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All it takes is one day of rain and wind and cold, and the seasons change; drastically and suddenly. These monthly  Love Lula Beauty Box first impressions of mine always remind me of how quickly the time goes by, how quickly the seasons change, even if this year seems surreal nearly every month. There hasn’t been all that much of a difference in my neck of the woods since May or so, but it still seems strange, different… The one constant of excitement and surprise (despite sneaking and peeking around) is – Love Lula Beauty Box. This month’s Love Lula Beauty Box contains 5 face products: 3 travel sized and 2 full sized. I’ve already tried one and liked it and had one on my wishlist for a long time now. The value of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is a cool £62,00 (while you can get it for a fraction of that).

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020

Inika Mattifying Powder (3,5g/£23,00). We just keep on getting spoiled by Love Lula Beauty Box, aren’t we? Another Inika product included in the Beauty Box, this time around a mineral mattifying powder. A very finely milled mineral mattifying powder, soft and gentle. Could not apply easier. Invisibly mattifies liquid foundation, works excellently over mineral powder as well. Can be used to control the oil on the eyelids, as an eyeshadow primer. Can be used for its naturally looking myttifying effect on skin without any makeup. The skin is just soft upon touch. Can be also used to fixate a concealer. Is there anything this one can’t do?  Not exactly easily affordable, but it’s a mineral product, little goes a really long way and there’s a lot of product.

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020

Madara Anti-Pollution Charcoal Repair Mask (12,5ml/ full size 60ml/£29,00). This travel-size mask was already included in Love Lula Beauty Box from October 2018; all the new subscribers now get to try this great mask as well. The interesting comparison is that in 2018 it was £24 whereas now it’s £29. Hmm..  Here’s what I said about it two years ago: I’ve tried many of the Madara products and am currently using several of their products from the Smart line as well, so it’s a treat to see their charcoal & mud face mask. The size which came in this month’s Beauty Box works well as a traveling companion as well as a sample to thoroughly test whether the mask is suitable for you. The color of the mask is black – as it contains charcoal. Its consistency is like a cream, application easy, even if it takes quite a good amount of the mask to cover the face. It dries quite fast and washes off equally easily. The mask contains quite a great amount of skin-beneficial ingredients – from anti-oxidants and vitamins to purifying and detoxifying ingredients such as charcoal and mud. It’s gentle on the skin, does not irritate and works especially well on oily and combination skin by being a (at least once) weekly treatment to control skin’s oil production, but at the same time, it’s well suited for other skin types, as it purifies and detoxes skin of pollution. I’m really liking this mask (just as I like all the Madara masks I’ve tried so far) and I plan on getting a full size and post a full and detailed review in the future.

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020

Dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Moisturizer (30ml/£15,99). I’ve been having the serum and mask from this hemp collection on my wishlist for quite some time, so having a chance to try the moisturizer from this same collection is just another bonus. The moisturizer is of a cream texture, more on a light consistency side and it absorbs fairly quickly, and leaves more or less nothing behind, so I’m thinking in a combination with the hemp serum, it would make for an interesting skin treatment. The moisturizer has been performing well as a night cream as well as under a foundation during the day. There are  few problematic ingredients in this one, though. I am giving a serious side-eye to the very high price of this 30ml tube, though.

Ayumi Turmeric Glycolic Acid Face Toner (150ml/£6,99). I’m an avid consumer of face toners as well as high quality AHA and BHA, but this toner ain’t it. First, it’s a water based and that is visible with a naked eye: it’s basically nothing but water. OK, you’ll say, it has more ingredients than just water, right? Sure, there are fillers, there’s quite a lot of preservatives (harsh and problematic) – of course, as the product is not only water based but contains basically nothing but water. Yes, there’s glycolic acid and extracts of papaya, turmeric and it smells nice (the source of scent is artificial) but… too little of good stuff lost in so much water and at a very high price. When it comes to face toners, green beauty brands have to come strong in order for me to give them a thump up: a plastic bottle of water, a few drops of extracts and artificial fragrance or a 100ml bottle of rose hydrolate for €40 will get called out by me.

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020

Urban Veda Reviving Night Cream (20ml/ full size 50ml/£19,99). While this night cream has a few good extracts, it also contains too many problematic ingredients, such as Alcohol Denat, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Dio. The scent is nice but hardly that of a natural source.

Love Lula Beauty Box September 2020

So this concludes my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box. The theme of this month’s Beauty Box is a “thicker cream textures with a fluff of a mattifying powder”. The star of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is of course Inika Mattifying Powder, followed by an already tried Madara Mask. I’ve also liked the Dr Botanicals Hemp Moisturizer and continue to be curious about several other products from this collection. The Ayumi Toner did not impress me and neither did the UrbanVeda Night Cream – the ingredients were not up to my liking.

And all these products have a total value of £62,00 whereas the actual cost of the yearly Love Lula Beauty Box subscription is £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before). You also get a discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box for 20% off!

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How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Got any products you’ve had on your wishlist? Found any new brands or new favorite products? Let me know!

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Love Lula Beauty Box kindly gifted to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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