routines are now more oil based, there are a bit more layers, so I opt for foundations which can achieve stonger coverage with less amount of a product used. The colors are gold, copper and berry.

For some of the products I’ve already posted a full review and some will be reviewed soon, so make sure you check back.

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How have you been adapting your makeup routine to the festive season? Which color combinations have you been feeling lately? Let me know!

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Oils of Heaven

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