May 172018

With a slightly colder and rainy weather comes my May Love Lula Beauty Box – offering 3 skincare products, one makeup product and a sample – a total worth of £46. There is one product which is a must, another one I put on my wishlist immediately upon testing its cousin and the makeup product I’ve had on my wishlist for a while now; even more precisely, a few other pigments as well. There’s also  full-sized eye gel, with which I have an issue due to one ingredient. Below you’ll find my first impressions of the products from this month’s Beauty Box, with one already being fully reviewed; the others will receive full reviews soon!

Make sure to check all the details on how to get this generous Beauty Box at the fraction of its actual worth!

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box May 2018


Alteya Organic Rose Water (100ml/£7,20). I rarely say for any beauty product that it’s a must – but, a high quality rose hydrolate is – a must. Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Spray is a high quality of an intoxicating beautiful rose scented hydrolate. Its purposes are endless: it can be used as a toner after cleansing the skin, it can be used as a refreshment during hot Summer days, as a body toner after shower and before applying a body lotion/oil, it can be used as a fragrant hair spray and even in culinary. Go here for a full review of bulgarian and white rose hydrolates, as well as rose lip balm. Naturally, given the high quality of Alteya’s products, I’ve got quite a few of theirs on my wishlist.

Lyonsleaf Calendula & Marshmallow Balm (30ml/£8,99). Just a few weeks ago, I reviewed this balm’s cousin – the Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate Facial Oil, which consists of the same base as this balm. The balm does not have any essential oils (making it great for those with very sensitive skin or sensitive to essential oils) and is basically the facial oil, whipped into a sturdy waxy balm. Fabulous, I tell ya! After a great experience I had with the facial oil, I immediately put this balm on my wishlist, and – what do you know – here comes Love Lula and throws it into the Beauty Box. The balm is formulated perfectly; you may find yourself rubbing the balm and applying layers of it as it’s so thinly applyable – but let me tell you: this formulation is very concentrated and one application is more than enough, even if not visible, as the finish is more or less matte. This balm makes the skin happy – soft and deeply nourished. Used in combination with the facial oil – it provides the skin with the layering effect of a mask. This balm is also super versatile – it can be used on face, as a lip balm (it performs excellently!), to treat dry patches before applying makeup, for any dry or cracked skin (elbows etc) – just go for it. This balm will get its own review post, no doubt about it, even though I couldn’t wait to spill a lot of info as it is.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Lava (2,35g/£12,99). I’ve been looking for a dry/mineral blush and highlighter for the upcoming Summer days, when I mostly use very minimal makeup and usually mineral foundation, and saw Bellapierre’s shimmer powders – the Champagne to be used as a highlighter and the Earth as a blush (and mixed with lip balm, of course). These shimmers consist only of minerals (mica, titanium and iron dioxide) and are as versatile as it gets – they can be used as an eye shadow, blush, highlighter, mixed with lip balms – you name it. The one in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box may not be used as a blush due to its color (though you could get away with using it a a bronzer, provided you apply it with a light hand), but it’s a pretty, soft-to-the-touch, easily spreadable pigment in rich shimmery copper color. Once I get the other two shimmering powders from Bellapierre, I’ll post a full review.

PHB Ethical Beauty Eye Gel (15ml/£16,95). A gel texture, which leaves a matte emulsion-like appearance which makes for a bit of a firming of the skin, this is a quite fast absorbing non-sticky eye gel. It has a bit of a cooling effect on the skin. The scent is a mixture of citrus and a bit of a lavender. I haven’t had a chance to test it under makeup yet, specifically under the concealer, but since it absorbs quite quickly and does not slide off, I think it might work. I have to point out one ingredient, which I am not that fond of – especially when present in products targeting a delicate skin around the eyes – propanediol, as it can be an irritant.

Botanico Vida Omega Oil (sample). A new brand available at Love Lula; this oil is a light and quickly absorbing one, it can be used as a facial oil or body oil. It’s based on Omega 3 to increase elasticity of the skin and treat potential bumps or scars. The scent is that of citrus. I can’t say more based on only trying the sample, but the ingredients and the way it feels on the skin is quite nice. Gotta mention I I jumped back when I saw Citrus Paradisi as one of the ingredients – but – it’s not the toxic and all-around terrible Citrus Grandis Extract.

* * *

Love Lula Beauty Box May 2018

The May Love Lula Beauty Box is another great one; one must have product with Alteya’s rose hydrolate, the versatile rich Lyonsleaf balm, beautiful shimmering pigment from Bellapierre and a sample of newly launched brand at Love Lula – the Botanico Vida Omega oil. I may not have been as impressed with PHB Ethical Beauty eye gel, especially due to that one ingredient, but nonetheless, all these products for the cost of around £14 per month, including the 20% discount on all the brands presented in a current Beauty Box – how generous and affordable is this? Wanna get your own Love Lula Beauty Box every month delivered to you, for a fraction of its actual worth? Then sign up here – you won’t regret it! Still not sure? Then how about you try Love Lula’s April Beauty Box for FREE when you spend £60 on your order?

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Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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