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Today is officially the first day of Summer (even though it feels like it’s been Summer for months now) and what better day to jump into my Love Lula Beauty Box for the month of June than today?

This month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is quite amazing! It contains an always-must-have skincare product for me – a facial toner, closely followed by exfoliator and a pleasant surprise from Love Lula’s own brand – Walden Natural Perfumes – a perfume oil. The box also contains Ren Skincare Pillow Spray and a body butter sample. The June’s Love Lula Beauty Box is worth £67, which is remarkable, especially since you can get it for a fraction of its actual worth (or for FREE – all the info on this at the end of this post). The three awesome and full sized products from this month’s Beauty Box will receive their own full reviews soon; for now, here’s my first impressions of the June Beauty Box.

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2018

Walden Natural Perfumes “See the Moonlight” Perfume Oil (10ml/£17). When it comes to Love Lula Beauty Box, I can rarely keep my curiosity at bay; I have to sneak around to find who has already received the box and what’s in it. I saw the photos of this month’s Beauty Box, and quickly glanced there’s something from Walden Natural Perfumes; I thought it was a sample of one of the perfumes. And when I opened my box, I saw it was a new product from this exquisite all natural perfume brand: a perfume oil! Fabulous! It wasn’t that long ago when I reviewed the mesmerizing and beautiful Walden Natural Perfumes “Two Eternities” perfume; liking the scent so much, I took the liberty of sending out a wishlist to Love Lula, naming all the beauty products carrying this beautiful scent I wish to have – one of them was body oil. Well, Walden Natural Perfumes is marching on – they’ve just added perfume oils, and the one we received in our Beauty Boxes is called “See the Moonlight”. It’s a new scent – and I have a bit of a hard time describing it: exotic, warm, a bit woody, then there’s a bit of amber, and somewhere, distantly… a bit flowery. But so very natural! In passing, if I were to drop an opinion – this scent could be unisex, suitable for men as well. The source of fragrance is, of course, completely natural, and therefore a 12-hour scent should not be expected, however – the fragrance is very potent, which speaks of the fact this perfume oil does not contain modest (or – stingy, if you will) drop of essential oils – on a contrary – it’s lush and generous. Now, when I got this perfume oil, I ran to Love Lula’s site to see if they have “Two Eternities” perfume oil (no matter how closely I follow happenings on Love Lula, they’re always ahead of me with new stuff) and promptly put it on my wishlist – I just gotta have this beautiful scent in a form of perfume oil as well (I will, though, contain myself a bit and wait for Autumn, when I’ll gradually start wearing oils again).

L’Odaites Gentle Polyphenol Exfoliator (60ml/£39). Exfoliator is a must in my skincare routine, and while I have a few that I’ve been using for a long time, being introduced to new ones is always a treat, right? L’Odaites is a French brand, whose products I haven’t had a chance to try yet. This exfoliator is something special. Imagine honey infused with herbs and tiny exfoliators in a form of dates fruit powder. The exfoliator is quite runny, spreads easily and gently exfoliates. I’ve tried it only twice so far (make sure you check back, as this product will receive a full review, no doubt about it), and I am really impressed! The skin is so smooth, yet at the same time – nourished. It feels like I just applied a quickly absorbing facial oil. This exfoliator also contains much needed antioxidants. Given how gentle, yet very effective it is, it’s truly suitable for all sin types – even sensitive or those, who suffer from acne. It’s on a pricey side, but there’s 60ml of this gentle, yet hard working exfoliator, with a unique formulation and texture.

Joik Refreshing Facial Toner (100ml/£10). There’s never enough facial toners, given I go through them as if I’m bathing in them. This toner is like some type of refreshing fruity Summer beverage: from the scent to the appearance. The fact it does not contain alcohol is not just a major plus, but as it should be. Based on my few uses, this toner nicely cleans what’s left to clean on the face, is not harsh on the skin and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. I’ll pour about half of the bottle in a bottle with a spray and use it as a skin-refreshment and before applying skincare and/or makeup. I keep this (as I do most of my beauty products; no cosmetic shelves for green beauty products for me) in my beauty fridge – it feels really good on the skin when cold. Gotta note though: you have to shake the toner quite well in order for all the ingredients to mix. Reasonably priced as well.

Ren Skincare & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray (10ml). For the longest I’ve been using homemade sprays for bedding and as rooms sprays: distilled water and/or hydrolates and various essential oils. Using essential oils for calmness, relieving stress, anxiety and promoting better sleep is nothing new. This Ren Pillow Spray contains one of the most used essential oils just for that – lavender. The scent of this spray is warm and calming; overall, it reminds me of the scent of sable herb, used to treat cough.

Joik Sweet Orange & Mint Body Butter (sample).

* * *

Love Lula Beauty Box June 2018

The June Love Lula Beauty Box is another great offer from Love Lula, and compared to previous boxes – quite different, especially in regards to introducing not only new products but also new brands. The L’Odaites exfoliator itself is worth over two times the price of the Beauty Box and it most certainly will receive its own review soon, as will the Joik toner. Once I get my hands on the Walden Natural Perfume “Two Eternities” perfume oil, I’ll post a full review of these perfume oils as well. A great value Beauty Box for 13,95 (or 17,5 for international customers) a month? Hard to believe. On top of it all, every month, you get a 20% discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box. Still not enough? How about you pick any of the Beauty Boxes bellow for FREE? Yep, I know, Love Lula keeps spoiling us.

FREE Love Lula Beauty Boxes














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FREE February Love Lula Beauty Box when you spend £60 (code: FEBRUARY). Read my review.

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Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.


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