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Some say October is the most beautiful month, as mother nature really shows off her painting skills and gives us a variety of colors. Well, in October Love Lula’s Beauty Box, there’s a variety of body care and makeup products, along with skincare products – hydrolate and, in my opinion, a star carrier oil.

October Beauty Box is worth £40, however, with a subscription to Love Lula’s monthly Beauty Box, you can get it for the price of one product in the box – from £13,95 on. With the Beauty Box comes also a discount code of 20% on all the brands from the current Beauty Box as well.

As you know, this is only my first impressions review – a few of the products will receive a detailed review post later on.

So, what’s in October’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box October 2017

Oils of Heaven Tamanu Oil (15ml) – I’ll star with a star carrier oil – the Tamanu oil. I’ve used Tamanu oil from many brands, as it’s been one of my favorite carrier oils for a long time. When I saw Love Lula’s own brand – Oils of Heaven – recently launched their Tamanu oil, I knew it would be included in one of the next beauty boxes – had it not been in this month’s beauty box, I would have to get it, as I suspected it would have been a top notch quality – and it is. This oil will get its own full review – but for now I’ll say this – Tamanu oil is one of the best carrier and facial oils out there – for any type of skin, but especially – if your skin is oily and acne prone – this is a great oil for you. Its absorption is “blink with an eye and you’ll miss it” and it leaves your skin so incredibly soft, almost matte and is a great oil to be used as a primer as well, since it just glides on the skin – actually, primer and serum all in once before applying makeup. One thing I have to point out in case you’re not familiar with Tamanu oil – its color may give you a pause as it’s not a typical golden-hued color, but, for the lack of a better word – looks like a spinach smoothie. Yes, the what seems oily golden part may separate from the green part of the oil, but that does not mean there’s something wrong with the oil – it’s just how Tamanu oil is. Another thing about Tamanu oil that I’ve always liked is its nutty scent, which resembles that of a shea butter, which I am also very fond of. You can be sure Oils of Heaven Tamanu oil will receive a full review soon, but if you can’t wait – go ahead and get it as it’s truly a remarkable oil. Oh, and you can get this Tamanu oil for FREE as well!

Balm Balm Frankincense Hydrolate (30ml) – great hydrolate – and you can never go wrong with a high quality hydrolate – to uplift your spirits and rejuvenate your skin – especially in the morning, before applying a moisturizer – the frankincense hydrolate softens the skin, while also having anti-inflammatory properties.

Greenfrog Body Wash in a Geranium and Peppermint scent (100ml) – not too long ago I reviewed another Greenfrog Body Wash and I like the scent of this one a lot more – of course – since it’s Geranium. Like the other body wash, this one does not dry the skin, but leaves it soft. I wish the scent would have lingered on for a bit longer, but such is the case when the source of scent is natural – essential oils. Have to try the rose and neroli body wash as well.

PHB Ethical Beauty Eyeshadow in Almond – while I’ve been iffy-iffy on PHB Beauty’s skincare, their makeup has been really good (expect a mascara and eye liner review soon). This eye shadow, even though its name is almond, is actually a goldish champagne. It’s quite pigmented, there’s barely any fall-out and it’s finely milled and soft. Great color to be used as a base eye shadow or just in the corner of the eyes, and, if you’re inclined, which I am not – bellow the eye brows. Given this is a natural eye shadow, a pressed mineral eye shadow, you should not expect it to last as long as conventional – it lasts for about 4-5 hours. Now I’m curious about a few other PHB Beauty eye shadows. Will do a full review in the near future.

PHB Ethical Beauty Eye Shadow Brush – not suitable for a precise application, but works OK as a blending brush. May be a bit too sturdy at the root and not rich enough as far as how many bristles there are, but still able to work with it nonetheless.

Glossworks Nails and Cuticles Oils (UK Beauty Box only) – I received this oil back in my August Beauty Box (when those in UK got Glossworks nail polishes, hmph). It contains beneficial ingredients to soften the cuticles, but as I mentioned back in August – a bit too pricey.

How did you like October’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Got introduced to any new favorite green beauty products?

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Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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