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A collection of body care products, compiled from various Love Lula boxes – beauty boxes, gifts boxes: Madara Daily Defence Cream, Apple&Bears Body Wash, Humble Natural Beauty Body Wash and Seascape Island Apothecary Body wash.

Mini Body Care Review: Madara, Humble Natural Beauty, Apple&Bears, Seascape Island Apothecary


Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Body Wash

Humble Natural Beauty Rose & Frankincense Body Wash


This body wash has a really pleasant scent – the first word that comes to my mind regarding the scent is – vintage; it’s a slightly woody, a bit more flowery with a hint of rose and even moreso musky scent – in short: quite feminine. A body lotion with this scent would be a good idea.

The texture of Humble Natural Beauty body wash is creamy, rich and gentle to the skin – it lathers adequately, but not too much, yet it cleans thoroughly. It does not dry the skin and leaves the skin nicely soft, in no small parts due to honey as well.

The body wash contains no SLS; the foaming agent in this body wash is coco betaine (which I avoid as much as possible in my face products). The problematic ingredients in this body wash are Polysorbate 20 and potentially parfum.

The Humble Natural Beauty body wash comes in a 200ml tube and costs around 10€, which is not very expensive, but given it’s a product which is used daily, one tube could run out pretty fast. Would I buy it again? Yes, the creamy texture, which leaves the skin soft and a lovely smell are the reasons for it.

Apple & Bears Pomegranate & Aloe Very Luxury Body Wash

Apple & Bears Pomegranate & Aloe Very Luxury Body Wash


This body wash has a mixture of fruity, mainly citrusy and just slightly woody scent. Its texture is that of a not very liquidy gel, which turns into a gentle creamy texture once in contact with water. Given it contains a few more foaming agents (no SLS, obviously), it lathers a bit more than the Humble Beauty one and the final result is a bit more squeaky clean skin, but not dried or irritated.

The problematic ingredient in this body wash could be parfum.

I’ve tested the travel sized body wash, which is 50ml and costs around 6€, whereas the big 500ml bottle costs 28€, which, in my opinion, is quite expensive for a body wash, even if it’s 500ml of a product. But given it nicely cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and smelling nice, I just might repurchase this body was in the future.

Madara Daily Defence Cream

Madara Daily Defence Cream

An all-in-one super rich and very nourishing cream, whereas the all-in-one, meaning – including the cream being used for the face, applies for those with very dry skin. The texture is quite thick (the cream’s formulation is based on shea butter)and it has this uplifting fruity scent. I have oily and combination skin and tried it a few times (wouldn’t risk it more often, given that shea butter is comedogenic for my oily skin) on my face – it’s quite heavy for my oily skin, but it actually works as an (very) occasional face mask or just a tiny tiny amount on an occasional very dry parts of the skin. So I prefer to use it on my body, especially on those areas, where more nourishment is needed, such as elbows. It works nicely as a body cream, as it absorbs very fast, leaving a soft and smooth feel on the skin. It works nicely as a hand cream as well as a foot cream – to soften ad nourish the skin. For those, who have very dry skin on the face – this Madara cream would be a great choice for you.

For those with oily skin – too heavy, but would recommend it for very cold weather.

It comes in a 60ml tube and costs around €17 – quite affordable, given its very concentrated nourishing and rich texture, this cream would last for quite a long time.

Seascape Island Apothecary Unwind Body Wash

Seascape Island Apothecary Unwind Body Wash

I was baffled when I saw the ingredients of this body wash; there are some ingredients I haven’t come across in more than a decade – so unnatural, so toxic – and so many of them in this body wash. I don’t even feel like telling you about the texture or scent, given the toxic ingredients. Methylisothiazolinone (with and EWG score of 7!) and Methylchloroisothiazolinone are very toxic preservatives. Propylene glycol/PEG, another toxic ingredient, is found in such products as antifreeze, liquid laundry detergent solvents and paint. There are a few more ingredients in this body wash which are anything but natural, but given just those three toxic ingredients I’ve mentioned above, that’s about all I’ll say about this body wash.

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