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Goodness gracious! This is the last Love Lula Beauty Box of the 2017! Every month, when my Love Lula Beauty Box arrives, I am reminded, again, how quickly the time flies – and to think this is now the December’s Beauty Box…

I’ve been an accredited Love Lula blogger for a year now, and gotta say – Love Lula has pretty much turned the green beauty community upside down with their constant new approaches vis-a-vis green beauty bloggers; I don’t even know what any green beauty store would have to do now to even somewhat catch up to what Love Lula has been doing (well, maybe starting to reply to emails and/or not send out emails with ignorant offers, for starters) – and the monthly Love Lula Beauty Box, which is by far the most affordable one out there (and you can get it for 20% less – details below!), keeps me in the loop in regards to being aware just how many green beauty products there are I still haven’t tried (despite trying sooo many for nearly two decades now), you know, because the wishlist is getting longer and products, which might not find their way to me – do – precisely because of the Love Lula Beauty Box.

It’s been a pleasure and an honor to be an accredited Love Lula blogger and I am looking forward to what the New Year will bring with our collaboration!

The December’s Love Lula Beauty Box contains skincare products, makeup and 4 samples – a total worth of the box is £58! Below are my first impressions (aside from Madara SOS mask, which I’ve been using for quite some time) and the products will receive my full reviews in weeks to come!

So, what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box December 2017

♥ Madara SOS Moisture & Radiance Hydra Mask (60ml/£35): the star of this month’s Beauty Box, in itself worth 3 times the cost of one month’s Beauty Box. I’ve been using this facial mask for over 7 months now; at least twice a week and I’m barely through half of the tube – the application has been anything but modest, too. With two options of either wipe off or leave on treatment, I’ve been leaving this mask to work hard on my skin during the night. It’s been my go-to pick me up mask – as it hydrates and gives my skin boost when most needed. The fact it’s velvety and smells nice is just another added bonus to this great mask which comes in a generous 60ml tube. This facial mask would have received a full review either way and will shortly after New Year, but if you’re no willing to wait till my full review goes live, I’ll leave you with this: go get this mask!

♥ PHB Ethical Beauty Lip Crayon in Peach (4g/£8,95). Wait, is this a lip liner or… Well, it’s actually a lip liner and a lip crayon all in one. Used alone proved to be a bit too dry for me, but when used with a lip balm – it’s like lipstick. The color has that 60s feel (complimentary to the Peach Lip Crayon come also the lipstick, lip gloss and lip glaze), perfect for Spring – but then again – I’ll wear it during the Winter, too. I think I’ll get the lip glaze and/or lipgloss in peach color; I think it will work nicely with the lip crayon. It won’t break your bank either, so another plus.

♥ PHB Ethical Beauty Liquid Eyeliner in Black (4,5ml/£12,95). Liquid eyeliner is one of those beauty products which are kinda needed in a cosmetic bag, but are used only when there’s enough time. In the morning, I prefer a non-liquid eyeliner to quickly apply it and because it allows you more room to have a bit of a shaky hand. Liquid eyeliner, on the other hand, can be quite unforgiving of your shaky hand. You will have to go over a few times with the application with this eyeliner, but – it is surprisingly easy to apply it. It’s finish does not look glossy, maybe more on the matte side, but once it dries, and it dries fast, it stays where it should. I applied a thin line as near my lashes as I could – I use eye shadows and non-liquid eyeliner the same way, but the downside of this is the transfer and sometimes the fall-out. This eyeliner applied so nicely totally near my eyelashes and did not leave any blind spots. 8 hours later, it’s still where it should be and it did not irritate my eyes whatsoever. Again, PHB Ethical Beauty keeps surprising me with their makeup line. The eyeliner, like the above mentioned lip crayon, will receive a full(er) review soon. Thumbs up for this one!

♥ Dr Hauschka Hydrating Cream Mask – sample. Haven’t had a chance to test this one, but given the full size is nearly £40, testing a sample before committing to a full sized product is always a plus.

♥ Mossa Age Excellence Miracle Peel – sample. Newly launched brand on Love Lula. The products are very affordable and my curiosity is peeked. This peel contains AHA acid and with such an affordable price, I will be tempted to give it a try in the near future – provided the sample will work for my skin.

♥ UrbanVeda Radiance Day Cream, Reviving Renewal Night Cream and Radiance Facial Oil – samples. I’ve already reviewed their day cream and night cream – my issue was with some of the ingredients in these creams. I haven’t had the chance to try their facial oils yet and seeing ingredients, they do not contain any of the problematic ingredients the creams do. The full sized product is also reasonably priced – for 30ml. I just might write short reviews of all the samples in the near future.

* * *

While this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box contains of only 3 full sized products, they amount to over 4 times the cost of single Beauty Box – especially if you take the opportunity of getting an already affordable and generous Beauty Box for additional 20% less – BUT – make sure to jump on this offer as it’s valid only till 22.12.2017!


Love Lula Beauty Box 20% off for Yearly Subscription











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Love Lula Beauty Box has been provided to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

Nature of Europe is Love Lula’s Accredited Blogger.

The post contains affiliate links. For more info, read our disclaimer.


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