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Today we’re having the biggest heat wave of the year so far, and in between spraying myself all over with a fridge-cooled rose hydrolate, I’ll present my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, which is perfectly themed for the hot Summer weather. June Beauty Box contains a mixture of hair care, makeup and skin care products, with 3 full sized ones, one travel sized one and one sample. The total value of the Beauty Box is £48; the actual cost for a monthly Beauty Box when you subscribe? Barely worth mentioning, though you will find all the needed info at the end of this month’s first impressions of all the goodies from June’s Beauty Box.

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2019

NATorigin Lengthening Mascara (6g/£15,95). This is my first time trying anything from this brand (I have my own reasons). Based on testing this mascara since I received my Beauty Box, I’d say it covers many demands for a light-wearing and feeling, very natural look for daytime during this incredibly hot weather – or just as natural look as possible in general. The mascara offers a bit of a color – it’s not a rich deep and glossy finish, but almost like an ashy black. There’s little volume and somewhat of a lengthening of the lashes. What it does really great is separating the lashes in a very natural way and it does not glue the lashes together, again, making for a very subtle and natural look. Where it does not check a demand for a hot Summer mascara pick? It easily smudges (I suggest a translucent powder on your lashes, on your eyelids as well as under the eyes), and after about 4 hours, it starts disappearing. I do like the finish look it offers, especially for a daytime makeup. If you’re looking for a mascara, which colors your lashes with a rich and deep color and gives a lot of volume and/or length – this mascara won’t meet your demands. If you’re looking for an easy and light wearing mascara, offering a natural look – give it a chance. I do find the price a bit too high, though. While the mascara contains talc, given the mascara is not a loose powder product, I don’t think it should pose a concern.

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2019

NATorigin Pencil Eye Liner (1,1g/£7,95). This eye liner is very soft (probably one of the softest I’ve ever tried), with a texture that’s almost – creamy. Great as far as the application goes, but not as great as far as smudging – and it smudges a lot. I’d guess it would smudge even on those, who have dry skin, much less on those with oily skin. A temporal solution may be applying a translucent powder before and after applying the liner, but even that proved to not withhold the smudging. If you’re looking for an eye liner for a precise and long wearing use, this one might not be the one. If you’re looking for an eye liner, which you’d use for a softer, smudged look, this one may be your option, but the problem is, even then it will smudge – on the upper eye lid and under the eyes. The black color also fades into a lighter charcoal color pretty soon.

FOM London Anti-Pollution Hydra Plump Serum (Travel Size; Full Size 30ml/£46,00). I’ve gone through 1/3 of the travel size bottle of this one already, as I’ve been using it under my (very minimal, if any) foundation since I’ve got the Beauty Box this month. The serum is very watery, it absorbs in a matter of seconds, even when I get a bit overboard and re-apply it several times. Any other product on the top of this serum works nicely, as it’s very light. I do wonder, though, just how much of water is there in this serum and how much of any other ingredients, especially in the light of a very steep price (even with the heavily discounted price at the moment)? It’s very hydrating and has antioxidant properties, with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea extract and niacinamide. Neither I nor my skin have anything good to say about the phenoxyethanol.

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2019

Ayumi Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment (150ml/£8,99). The scent of this hair conditioner is very much in line of being on the beach – very coconuty, though the source of the scent is not all natural coconut, that has to be said. After the first application, I didn’t think this conditioner would do much of conditioning on my hair, especially not as far as detangling my hair – but it did, surprisingly so. Given the ingredients, such as coconut and avocado, it nourishes the hair and leaves it soft. However, not all is well in the ingredients department of this hair conditioner, which aside from the drying alcohol, it’s loaded with preservatives. I do not mind the Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate; they are preservatives, which are gentle and the least problematic, but the Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Ethylhexylglycerin? That’s just doing too much. And a very problematic synthetic fragrance ingredients Amyl Cinnamal and Coumarin? Too many bad ingredients for my taste.

Madara Weightless Sun Milk SPF20 (sample; Full size 150ml/£22,95). Madara has just launched their new sun protection range, and this Sun Milk is a part of it.

* * *

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2019

This concludes my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box. A good mixture of makeup, skin care and hair products, with a mascara, while not giving that “oomph” finish look, gives a very natural one, though it does smudges; so does the eye liner, even if very creamy. The serum – that one I’ve been using non-stop, as it’s very hydrating, absorbs before you blink with an eye, and works nicely before other products. The hair conditioner, while it does detangle the hair and has some nourishing properties, is loaded with too many ingredients, which I prefer not to have in my beauty products.

And all these products have a total value of £48,00, whereas the actual cost of the yearly Love Lula Beauty Box subscription is £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before). You also get a discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box and even this discount got even better – now you can get all the brands featured in a Beauty Box for 25% off!

* * *

How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Got any products you’ve had on your wishlist? Found any new brands or new favorite products? Let me know!

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Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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