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What a difference a month makes! Oh, I was hopping around in short sleeves and soaking up the Sun just a short three weeks ago, but with the November Love Lula Beauty Box, I am hopping around in my winter boots and there’s already – snow! Holy Moly! Every time my Love Lula Beauty Box arrives at my door, I am reminded just how quickly not only a month rolls over, but how quickly the seasons change. To think that next month is the last month of the year… makes your head spin. All my life, time has never flown by so weirdly and so fast it has these past few years…

Before I start with my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, I’d just like to mention that the Love Lula Holiday Gift Guide will also go live this week.

This month’s Beauty Box is quite heavy as it contains 4 full-sized and 1 travel-sized beauty products; I guess exfoliation all over and AHA and BHA was the main theme, along with nourishment, of this month’s beauty box – appropriate for the harsher and colder days, wouldn’t you agree? There’s a full sized facial exfoliator, the “V” area exfoliator, a hand cream, rosehip seed oil and a travel size AHA mask. Total value of November Beauty Box is £66, but you can get it for a fraction of a cost – all info at the end of this post.

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box November 2018

Alteya Organics Rosehip Seed Oil (20ml/£8,75). Alteya Organics are known for their high quality products, especially the products containing the precious and high quality Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. The rosehip oil, while perfect for any time of the year, is especially great choice of a vegetable oil for colder and harsher weather. The 20ml of this roseship oil is quite affordable and packaged in a cute box – great choice for Christmas Holiday gift.

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask (15ml travel size; 50ml/£32,00). If you’re new to using acids, this travel-sized REN mask containing two AHAs – fruit derived glycolic acid and lactic acid – might be just the perfect start for you. Glycolic acid works on the skin’s surface, exfoliates and evens out skin’s texture, whereas lactic acid offers a more gentle exfoliation and is considered the best AHA acid to start with AHAs (yes, I know, a long-promised detailed guide to AHA and BHA is still on my to do list!). As with every AHA, the skin tingles a bit upon application – this means the AHAs are hard at work, exfoliating your skin in a chemical way (as oposed to mechanical peelings). As with all AHA (and BHA) it is very important to strictly follow instructions – leave this mask on for 10 min (if you’re an absolute beginner to acids – even less – but make sure you test the acids first, by applying them on the back of your arm), and find your skin having a more even skin tone and radiant appearance. I just might get a full size of this mask and post a full review in the future.

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hand Cream (30ml/around £5). The Natura Siberica has quite affordable products. In line with the colder weather, this month’s Beauty Box contains a hand cream. A cute 30ml tube; the texture is buttery rich yet smooth and so is application. It absorbs pretty fast, which is important for hand creams. The scent is very nice – kind of like a fruity candy, though I am uncertain whether the source of the scent is solely natural as there’s no ingredients list under this product on the brand’s official site.

The Perfect V Gentle Exfoliator (50ml/£31,00). Well now. This one caught me by surprise. At first, when I saw the box, I thought this for some other natural beauty brand, given, especially, that “V” logo. But this is a newly launched brand at Love Lula and I wasn’t familiar with this brand before. A British natural beauty brand, specializing in products for the ladies’ “V” area. This “V” area exfoliator comes nicely packaged; it is of a creamy texture, containing exfoliating beads. The purpose of this exfoliator is to smooth out the skin in the “V” area before/after depilation in order to prevent in-grown hairs. While this exfoliator does contain quite a good amount of skin-beneficial ingredients, it is, in my opinion, despite there being 50ml of it, too expensive.

Urban Veda Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish (125ml/£12,99). The texture of this less thick exfoliatior is quite creamy; the source of exfoliation are very numerous and very small exfoliation beads whose source is pumice. In that regard, this exfooliator might be good for those, whose skin is sensitive for, say, sugar-based exfoliators. Re-formulated or not, some of the ingredients, which Urban Veda (still) uses in their products (and I’ve pointed out this a few years ago, when I reviewed a few of their products of the original formulations – something the brand did not like, which says quite a lot about the brand) are quite questionable, and this exfoliator is not an exemption. Aside from alcohol and an even worse – alcohol denat – this product contains, for example, Chlorphenesin – a synthetic preservative, which is not one of the most gentle and kind to the skin. Their source of fragrance used to be quite toxic ingredients; this exfoliator does appear to have a more natural source of scent.


So, these are my first impressions of the products from November’s Love Lula Beauty Box. It is themed for a colder weather, with exfoliators and masks, based on AHA and BHA in order to renew the skin. It also contains a nicely smelling and fast – absorbing hand cream to protect the hands from Winter weather. The rosehip oil is an oil, which should have a place in everyone’s home, as it’s a great facial oil for any time of the day.

The worth of Love Lula Beauty Boxes is always substantially more than what you actually pay for – you can get it for as low as £13,95 (or £17,5 for international customers), plus you get a 20% discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box.

How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

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