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I can’t recall as sunny and warm Winter as it has been so far; it seems as if February has been applying to be the beginning-of-Spring month, along with the Valentine’s day month. But since we’re not completely there yet, with Spring, it can still feel a bit “Wintery”, a bit chilly and windy, this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box is thus a mixture of Valentine’s, with two perfume/aromatherapy oils – the Walden perfume oil scent being newly launched, and two rich creams, targeting dry and – since the two creams are non-scented – sensitive skins. And there’s an always welcomed, by me, product – a lip balm, heh. Five full-sized products in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box, with a total value of £60, making it, again, by far the most affordable Beauty Box out there! And not only did Love Lula even lower the price of their Beauty Box, they’ve upped the discount on the featured brands as well – all the info at the end of my first impressions of the goodies from this month’s Beauty Box!

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box February 2019

Walden Natural Perfume Roll-On Oil in “A Gentle Rain” (10ml/£17,00). Love Lula’s own brand, Walden Natural Perfumes, is on a roll (pun intended) with launching new scents. A Gentle Rain scent falls somewhere between unisex and more for him than for her – it’s quite woody, upfront, decisive. It’s that scent of a strong man, wiping his brow, after chopping wood in a forest on a rainy October day; it would make for a great after-shave oil. For the ladies, who prefer woody scents, especially if patchouli is the dominant scent, you’ll find yourself liking it as well. This is yet another scent from Walden Natural Perfumes, which does not pull any cheap tricks with its ingredients and keeps a tradition of offering unique and luxurious, all natural, scents. I am still, sorta, patiently waiting for body oils of all of the launched scents so far.

Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Sleep Oil (8ml/£10,00). In theme with the Valentine’s day, there’s another roll-on oil in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box – this oil doubles as an aromatherapy treatment for a calm and soothing sleep due to lavender, mandarin and orange essential oils, as well as a perfume oil. At first, the citrus scent is prevailing, but once the essential oils mix and set into the skin, the lavender pops up. If used as a soothing-before-sleep oil, it’s best to apply it on your temples and pulse points on your neck and arms; I also apply it on the back of my hands to breathe in the lovely and relaxing scent. Lovely.

Love Lula Beauty Box February 2019

Crazy Rumors Hot Cocoa Balm (4,4ml/£3,99). Any Love Lula Beauty Box with a lip balm is a good Beauty Box, hehe. Crazy Rumors is another brand whose products I’ve been using for years; I’ve tried quite a few of their lip balms; I mainly keep returning to the Bubble Gum one. The one we’ve got in this month’s Beauty Box is a perfect Winter treat for any chocolate (and lip balm) addict – hot cocoa with marshmallows. The ingredients of Crazy Rumors lip balms are exactly what you’d expect from an all-natural lip balm: buttery, nourishing and hydrating, targeting dry, chapped lips, with a tempting scent and taste. Rich and yummie. I’ll post a full review of some of the Crazy Rumors lip balms I’ve amassed through the years sometime in the future.

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Face Balm (30ml/£9,50). I’ve tried two other Balm Balm multi-purpose balms from Balm Balm brand – the geranium one and the tea tree one; this one, from Balm Balm fragrance-free collection, is made for those, who either have very sensitive skin, especially in regards to scented products, or for those, who prefer unscented products. This is a rich, shea butter based balm, with a nourishing and calming calendula oil and jojoba oil – perfect for all types of skin. Along with sensitive skin, it targets dry to very dry skin. For those, who might find this balm a bit too rich to be used as a face cream – this balm can be used as a body balm, hand cream, cuticle cream… It’s a very rich and thick cream and a little goes a long way. Perfect also for babies!

Love Lula Beauty Box February 2019

PHB Ethical Beauty Gentle Moisturiser (30ml/£20,00). Recently, PHB Ethical Beauty has launched a new collection of face care products; this moisturiser being one of them. While unscented in a sense of containing no essential oils, there is some type of scent; it reminds me of some type of glue? The texture is what I’m used to in body lotions not so much in face creams. The formulation is not all that impressive to me; given it’s a water based one, there’s a lot of fillers in a form of emulsifiers, and not that many natural ingredients (shea butter, apricot and sunflower oil). While I don’t mind a more simple formulations, I am equally unimpressed with such formulations as the one in this moisturiser – there’s nothing innovative. I too often get the impression that this brand puts the minimum effort into the ingredients used and formulations themselves, at least when it comes to skin care products. Given the ingredients and formulation, the price therefore does not correspond; in comparison: the above mentioned Balm Balm Face Balm costs half as much, but contains basically the same (natural) ingredients, sans the fillers due to this one being a water-based one. Yes, the Balm Balm one is richer and this one not as thick, but still. I’ve used this cream as a night cream several times, and while I can’t report of any adverse effects, I was missing that “something’s happening on my skin” result. Used as a hand cream and/or body lotion instead?

Love Lula Beauty Box February 2019

So, these are my first impressions of the five full-sized products from this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box – it’s a mixture of rich, non-scented face care products, roll-on perfume and aromatherapy oils and a sweet Winter lip balm. Five full-sized products of a total value of £60 – whereas the actual cost of the Love Lula Beauty Box is a barely-worth mentioning fraction of it – £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before). You also get a discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box and even this discount got even better – now you can get all the brands featured in a Beauty Box for 25% off! I may not like or be impressed with each and every product in every Love Lula’s Beauty Box (and I argument my views), but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get a great value every month, a lot of great products and many recommendations for the products we may not have paid attention to; not to mention new launches! As a quick note: there’s one particular product I received as a sample/travel sized in one of my previous Love Lula Beauty Boxes, with which I was so impressed, I had to get a full size of it – and will review it soon!

How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Did you get a product you’ve had on your wishlist already? Found any products you may not have tried otherwise? Let me know!

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