Martina Gebhardt


Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt products contain only those ingredients that are necessary and that complement each other to create that special, magical essence that exceeds the sum of its individual components.

Location: Germany
Products range: Face care (cream, lotion, toner, cleanser, lip balm, eye fluid, mask, peeling), body care (body lotion, nail balm, decollete spray, decollete lotion, decollete oil, bath oil, body peeling, foot cream, foot balm, foot spray, leg lotion, massage oil, hand cream, body butter), baby care (cream, bath oil, massage oil, bottom balm), men care (cream, pre-shave lotion, after shave lotion, body lotion).

Where to buy:

  • Love Lula  UK {Shipping: Free International}
  • Najoba  Germany  {Shipping: International}

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