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This Love Lula Beauty Box marks the beginning of the year and looking at the date my first impressions of this month’s Beauty Box are posted, says the first month of year 2019 is almost over. I’ve taken an extended time off after the Christmas Holidays, and with all the ideas, plans and creativity running through my head, I am so looking forward to this year and everything that will bring.

As you’ve grown to expect, the reviews I post of the products which I’ve thoroughly tried and tested, are detailed and analytical. With Love Lula Beauty Boxes, given they arrive on a monthly basis, it’s only reasonable I post my first impressions upon the Beauty Boxes arriving, so that you can immediately, within the time frame of the month, see which products are featured; and despite my posts on current Love Lula Beauty Boxes being first impressions, they are far from being based on just sniffing and applying the products on the back of my hand and quickly posting something for the sake of posting, much less only copying the description of the products provided by brands. It wouldn’t make any sense to post about the products featured in current Beauty Boxes months after the Beauty Box arrived, would it?

The January Love Lula Beauty Box is focused on Winter nourishment, containing two full sized products and two travel sized products. One of the products is exclusive for the Love Lula Beauty Box subscribers and newly launched one from Love Lula’s own brand Balm Balm.

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box January 2019

Balm Balm Lavender Hand Cream (60ml/£12,50). Aromatherapy supreme meets nourishment. A newly launched Balm Balm product (hinting at Balm Balm Lavender collection), first exclusive to the Love Lula Beauty Box and now available for all, who enjoy the simple yet effective formulations of Balm Balm and who enjoy the soothing and calming scent of Lavender – a high quality Lavender Essential Oil, that is. There’s a generous 60ml glass of this beautiful rich and nourishing hand balm, but which also moonlights as a cuticle balm and should you wish – body balm as well (even though I am sure Balm Balm will grace us with a beautifully smelling Lavender body balm soon!). Sturdy, yet quickly melting balm absorbs before you can blink with an eye, leaving behind the calming beautiful scent of Lavender, and nourished and soft hands. An excellent treat for dry hands in Winter; may not be as handy to carry around and apply, but I think this hand cream is perfect for keeping it on a night stand as well as on your working desk: I keep re-applying this hand cream all the time, not just because it’s feels so good on the skin but also due to its calming scent. There’s a generous 60ml of this aromatherapy treat at a very affordable cost and little does go a long way. Fabulous!

Madara Supreme Hydration Body Lotion (200ml/£17,00). I may have tried dozens of Madara face care products, but aside from the multitasking Madara Daily Defence Cream, this is my first Madara body care product. There’s a generous amount of this body lotion – 200ml for a reasonable price. The lotion is of a very light, more on the “watery” consistency, so to speak, side, easily spreadable and quickly absorbing, making it a great choice for morning body care routine, and especially, given its consistency/texture, for warmer days; I use body lotions in the mornings and body butters and body oils in the evening, but during hot Summer days, even in the evening, a light and quickly absorbing body lotion is a way to go. Not to say this body lotion is not suitable for Winter days, as it is, but it will come even more handy during warmer days. Despite the light and fast absorbing consistency, this body lotions delivers hydration to the skin and leaves it soft, velvety soft. The scent is also another strong side of this lotion: it’s a gentle, not over-powering, flowery, jasmine one. Great choice from Love Lula to include it in its Beauty Box.

Love Lula Beauty Box January 2019

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Regenerating Sleeping Mask (30ml; £24,00 for 50ml). This one is so-so. I’ve tried a few Dr. Botanicals products now, and none of them left a huge impression on me; in a way, this brand comes across as that lab brand, whose formulations are that of a generic variety – what you’d expect from a natural beauty brand, but nothing innovative and with no personal touch. This mask feels more, and its texture corresponds with that, as ordinary night cream, and while it provides the skin with softness in the morning, I can’t say my skin was jumping from hydration excitement. The mask absorbs quickly and has a matte finish, but still leaves a lot to be desired, especially from the skin, like needing an extra product in a form of serum and/or oil to achieve hydration and some sort of effect on the skin.

REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum (10ml; £29,00 for 30ml). This serum’s texture is a mixture of a bit of a gel and runny cream, yet it absorbs incredibly quickly and has no greasy residue, making it a great choice for applying it before foundation and even better – before applying a mineral powder foundation during Summer. As a stand-alone skin care product, even if a serum, I found it a bit lacking in more ways than one, but at the same time, works nicely with layering a face oil on the top of it as a night routine. The issue I have with this serum is, that while it profess to reduce redness, there’s an ingredient, which causes my skin to react with – redness, due to irritation, and that is a preservative called Phenoxyethanol. It seems this serum has a great potential, but some tweaking of the formulation could be made, especially in regards to preservative.

Love Lula Beauty Box January 2019

So this concludes Love Lula January Beauty Box: two great body care products and two skin care products. The newly launched Balm Balm Lavender Hand Cream is a treat for anyone, who likes simple yet high quality aromatherapy products. The Madara Body Lotion, with its gentle flowery scent and quick absorption will be used up, no doubt about – even if some will be saved for hot weather. The Dr. Botanicals face mask and REN face serum didn’t leave a huge impression on my face, but with combination of other products, mainly face oils, will be, eventually, used as well; just remember, just because my skin might not react with excitement over a product, it does not mean yours won’t.

How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Discovered any new favorite products?

Love Lula Beauty Box is probably the most affordable green beauty Beauty Box: every month you get at least two full sized products, with travel sized and sample sized products mixed in – covering all beauty care needs – from face care, body care, hair care and makeup. And you get all of this for for a total cost of £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before) + 20% off on all the featured brands in a current Beauty Box.

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Oh, and before I leave, I’ll drop these discount codes for you:

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