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Yep, the arrival of December Love Lula Beauty Box is a final reminder that the year 2018 is coming to an end. Every month I receive this “goody bag” called Love Lula Beauty Box, I am reminded just how quickly a month rolls over, and with the last Beauty Box of this year, I am reminded, again, of how equally quickly a year rolls over, too. Oh, and as well as how many green beauty goodies are out there, which I haven’t tried yet and a suggestion, whether it’s a brand or a product, which ones I might have missed.

The December Love Lula Beauty Box comes in two versions – the UK one and an international one. As always, my curiosity would not allow me to patiently wait for the contents of the Beauty Box (and I know I lessen a bit that excitement upon opening it), and saw there are two newly launched Winter edition Glossworks nail polishes in it. Yep, it happens every time – I got excited, for a split moment, seeing these nail polishes, given how much I like them, only to realize they are for UK Beauty Boxes only. A short tantrum ensued, of course. The second product, which made me go “Yay!” was the Hairy Jane hair perfume, especially since I plan on trying their floral shampoo and conditioner. But alas, when I opened the box, there was no hair perfume for the reason it contains alcohol (alcohol denat, to be precise; I am not a fan of this ingredient, especially in skin care, but would be willing to look away for a hair perfume) thus shipping restrictions. So, yeah, I was pouting for a moment there. What did the international receivers of Love Lula Beauty Box then get? I’ll tell you in a minute, but first – the total value of December Love Lula Beauty Box is £60 and so far you could have gotten it for a barely worth mentioning fraction of the total value – around £13,95 (or £17,5 for international customers). As if that was not of a crazy offer in itself, Love Lula went even crazier with an even lower cost of the Beauty Box! All the info (including a FREE October Beauty Box) at the end of this post!

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2018

Walden Natural Perfumes Rollerball Sample Set (6x2ml; £12). OK, I take it as a bribe from Love Lula for not getting the nail polishes, these too cute and adorable (I adore all the minis from Balm Balm, Oils of Heaven as well) rollerballs of their not-so-long-ago launched perfume oils. They come in a small drawstring pouch – an adorable gift – for yourself or your loved one. Great to test all the scents before you buy a bigger size, as well as for keeping them in your purse, or rather – cosmetic bag, as they are so tiny. Also, since all of these scents smell so nice, this set is also a great way to have all of them at once, over and over,  should you find the bigger sizes too expensive. 12ml of gorgeously smelling perfume oils for only £12? Who can argue against that?

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2018

Bali Balm Lip Balm (15ml/£20). This is my first time trying anything from this brand. I’ve noticed their lip balms when they launched on Love Lula, and as much as I am nuts about lip balms, I couldn’t reconcile the price of these lip balms. Bali Balm went the distance with the packaging of these balms (though one could argue it’s not very environmentally friendly, yet the same same time – can we have a bit of a luxury, a bit of aesthetically pleasing things, without feeling the, more often than not, imposed guilt over every single thing already?!). The lip balm comes in a sturdy nicely minimalistic designed little box – another great idea for a gift. You can also use this box later on for, say, earrings – so not all is wasted with this kind of a packaging. OK, enough about the packaging, you say; how’s this pricey lip balm? I was hoping, because of the price point, that I wouldn’t have liked it. But I do! Dang! It feels like a very gentle and smooth cream on my lips. Can’t recall ever trying a lip balm like this before. Argh £20! The texture looks a bit clear and oily and the finish looks a bit like lip gloss. But the feeling on the lips is heavenly *as I keep looking at the price*! There are 4 different scents of the Bali Balm Lip Balms; I got a very Wintery one: Cinnamon & Burnt Orange, and even though citrus scent is not on the top of my preferred scents (you know I like floral ones), I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s Winter, maybe because it feels so good on my lips – but I like it. I really don’t know what to say about the price of this lip balm – it’s expensive, alright, but… I’m forbidding myself of putting these lip balms even on a wishlist, but somehow I know, somewhere down the line I will give in – because they are so so good. And if Bali Balm comes out with a geranium scent… *sigh*

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2018

Seascape Island Apothecary Refresh Hand & Nail Cream (75ml/£10). In short – a great hand cream! And reasonably priced as well (I’m still recuperating from that lip balm above *sigh*). Yes, we did get another hand cream in our last Beauty Box – that one was buttery and thick – perfect for Winter or a hand mask during the night. This hand cream is of a very light texture and absorbs incredibly fast and does not leave the hands neither looking nor feeling greasy, thus perfect for Summer time. But then I thought… wait, it is perfect for Winter as well, since it’s a season for gloves! The smell is also fabulous, with lavender being more pronounced and followed by geranium – lovely combination! Unfortunately the lovely scent doesn’t last as long as I would have wished, but that has to be taken into an account when the source of the scent is natural: essential oils. Two in one: this hand cream could work nicely as a body cream as well, since it absorbs so quickly, and as a travel companion, you have a hand and body cream all in one. I keep touching my hands, as they feel so soft after applying this hand cream. No doubt, a great hand cream! I’m glad Love Lula threw it in this Beauty Box.

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2018

Kathleen Natural Sensual Rose Bubble Bath and Shower Gel (150ml/£18). How should I put this? This bubble bath and shower gel is not easily affordable, especially as there’s only 150ml (a standard size for these type of products is 200ml). But I have to – I have no other option – look away and give a praise to this one! The scent is almost mesmerizing and even with a very distant hint of orange, the rose scent is front and center, so you know I was hooked from the moment I opened the bottle and sniffed it (which I did immediately, I mean it does say “sensual rose”). And the feeling on the skin? Makes you forget it costs £18 for 150ml. It has a creamy lather, it cleanses very well and does that very gently, but the selling point of this bubble bath and shower gel is incredible softness it leaves the skin with, and this softness lasts and lasts; so does the scent, but not as long – though, given the source of the scent in this product as well – that is expected. I cannot wait to try this one as a bubble bath all through the Holidays, when I’ll try to relax and take care of myself (more). It’s just frustrating there’s only 150ml (and costs quite a bit), yet it feels and smells so amazing – like it’s made for those special occasions only. One of, if not the best, shower gels I’ve tried so far – and if I take into an account how many natural ones I’ve tried in decades, you know that says something.

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2018

So these are my first impressions of December Love Lula Beauty Box. Yes, I am still pouting and tapping my fingers for not getting the nail polishes and hair perfume, however, Love Lula more than made up for it, as this month’s Beauty Box contains the products I really really like – more than I wish I did, in fact, as a few are quite expensive yet of such a high quality. As you know, I do not praise a product just because it’s expensive and I always give an honest opinion based on experience and knowledge, so you know none of these products were given thumbs up because they have a higher cost.

Could this be, for me, the best Love Lula Beauty Box so far? Indeed, it is. The scents from all these products could not be more after my heart, even if I hadn’t included the perfume oils themselves.

20 off on Love Lula Beauty Box

So all these products for a total cost of £13,95 (or £17,5 for international customers)? Yep. Well, not really. It gets even better! A one year subscription (believe me, the months fly by) is now additional 20% off, so now it’s only, and I mean really – only £11 (or £14 for international customers)! No, I’m serious. And you have till 31.12.2018 to sign up. If you didn’t go crazy with the Holidays sales, you can justify subscribing to this Beauty Box as your gift lasting throughout the whole year! Oh, and did I mention you get all the brands featured in a current box for another 20% off?! It never ends with Love Lula great offers, does it?

Yep, and this one is for FREE with a code FREEBOX (read my first impressions of October Love Lula Beauty Box ).

FREE Love Lula Beauty Box

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

* * *

Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

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