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Looking outside, all this sudden grey and rain, when just two days ago it was hot and sunny… ugh! I dread these days, the end of August and the beginning of September, when it seems like Summer is just cut off. But not all is gloomy – I’ve got my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box gathered for you and aside from the value of August Love Lula Beauty Box being a whooping £70,00 (while you can get it for a fraction of that), the theme of this month’s Beauty Box would be “creamy textures”. There are two full sized products and two travel sized products: a makeup primer, a self tanner, an SPF face cream and a cream face cleanser.

So what’s in this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box?

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020

Inika Pure Perfection Primer (30ml/£35,00).  Any cosmetic bag or shelfie looks more luxurious with Inika products in/on it; and the same goes for Love Lula Beauty Box: whenever there’s an Inika product in it, the Love Lula Beauty Box has that special luxurious feel. I’ve been wanting to try this primer for so long (so long, Inika launched another version, the matte one)! I’ve tried the primer with liquid, cream and powder foundations – and it works great with all of the formulations. The primer, which is also a hydrating cream, absorbs in under a minute (just perfect for hectic mornings, wouldn’t you agree?), and leaves the skin velvety soft and as a perfect canvas for foundation/makeup application. Liquid foundation just glides on the skin, wheres powder foundation spreads evenly and in both cases, the finish look and lasting power are quite remarkable – very Inika-like, indeed. I’ll post a full review of this primer (I am aiming for a double review with the matte primer one) in the near future – it deserves it.

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020

Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF30 (10ml; full size 40ml/£29,00). Just this July, I posted Madara Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant SPF Cream Review. This one, while consisting of many of the same ingredients, is quite different as far as the texture goes. The Age-Defying Sunscreen is smoother and tinted – but not in a BB cream/tinted moisturiser type of way, but more, in comparison, as the Alteya Organics Sunscreen – there is some cream color, but once applied and spread on the skin, there’s barely any visible. Compared to the Antioxidant one, the Age-Defying Sunscreen is more oily and leaves a bit of a shine. I haven’t experienced any white cast. If I may offer another comparison with the Antioxidant Sunscreen: even if both have an SPF30, I’ve noticed that the Antioxidant Sunscreen has a more powerful sunscreen protection as opposed to this one. With, for example, a foundation that also has an SPF, that could prove to be an even better solution (keep in mind, SPFs of various products do not make for a combined SPF).

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020

FOM London Face Cleansing Cream (30ml; full size 100ml/£39,00). Due to Love Lula Beauty Box, I’ve had a chance to try quite a few products from this London brand and so far, I haven’t had many complaints (aside from phenoxyethanol – this product is no exception – and sometimes too high of a cost of these products). I’ve gone through 1/3 of this cleansing cream already and I’ve just gotten it, regardless if it’s just a travel size. I’ve been using it in the morning and in the evening. The creamy soft texture of this cleansing cream makes for a gentle cleanser, leaving the skin soft – like you didn’t just cleanse but also treated it with a gentle, well, cream. It cleanses makeup, including the mascara – I braved the thought of using it as an eye makeup remover as well, and the result is not only cleansed eyes but also non-irritated eyes. I am contemplating on getting a full size of this cream cleanser once available again at Love Lula, even though the cost is too high in my opinion.

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020

Laidbare Facial Self Tanner (50ml/£12,00). Laidbare offers very affordable products and this self tanner is no different. The problem is – I do not use self tanners, as I try to preserve my natural light skin color as much as possible. Therefore I haven’t tried this product, but will be instead gifted. But those that do use self tanners are probably glad they got this tube to prolong the tan well into the Autumn – which seems to be right around the corner, so good thinking there, Love Lula.

Love Lula Beauty Box August 2020

So this concludes my first impressions of this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box. The theme of this month’s Beauty Box is a “creamy textures”. I like all the products I’ve tried – the Inika primer – of course, works excellently; the FOM cream cleanser is making me ponder whether I should get the full size (I am side-eying the (too) high price for the cleanser, though). and the Madara Age-Defying SPF cream, even if just in a travel size, is also a good product.

And all these products have a total value of £70,00 whereas the actual cost of the yearly Love Lula Beauty Box subscription is £12,66 (or £16,60 for international customers) per month (yep, even less than it was before). You also get a discount on all the brands featured in a current Beauty Box for 20% off!

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How did you like this month’s Love Lula Beauty Box? Got any products you’ve had on your wishlist? Found any new brands or new favorite products? Let me know!

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Love Lula Beauty Box gifted to Nature of Europe by Love Lula for the purpose of an honest review.

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